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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 21 Recap

Qi Yue asked Pete if he wanted to go to the hospital. Pete said that Su Xing was in a bad mood and asked him not to come. Seeing that Qi Yue was very excited, Mr. Yu asked about Su Xing’s situation, and Qi Yue answered ambiguously. Su Xing understood that he had no value to Pete, and Sun Xiaoai kept comforting him. President Yu heard that Su Xing was in bad condition, and President Xue asked Pete to take the opportunity to push Qi Yue.

Pete went to Qi Yue and warned him not to lift a rock and hit him in the foot. He could make Qi Yue a big star and he could also turn him back into an ordinary person. Pete took Qi Yue to shoot a print advertisement. Qi Yue’s fans grew more and more. Su Xing was undergoing rehabilitation training in the hospital, and Sun Xiaoai and Qingping stayed by his side.

Qi Yue’s fans exceeded 500,000, and the momentum was very strong. Qi Yue said that he wanted to see Su Xing, but Pete didn’t agree, telling him that he should be humble and low-key, or he would be like Su Xing. Qi Yue still went to the hospital to see Su Xing. Every word told Su Xing that he was the company’s future successor and that Su Xing was no longer useful to the company.

After Qi Yue left, Su Xing lost his temper and overturned the food, and also drove Sun Xiaoai and Qingping out. Qingping felt very sad. He knew that Su Xing was serious about acting. He was so serious that no one could understand him. What should he do if he can’t act in the future. Qingping remembered that when he first came, people in the company bullied him. It was Su Xing who helped him. Since then, no one has bullied him anymore. Su Xing was really kind to Qingping and treated him as a relative. Qingping cried excitedly, and Sun Xiaoai comforted him not to cry. They wanted to accompany Su Xing and give him confidence.

Su Xing in the ward heard Qingping’s words and pushed the wheelchair to pick up the things on the ground. Sun Xiaoai couldn’t help but see the scene where he went back to the bed and tried to get back to the bed, but fell again. She wanted to help him, but she couldn’t, because this was Su Xing’s last self-esteem. Sun Xiaoai cried, and Su Xing labored back to the hospital bed with two unconscious legs.

Ye Lang went to Water Town, the hometown Sun Xiaoai once talked about, and went to see the grandfather she missed very much. Qi Yue was late for shooting, and Pete was very dissatisfied and warned him that he could change people at any time.

Today is the day when Su Xing was discharged from the hospital. Pete did not come. Su Xing knew that he was accompanying Qi Yue to shoot the commercial. Sun Xiaoai and Qingping sent Su Xing back to his home. Qingping also gave Sun Xiaoai the keys to Su Xing’s house, and troubled her to take care of Su Xing when she was away. Sun Xiaoai hurried back to Su’s house. Mother Su saw that Sun Xiaoai was a little dissatisfied with the ups and downs recently.

Qingping went to find Pete and begged him not to give up Su Xing. He had forgotten the day when Su Xing was discharged from the hospital in order to shoot a plane, but Pete said that if he hadn’t helped Su Xing resist the pressure, he would have no way to heal his injuries and gave Qingping back Some money let him buy what Su Xing likes to eat, but Qingping didn’t ask for it. Sun Xiaoai told Su Mu that his friend had just been discharged from the hospital, so he wanted to take care of him during the day and would come back to work overtime at night.

Su Mu had nothing to say, Su Xing called Su Xing, Su Xing hurriedly asked Qingping to deal with it, Su Mu I had to video with Su Xing at night, or I would go to the crew to find someone. Qingping could only agree to video in half an hour. But Su Mu knew the house better than the lobby manager, Su Xing was very broken, and Sun Xiaoai had a clue to ask Qingping to take the gift from the fans and set it up as the shooting scene. Su’s mother called, Su Xing hurriedly entered the play, Su’s mother insisted that Su Xing stand up and take two steps, Su Xing barely fooled him.

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