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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 20 Recap

Su Xing was worried that Su’s mother would be worried when she saw the news about her injury. Su’s mother saw the news and quickly called Su Xing. He told Su’s mother that the reporter was just exaggerating. He was still filming on the scene and even put on his jacket and sent it out. A few selfies in the past. Sun Xiaoai saw that the ward number on the selfie hadn’t been told to Mother Su, and even called Qingping to blow him up. Qingping told her carelessly. Sun Yihang came to Liang Yuxuan for a drink and said that he had something to say.

Julie came to see Su Xing and told him that she was going to join the crew, and she was going to the “New Youth” crew tonight. Su Xing did not forget to tell her to play well. Julie was tangled in her heart, and Su Xing naturally understood what it meant, and smiled bitterly. Pete met Julie in the hospital, and Julie quickly said that she was here to see Su Xing and immediately joined the group. Pete reminded her not to be in the heart of Cao Yingxin, otherwise she would not have this big tree. Su Xing drove away Pete and Qingping, saying that he could be alone. Sun Yihang was despised by Liang Yuxuan again, but he had not given up yet.

Qi Yue came to send Julie to the airport. Julie felt that she was despicable and didn’t deserve to like Su Xing. Julie hoped that the incident had never happened, she didn’t have the energy to express feelings, and Qi Yue was a little at a loss. Julie didn’t ask Qi Yue to send her off, so she called a car and left by herself. Su Xing tried to stand up again and again, but failed. At this time, Sun Xiaoai came. Sun Xiaoai is very worried about Su Xing, so he plans to stay here tonight to take care of him. Sun Xiaoai turned on the TV and pared Su Xing apples while watching TV.

Sun Yihang ran to Liang Yuxuan to have a wind, and was beaten by Liang Yuxuan. Sun Xiaoai cried after watching the TV series, but Su Xing was a little bit disgusted. Su Xing suddenly confessed that if he can’t stand up, his biggest regret is that he can’t tell Sun Xiaoai himself when he can run and jump that he likes her. If one day he can stand up again, he is willing to gamble on all his feelings and enthusiasm to chase Sun Xiaoai again. There were tears in Sun Xiaoai’s eyes, but he didn’t expect that Su Xing was just acting. Sun Xiaoai quickly found an excuse to go to sleep.

Sun Yihang’s earrings were torn and he was in the hospital again. After Liang Yuxuan left, Brother Chen came to see him. Brother Chen told him that there was a picture of her wearing a tutu when she was a child in Liang Yuxuan’s purse, hoping that Sun Yihang could take the opportunity to catch up with Liang Yuxuan. Sun Xiaoai was sleeping on the sofa outside. Su Xing asked if he would never stand up. Sun Xiaoai comforted him. He is the brightest star in the sky, so he won’t fall off easily. Early the next morning, Su Xing was about to undergo surgery.

Sun Xiaoai said to help him wash his face, but Su Xing was pulled into his arms. Qingping came to deliver breakfast to Su Xing, and left wittily seeing this scene. Sun Xiaoai happened to meet Pete when she came out, and Pete ignored Sun Xiaoai. Sun Xiaoai thought that Pete had a human touch, but Su Xing understood that he had no value in Pete’s heart, so Sun Xiaoai didn’t care.

Su Xing was about to enter the operating room, Sun Xiaoai and Qingping were very nervous, and quickly comforted Su Xing. Qi Yue went to Mr. Xue and said that he felt that a newcomer like himself was not worthy of Pete’s resources, and hoped to give an agent with comparable qualifications. Mr. Xue told him the truth about a big change in the company, and Pete would not despise him because he is a newcomer. Su Xing finally came out of the operating room, and Sun Xiaoai and Qingping were extremely nervous. The doctor told Pete that the operation was successful, but the effect was not obvious.

The trauma may have caused Su Xing’s heart problems and became an obstacle to his recovery. After the operation, Su Xing found that his legs still did not feel very agitated. The doctor comforted him and it took time to recover. Pete calmed down a few words and left. Su Xing hammered his legs a few times, constantly trying to regain consciousness. Su Xing called Doctor Jiang and said that he had something to consult.

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