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Rattan 司藤 Episode 29 Recap

Qin Fang took Xixi seen on the road to the supermarket. Xixi picked a lot of food, and took it for granted. When he saw the scars on Xixi’s face, he brought her medicine to wipe her face. Seeing that Qin Fang was so good to herself, Xixi finally told Qin Fang that her name was Xizhu. Unexpectedly, Yi Ru was very reacted to the name. Qin Fang called her outside the door, and then knew that the child was a new child adopted by Yi Ru’s mother. She was also called Xizhu at that time. Strangely, Yi Ru firmly said that her mother had never hit herself.

Qin Fang felt a little sorry for Xizhu and took his clothes to the child. Xizhu just curiously asked who Yi Ru was. She said that she wanted to follow Qin Fang. Qin Fang did not agree. He suddenly realized that he had not told Xizhu his name, but he did not dig deep, but secretly sent the sleeping Xizhu back to Yi Ru’s mother’s home. Xizhu took out a photo album of his mother.

Although it said Xizhu’s growth record, the people in it were Yi Ru’s little sister who had met last night. Xizhu frankly said that he had seen it, which caused his mother to roar wildly and asked where she had met her.

Xizhu was hurt by his mother and bit her severely. Only then did she break free from her mother’s imprisonment. The adoptive mother suddenly reacted and cried bitterly and begged Xixi to forgive herself. Xixi calmly asked her adoptive mother to send herself to school and cried to find the teacher. Xixi cried out of breath, revealing the scars on her body. The teacher immediately realized the seriousness of the situation. She asked Xixi to live at her house at night, and Xixi stopped crying.

Qin Fang couldn’t put down Xizhu’s sudden name, so he took the seven-star stone plate to the door of Xizhu’s house, and there was a real reaction. He looked up and ran in the direction of the seven-star stone plate. At night, it was a storm. Xizhu’s adoptive mother desperately wanted to find Xizhu, but she found the teacher’s home.

The teacher got up and closed the window. He suddenly saw that Kong Yuhua, Xizhu’s adoptive mother, was scared and fainted. The adoptive mother went to Xizhu’s bed and woke up the sleeping Xizhu. Xizhu quickly escaped.

When Xizhu escaped, he met Qin Fang. Qin Fang held her in front of him and hung it on the edge of the window to avoid the pursuit of his adoptive mother. Qin Fang returned to the room to delete this memory of Mr. Xizhu, and then left here with Xizhu. Qin Fang was very sure that Xizhu was Siteng at this time.

Although Xizhu was still a simple child, he smiled and brought Xizhu back to his home. The guidance of the seven-star stone plate did not change. Qin Fang finally found Siteng. He cried with joy and showed his first sincere smile in many years. In a fairyland-like place, Platinum appeared in front of the young Sten. Sten saw him and was not afraid. Platinum said that she brought herself here. He played with Sten and gave Sten a new start with his ability.

Qin Fang has told Yan Furui and Wang Qiankun about Siteng and asked them to help study the matter. When Xizhu woke up, he seriously thanked Qin Fang. Qin Fang tested the child. Xizhu confessed that he was an alien, but refused to tell the truth. Qin Fang pretended that he wanted to leave her, and Xiao Xizhu quickly caught up with Qin Fang.

Xizhu refused to confess his identity, and Qin Fang no longer embarrassed her. He planned to cooperate with her. Xizhu and Siteng’s behavior habits were very similar. Qin Fang had long known it and relaxed to communicate. They guessed that Kong Yuhua must be related to bamboo, but they don’t know whether she is a bamboo mutant or simply likes the rattan family. After talking about business, Qin Fang ordered a lot of food for Xizhu. Xizhu did not hide it at all this time. When he heard the name of “Siteng”, he also boasted, which made Qin Fang laugh.

In the evening, Qin Fang took Xi Zhu to Kong Yuhua’s house. Xi Zhu found a strange broom in his house. Qin Fang took oil from the kitchen and splashed Kong Yuhua all over. Kong Yuhua came out and saw the lighter in Qin Fang’s hand, and he really stopped. Kong Yuhua admitted her identity in front of them. In her impression that the successful change was Siteng, but her siblings were all killed in the change.

She survived in this world and finally adopted a child. As a result, Yiru was out of her control and became a fool and angry Kong. Huahua broke one of the legs of the gangsters who broke his children. Before Qin Fang left, he told Kong Yuhua that Yiru missed her. Kong Yuhua did not say anything and saw them away with tears in his eyes.

Qin Fang took Xizhu to eat in a western restaurant. Looking at Xizhu’s childlike appearance at this time, Qin Fang had no choice but to pick up the spoon that Xizhu had fallen on the ground, but as soon as he looked up in front of him, he turned into a sten. Siteng appeared in front of him unexpectedly.

When Qin was released, there was no one around him. Suddenly, he was a little speechless. He looked at Siteng. She was his goal of life!

The sound of the iron spoon falling woke Qin Fang up. In front of him was still a young Xizhu. After dinner, Qin Fang took Xizhu to the mall. In his eyes, Xizhu was already the adult Siteng. The two looked at each other and smiled as if all this was true.

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