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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 24 Recap

Liu E fed Zhao You medicine. Looking at the face in front of him, Zhao You only recalled Liu E’s identity and also of his brother Zhao Ji by the way. The two talked about Zhao Ji, Liu E’s eyes were gentle, Zhao You heard that his brother Jill was so brave, and he seemed to be full of strength, no longer afraid of disease. But before Liu E gave another medicine, Zhao You was out of breath. Liu E hurried to Queen Guo’s bed, but couldn’t bear to say it, but Queen Guo had already guessed most of the sound of Liu E’s sobbing. When Liu E said it personally, Queen Guo instantly felt heartache. , Fainted by the bed. Yuan Kan learned that his son had passed away and wanted to see the last side, but Zhang Jingzong stopped him at the door. At this moment, Liu E and Yuan Kan were separated by only a wall. Hearing Yuan Kan’s shouts, Liu E was also heartbroken.

At this moment, Queen Guo was overdrawn because of her grief, and her life was hanging by a thread. Liu E heard the report of the imperial physician and specifically ordered not to tell Yuan Kan about this, lest Yuan Kan suffered repeated blows and misunderstood the government. Empress Guo also naturally sensed that her deadline was approaching, so she specially summoned her father Guo Xian and asked Guo Xian not to embarrass Liu E again. When Guo Xian learned that Liu E came to the palace to heal Zhao You personally, he felt sorry for him. He felt that what he had done was really wrong. Now his daughter asked with tears, and Guo Xian had to nod and agree.

Afterwards, Empress Guo called Liu E by her bedside, and the memories between the two flashed in turns. Empress Guo hated that she had never extended a helping hand to Liu E, but Liu E still asked Empress Guo to take care of her body. But Queen Guo couldn’t help but continue to count her own faults. Now the ordeal that Liu E should encounter has come to an end, Queen Guo specifically confessed that Liu E will be in charge of the Sixth Palace and take care of the emperor. Liu E watched Queen Guo holding her hand tightly, tears couldn’t help but shed…

The next day, Zhang Jingzong gave the note written by Queen Guo to Yuan Kan. It turned out that Queen Guo took the last breath and wrote the note specifically to Yuan Kan, explaining that Liu E would alternate her position. Yuan Kan recalled her husband and wife for many years with the Guo family. He couldn’t help but grieve. He had a headache again. Liu E showed up in time. Yuan Kan hugged him and cried bitterly. Liu E whispered comfort, and the two met again.

The smallpox gradually receded, and Liu’e’s contribution to helping the villagers identify herbal medicines for prevention and treatment cannot be lost. Yuan Kan canonized Liu E as a concubine, and sent many rewards. But Liu E still insisted on returning to the imperial tomb and abiding by the three-year guardian contract.

Pan Yushu was about to give birth, Yuan Kan waited anxiously outside the door, and finally cried out, but the midwife found that the newborn baby was a princess with six fingers. Yue’er hugged over and sent the midwife away. Yu Shu was disappointed when she learned that she was giving birth to a daughter, but Yue’er reminded Yu Shu with a look of horror. As soon as Yu Shu saw Liu Zhi, she lost her mind. But now Yuan Kan is waiting at the door and cannot hide it, Yu Shu anxiously took out the scissors on the side and stretched it out to the newborn daughter…

Yue’er came to see Yuan Kan with the princess in her arms. Yuan Kan began to question as soon as she saw the bandage on the princess’s hand. Yue’er only explained that the midwife was injured by mistake, and now she has been sent out of the palace. Yuan Kan no longer said more, Yue Only then hurriedly took the princess back to feed. Wanting a prince but unable to do so, Yuan Kan had an anxious headache and re-offends. Zhang Jingzong on the side reminded him that in two days, Liu E’s time limit for keeping the spirits expired, and Yuan Kan raised his spirits and hurriedly asked Zhang Jingzong to go to the emperor. Ling picks up Liu E.

Learned that the emperor would take Liu E back. Taishi Cao came to Guo Mansion to find Guo Xian to discuss countermeasures, but now Guo Xian has changed his position under the last order of his daughter. Taishi Cao saw that he could not persuade him, so he had to wave his sleeves and leave. Zhang Jingzong came to the imperial mausoleum and delivered a special message. Yuan Kan also gave Li Zaifeng an official position and gave Wan’er the title of Jieyu. As soon as Liu E thought that his son Zhao You would finally be able to enter the Taimiao just as he did, all the suffering seemed to be worth it.

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