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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 23 Recap

Fang Xiaoyu is accompanied by his mother and sister on every birthday. Since Fang Qian’s disappearance after his mother passed away, Fang Xiaoyu has not celebrated a birthday for three years, and even deliberately avoided the birthday. Uncle Zhong had the intention to reconcile between Fang Weiguo and his son, but no matter how he explained it, it was of no avail. Since Fang Weiguo found a new woman, Fang Xiaoyu has been crowned as abandoning his wife by Fang Xiaoyu.

When Andre kindly wanted to give Fang Xiaoyu a surprise, his intention was to prevent him from feeling lonely in France, so he celebrated his birthday, but Fang Xiaoyu left immediately in public. This is why Morphy knows Fang Xiaoyu’s concerns, and as a friend, she weaves a fish with red rope for Fang Xiaoyu as a blessing.

Fang Xiaoyu did not give up pursuing Murphy, he hoped that Murphy would not alienate himself because of Tang Mingxuan’s relationship. But Murphy cares more about Tang Mingxuan’s mood. She chooses to keep her distance from Fang Xiaoyu, but Fang Xiaoyu uses her as a birthday present to instigate the relationship. Fang Xiaoyu took a picture of the fish with ambiguous copywriting, trying to deliberately misunderstand Tang Mingxuan who doesn’t know the details.

Tang Mingxuan looked at the red string fish in the circle of friends after receiving Lu Zhu’s report, but he didn’t look angry or jealous at all. After experiencing the last incident, Tang Mingxuan’s trust in Murphy has also increased visible to the naked eye. He believes in Murphy’s principles and bottom line.

Murphy also wanted to take the initiative to contact Tang Mingxuan, and worried that it would affect the other party’s work, so she simply contacted him on Himalaya Radio. Tang Mingxuan has a reminder function for Murphy’s radio station. Hearing Murphy’s careful and careful explanation on the radio station, Tang Mingxuan’s heart is even more sweet.

At the Mingyuan shareholders meeting, everyone discussed the acquisition of SLC. Xia Zhendong believes that Mia’s attitude is just to give some sweetness first, throw out the bait, deliberately reveal the situation of competition, and want to maliciously raise the price. Xia Zhendong’s worries are not unreasonable, but other shareholders still trust Tang Mingxuan. With Tang Mingxuan promised to keep an eye on the progress, Xia Zhendong can no longer object.

Because of this incident, Tang Qiren specially invited Xia Zhendong to provoke Xia Xueling to come home for dinner, pretending to remember the past, to persuade Xia Zhendong to buy SLC, including discovering Song Tang’s understanding. Xia Zhendong believes that there is no need to be too risky. Under the general trend, one must insist on the not-hot Eastern elements, but this kind of discussion will not produce results after all.

At the place where Murphy works, a customer suddenly appeared hoping to repair the pattern on the clothes. This matter needs to be returned to the original factory in France, but the other party is in a hurry. Murphy used Chinese Su embroidery to sew beautiful patterns for him and successfully solved this sudden difficulty. The general manager also promised to report the matter to Mia.

After so many repairs, Cheng Yang also officially entered the work of Mingyuan. The first day he came to the company to report, he got along well with the employees of Mingyuan’s design department. After settling in Cheng Yang, Tang Mingxuan came to Xiufang to visit Master Li. Murphy’s mother and Master Li are old friends. Murphy has been helping in Master Li’s embroidery workshop since childhood.

Now that Mo Fei is far away in France, Master Li naturally hopes that Tang Mingxuan can take care of her only brother in place of Mo Fei. Tang Mingxuan was entrusted by Master Li to take Mo Fan off work and delivered his childhood favorite ice cream. Tang Mingxuan obviously didn’t care much about others. As a model, Mo Fan needed to keep in shape, and he could no longer eat ice cream with such a large calorie.

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