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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 24 Recap

Tang Mingxuan’s various exhorts to care about Mo Fan. Hearing Mo Fan’s name changed consciously to brother-in-law, Tang Mingxuan’s eyes were full of laughter. While Tang Mingxuan cared about Mo Fan, he also urged him not to be more than friends with Lu Zhu. Just a few minutes of getting along made Mo Fan feel flattered and a little nervous. It was not until Tang Mingxuan left that he breathed a sigh of relief.

Mo Fei was in video contact with Shen Jiaxi, and she probably learned some recent news about Mingyuan. She did not respond too much when she learned that Tang Mingxuan personally invited Xia Xueling back to Mingyuan.

Early in the morning, Murphy received a courier from China, which was full of Shanghai snacks carefully selected by Tang Mingxuan. Murphy was touched by Tang Mingxuan’s busy schedule, and she was still thinking of her. Murphy regarded these snacks as treasures, and even refused to give Meng Jing a little bit.

In order to co-operate with Fang Xiaoyu, Bai Xiaoman wanted to enter the Kayman headquarters when the other party’s phone could not be reached. Bai Xiaoman wears a famous brand, and then takes out Fang Xiaoyu’s name, which makes people mistakenly think that she is Fang Xiaoyu’s lover, so that she can get into Kaiman.

When Bai Xiaoman was finding Fang Xiaoyu, he was forcibly dragged away by a French woman, who had mistaken her for a model. Bai Xiaoman walked on the T stage of the model assessment and looked at Fang Xiaoyu below the stage. At that moment, she seemed to have returned to the time when she first entered Kaiman.

Bai Xiaoman used to be difficult to persist in Kaiman. It was Fang Xiaoyu’s gentleness that made her go through the most difficult time, but all this was just Fang Xiaoyu’s help, and he had long been forgotten by him. Seeing the failure to renew the past, Bai Xiaoman wanted to use his advantages to persuade Fang Xiaoyu to cooperate.

The clothes designed by Haiyao are not on the countertop at all. In Fang Xiaoyu’s eyes, it is just like a big supermarket. It has nothing to do with the brand, let alone the so-called aesthetic. Seeing that Bai Xiaoman has done the same as Haiyao’s wife, it feels a bit funny, and he doesn’t bother to waste time with her. Fang Xiaoyu showed no mercy, refused Bai Xiaoman, and drove her out of Kaiman headquarters.

Murphy lay on the sofa leisurely, enjoying the food delivered by Tang Mingxuan, suddenly feeling unbearable abdominal pain like cramping. Meng Jing couldn’t rush back in time, so Murphy could only call the emergency number, and then waited at the door with the door open. Fang Xiaoyu just went home, seeing this scene, and hurriedly took Mo Fei to the hospital where his family doctor was.

Even if Murphy was ill, she didn’t want Tang Mingxuan to worry, and she didn’t want the other party to delay work because of him. Unexpectedly, when Murphy and Tang Mingxuan were in the video, Meng Jing was too concerned and let Tang Mingxuan know the fact that Murphy was ill, and Murphy made him give up coming to France.

Recently, Song Tang will officially start to invest in development. Cheng Yang deliberately uses the form of splashing ink. Xia Xueling believes that this idea is unrealistic and uncontrollable. Cheng Yang was specially invited back from France by Tang Mingxuan, just to give Song Tang a chance to have a new look. He wanted to give Cheng Yang space to develop and make Xia Xueling secretly sulking.

It happened that Shen Jiaxi made a mistake in contacting the manufacturer for the first time, and was criticized by Xia Xueling, who was angry. Instead of running away immediately, Shen Jiaxi voluntarily asked to switch to women’s clothing, becoming Xia Xueling’s assistant, and wanted to become her general.

Fang Xiaoyu’s anxious appearance at the time obviously moved his true feelings, and didn’t let his heart down until Murphy was not in serious trouble, and because of this contact, Fang Xiaoyu was in a good mood because he could protect Murphy. Assistant Ronaldinho knows the reason why Fang Xiaoyu came to France, but as a bystander, he feels that Fang Xiaoyu has acted in real terms and sincerely loves Murphy.

Bai Xiaoman deliberately found Fang Xiaoyu’s home. The two were entangled. Fang Xiaoyu heard Murphy’s voice from downstairs and had to drag her into the house. Meng Jing happened to see this scene. Looking at the medicines hanging in front of her house, she was a little disgusted with Fang Xiaoyu, but Morphy didn’t care at all.

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