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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 22 Recap

Su’s mother told Su Xing that Sun Xiaoai must have a boyfriend, and he was still disabled. Su Xing was embarrassed, and Sun Xiaoai, who pretended to be makeup behind him, was even more embarrassed. Su Xing finally coaxed Su’s mother and hung up the phone. Pete Quay Qiyue did a good job just now, and Qi Yue was drinking at the Su Xing Bar. Su Xing was very grateful to Sun Xiaoai for taking care of herself, and Sun Xiaoai ran away shyly. Sun Yihang prepared a ballet show for Liang Yuxuan, but Liang Yuxuan disliked it again. Qi Yue called Julie, but Julie never answered.

Sun Yihang entered the hospital again. Liang Yuxuan helped him leave after taking the medicine. Sun Yihang said that he believed Liang Yuxuan was not a cold girl, and he was willing to warm Liang Yuxuan. Qingping received a call saying that his father had fallen and was taken to the hospital. Qingping quickly called Sun Xiaoai and asked her to take care of Su Xing. When she saw this, Su’s mother couldn’t tell. Sun Xiaoai went to Xiao Puding to school, and Ye Lang went to see Sun Xiaoai’s friend as a friend. Sun Xiaoai came to take care of Su Xing. She called Ye Lang and asked when he would come back to help her employer take a look. Ye Lang said that she would be back in a few days. Sun Xiaoai heard his parents’ voice and quickly asked Ye Lang to take the phone over, while Su Xing was gossiping. Sun Xiaoai showed Su Xing the video of Little Pudding that she had recorded, and Su Xing missed Little Pudding very much.

Ye Lang and Sun Xiaoai’s parents had a very happy chat, while Pete took Qi Yue to see the client. Qi Yue hoped that Julie would be the heroine of her next play, but the client bluntly said that he was not good enough for Qi Yue, and Pete hurriedly said that he was not worthy of Qi Yue. Persuaded, the customer agreed. Sun Xiaoai and Su Xing came to Yelang’s Chinese Medicine Clinic for treatment. Su Xing looked nervous and couldn’t relax completely. When Ye Lang performed the acupuncture, Su Xing didn’t call any pain, so he just bit the towel and carried it down by himself.

Su’s mother and Su’s father asked Sun Xiaoai if they were in love with Ye Lang, and they also expressed their satisfaction with him, but Sun Xiaoai was too late to explain. Sun Xiaoai and Ye Lang chatted, Su Xing was speechless while lying on the bed, Sun Xiaoai hurriedly took Su Xing away. Qingping couldn’t go back and called Su Xing today. Sun Xiaoai was worried that Su Xing was not good alone, so he decided to stay with him. Sun Xiaoai took a shower to give Su Xing a shower through the shower curtain. Su Xing was so helpless that he was poured into a soup chicken. Sun Xiaoai went in and gave the shower to Su Xing embarrassingly, and then ran away.

Mr. Yu told Qi Yue that he was actually not at ease at the beginning, but Qi Yue is now so fast that he can endure hardship and feel relieved. He also needs to take him to meet a few friends. Sun Xiaoai gave Su Xing a massage. Su Xing felt that God was punishing him, so Sun Xiaoai persuaded him to give him and Ye Lang more time. Su Xing was so jealous that he felt that Sun Xiaoai always mentioned Yelang. Pete happened to meet Mr. Yu and Qi Yue for dinner at night, and he was very nervous. He quickly sent a message to Qi Yue and asked him where he was. Qi Yue replied that he was preparing for tomorrow’s shooting.

Ye Lang went to infuse Sun Yihang’s injured foot. Sun Yihang said that Sun Xiaoai would be soft-hearted and would not abandon the disabled, so he hoped that Ye Lang would heal Su Xing no matter what. Sun Xiaoai and Ye Lang took Su Xing for rehabilitation. Su Xing had no strength at all. Sun Xiaoai persuaded him to start learning simpler, but Su Xing did not believe in evil. Pete told Wang Qiyue to designate Pan Jianing as a daughter. The protagonist, Qi Yue said that if Julie doesn’t make it, he won’t accept the endorsement. Pete is very angry, and his position is not enough to negotiate with him.

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