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Sunshine of My Life 若你安好便是晴天 Episode 22 Recap

Xia Xueling disappeared inexplicably, she knew very well that the current situation would not cause any substantial harm to Ming Yuan, at best it would make Tang Mingxuan busy. Xia Xueling wanted Tang Mingxuan to be so busy during the day and night that she felt that she was an indispensable role in Mingyuan.

Tang Mingxuan was indeed as Xia Xueling expected, he was busy day and night all alone, even in the end he was so busy that he slept directly in the office. Yang Guang looked at the results Tang Mingxuan had made, and he doubted that he had found an assistant again, otherwise the progress would not be so fast.

Murphy didn’t know that Tang Mingxuan was affected by her work and family because of her love relationship. She was packing her house and preparing to welcome her new roommate Meng Jing. Fang Xiaoyu wanted her to help with the design because of the design, but Murphy was turned away.

Zhu Haitian seems to be discussing business with mobile game companies recently, and when he received a call from Bai Xiaoman, he was a little angry and frustrated that he had not succeeded in signing Cheng Yang. Kaiman recently prepared to jointly release a new product with China. Bai Xiaoman thought this was a rare opportunity and wanted to take the initiative to contact Fang Xiaoyu. Who knew that Fang Xiaoyu decisively hung up after learning that Bai Xiaoman was on the phone.

Bai Xiaoman thought that Fang Xiaoyu had wronged herself, so she would naturally give her face in other matters. After all, in her heart, Fang Xiaoyu owed her a favor. Bai Xiaoman also wanted to prove to Zhu Haitian that she was a capable woman, so that she could go one step further from entering Zhu’s house.

After Xia Xueling left, Tang Mingxuan personally contacted Tang Mingxuan on all company matters. In fact, Xia Xueling thought that she had a relationship with Milan because of her own ability, but in fact, this time it was also Tang Mingxuan who secretly used the relationship to let the other party and Xia Xueling approach cooperation matters.

After Tang Mingxuan handled all the work at hand, he came to a certain Tangquan resort to look for Xia Xueling. In fact, Tang Mingxuan had always known that Xia Xueling was here, but he came here deliberately to arrange everything. Tang Mingxuan wanted to let Xia Xueling know that it was not that Mingyuan couldn’t operate without her, and it should be Xia Xueling’s own thinking about whether to stay or not.

Xia Xueling thought that Ming Yuan had paid a lot for Tang Mingxuan, and she never thought that Tang Mingxuan’s attitude would be so hard this time. For Xia Xueling, all these changes started from the sudden appearance of Murphy. Tang Mingxuan was extremely indifferent to her after Murphy appeared.

Tang Mingxuan left Xia Xueling a way out, and she finally saw the reality and went home. It was Xia Xueling who recklessly gave up painting and changed to design, and she promised to persevere regardless of any difficulties. Regardless of the reason for Xia Zhendong, Xia Xueling fled for a bit of setback, completely lacking the maturity and tenacity that an adult should have.

Murphy was about to go to school, and as soon as he opened the door, he saw a middle-aged man staying in front of Fang Xiaoyu’s apartment. This man has followed Fang Weiguo for half his life, and is also a man who is respected by Fang Xiaoyu as Uncle Zhong. Even if Fang Xiaoyu’s relationship with Fang Weiguo is not harmonious, it does not affect his relationship with Uncle Zhong.

Murphy learned from Uncle Zhong that today is Fang Xiaoyu’s birthday, and Fang Weiguo wants to use this birthday to ease the relationship between father and son. After Mo Fei accepted, she found Fang Xiaoyu was invited by Andre to be a lecturer in the class when she arrived at school, and invited Fang Xiaoyu, Mo Fei and others to have dinner together on the grounds of thanks.

Today, Xiaoyu said it was a very special day, and he seemed to want to be alone. But when Andre invited Murphy, he reluctantly agreed. When he first arrived at the hotel, Andre focused everything on Fang Xiaoyu, which made Fang Xiaoyu very curious about why he was so enthusiastic.

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