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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 23 Recap

Pete warned Qi Yue, and then asked Julie to finish ahead of time. Ye Lang said that he would work hard to help Su Xing recover, and asked Sun Xiaoai how he thought about what he had said to her before. Sun Xiaoai froze for a moment and said that he did not have time to think about it. Ye Lang said it was okay, but from the time he confessed I just went to get married, so I hope Sun Xiaoai will seriously consider it. Ye Lang said that a friend needed a nutritionist to open a store. He helped Sun Xiaoai get a medicated diet certificate, and then he could introduce her to work in that store.

Sun Xiaoai made medicated food for Su Xing according to the recipe given by Ye Lang. Su Xing resisted these dark dishes every time, but was forced to eat it. The doctor came to Pete and said that Su Xing hadn’t come to the hospital at all, and that he might not stand up anymore. Pete told Linda and others about Su Xing’s condition, so he decided to announce the news of Su Xing Xiying, and then announced that Qi Yue would take over Su Xing as Xijiang Lengyue.

Sun Xiaoai made Su Xing’s perfect tonic soup again, begging him to drink it and go to the medicinal diet master, Su Xing blurted out her not to take the exam, he raised her. Sun Xiaoai was stunned, and Su Xing was also at a loss. Qingping ran to tell them that the company had taken down Su Xing’s photo. Qi Yue wanted to step on Su Xing’s position. Su Xing immediately drank the Shiquan Datang soup.

Su Xing’s mentality collapsed when he recovered again, and even lost his temper with Sun Xiaoai and questioned Ye Lang’s rehabilitation therapy. Su Xing yelled, and Sun Xiaoai was very angry. He scolded Su Xing for thinking that he was that big star. He is now a useless person, he wants to admit his life! Su Xing’s fans were very worried about Su Xing and asked Qingping to take them to see Su Xing, but Qingping quickly refused. Su Xing was depressed.

In fact, he should have seen clearly that he could not stand up a long time ago. Rehabilitation and surgery are all deceptive. He is a useless person, and he is also a burden for the company that he can’t wait to get rid of right away. Sun Xiaoai was angrily pushing Su Xing out. The two quarreled. Qingping brought fans to see Su Xing at this time. Su Xing is unwilling to let fans see how she is now, and she can leave if she doesn’t like him. Fans quickly comforted her and encouraged him to face it bravely. No matter what his future leg recovers, he will be Their family hope that Su Xing will not give up on himself.

Jiang’s movie is over, and Pete asks him to meet up. Julie came back, she called Hanghang and asked herself why she was killed in advance, but Hanghang didn’t know. Qingping told Sun Xiaoai that all the posters of the company had been replaced by Qi Yue, and also announced the news of Su Xingxiying. Even the male number one of Xijiang Lengyue was replaced by Qi Yue. Su Xing was very lonely when he heard this news. Julie came to the company to find Pete. Qi Yue asked her to have dinner with her tonight, but Julie refused.

Julie went to Su Xing’s house, and Sun Xiaoai advised her not to see Su Xing first. He was in a bad mood today. From a distance, Julie saw that Su Xing was really sitting in a wheelchair motionless, without a soul, and she was immediately stunned. Su Xing was her support, what should she do. After leaving Su Xing’s house, Julie immediately asked Qi Yue to finish the meal.

Liang Yuxuan had a supper with Sun Yihang after get off work, but Sun Yihang left Liang Yuxuan and ran away because the team battle was about to begin. The next day, Qi Yue went to Pete and asked him to find the crew again. Julie still had several highlights. Pete said this is what he meant, and the key to which Julie’s career can go lies in Qi Yue. Qi Yue quickly expressed his heartfelt heart, and agreed to shoot the commercial and fry CP with Pan Jianing. Julie was in a bad mood when she was used as a gun. She complained to Sun Yihang that it was better when she was a child, unlike now that she has to say thank you to the wicked.

Sun Xiaoai took Su Xing to see Ye Lang. Su Xing was very uncooperative. Ye Lang was very angry. He could give up with his own legs, but Sun Xiaoai, she accompanies Su Xing for rehabilitation every day, Sun Xiaoai What to do with the effort. Su Xing can give up on himself, but Ye Lang does not allow him to hold Sun Xiaoai with him. Ye Lang confessed that he really likes Sun Xiaoai, and every decision he makes will consider Sun Xiaoai’s feelings, but Su Xing, he doesn’t at all. Will consider anyone.

Qi Yue and Pan Jianing were shooting commercials. Julie called and cried and said that Pete brought her back from the set. She finally took such an important role, but he brought her back with a word. Qi Yue blamed himself, threatened to replace Su Xing, and then made Pete pay the price.

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