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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 13 Recap

At the dinner table, Ding Kai told her mother that she had been a seafarer after careful consideration. Now the sailing industry is completely different from a decade ago. The cruise is very safe, but Yu Wenli didn’t want to listen. She threw the tableware to stop Ding Kai. Go on.

Annie Chen asked for help from an old fruit grower. She led the way and found Kai’s Homestay. Yu Wenli thought she was here to stay. She was very enthusiastic at first, but when she learned that she was the assistant director of the marketing department of Luo Ya Company, she immediately became cold. Up. Anni Chen said that the company wanted to cooperate with local guesthouses to open up a boutique route with a farmhouse theme. She liked Kaijia Homestay and wanted to invite Bian Wenli to experience it on a cruise ship. Yu Wenli believed that this must have something to do with Ding Kai. ,

Let Chen Anni tell Ding Kai: It is impossible to make yourself on a cruise ship! She issued an eviction order. Chen Anni wanted to keep a copy of the information but was refused, so she had to put the information on the sofa in the yard. Upon seeing this, Lao Jia hurriedly left Anne’s propaganda materials for her home, hoping to cooperate in the future.

At the company meeting, Olsen reported to Captain Grant that Ding Kai was very good in all aspects, but he was sloppy in abandoning the test for such a big thing. Drake explained that Ding Kai was because there was an emergency at home, and Olsen proposed Ding Kai. Kai Qikao has failed to explain to the company so far, how can the company entrust the safety of the entire ship to him, the chief executive officer?

After the meeting, Olsen told Wang Ziyang that Ding Kai will not allow two Chinese faces to enter the company’s senior management this time. If Wang Ziyang loses one competitor, the odds of the two will be much greater.

Ding Kai then came to the meeting room and explained something at home to the company. Mr. Tang asked him the specific reason. Drake also encouraged him to tell the truth. However, Ding Kai only said that he was willing to accept any punishment from the company. Drake also wanted to recover. , Ask him again if it is inconvenient to speak in public? Ding Kai just apologized, saying that it would not happen next time. Drake was extremely disappointed and had to let him go back and write a report first.

Olsen suggested to Grant that it would be difficult for Ding Kai to be a big responsibility no matter how strong and uncontrolled. Mr. Tang reminded them that rushing to a conclusion on this matter might make them lose a talent. Grant finally decided that Ding Kai’s stay or stay would be determined after he finished writing the report. If necessary, he would let all the managers of the Ocean ship to Ding Kay’s decision to go and leave to vote.

Ding Kai wrote a self-review book, voluntarily applied for downgrading to ordinary sailor, and withdrew from the deputy captain selection examination. Captain Drake didn’t understand why Ding Kai didn’t include the real reason? He bluntly said that this matter cannot be ended by Ding Kai’s initiative to request punishment. Has he considered the impact on the Asian Talent Program? He retired soon. Ding Kai recommended to the company himself. He would have a good future. Now how does he explain to the company? Ding Kai still said: willing to accept any punishment from the company, Drake regretfully said that he hopes that he will not bury his talents. His problem is that he will only pay attention to what is in front of him.

Ding Kai told Uncle Zhu that he did not deliberately hide from his mother. Uncle Zhu said frankly that he did not want to see the tight relationship between their mother and child. He asked Ding Kai if his job could not be changed? Ding Kai said that Uncle Zhu should know what the sea means to him. If this is a job that can be changed at will, why should he make his mother unhappy? Uncle Zhu understood Ding Kai’s ambitions and suggested that the relationship between him and his mother is better to let go. It is useless for others to say more about things that he can’t figure out because of his mother’s temper. Think of ways to.

Olsen told Wang Ziyang that the voting system arranged by the captain, if Wang Ziyang helped him, he could keep Wang Ziyang in the final assessment, and with his current results, it would take a lot of effort to enter the final round. , But with his own help, his odds of winning will improve a lot. The two shook hands and wished a happy cooperation.

Anne Chen on the other side made an appointment with Captain Drake, hoping that he could help Ding Kai again. Drake promised Chen Anni would do her best.

When Ding Kai came back at night, he tripped and fell on the ground in the dark. Tianyue told him that the electric switch at home was broken. She was afraid that Ding Kai was still angry, so she quickly took out the sandbag with her own portrait and let Ding Kai hit it. Out of breath, but don’t slap in the face, Ding Kai felt funny and punched twice symbolically.

Back in the room, Ding Kai thought about the captain’s words. At this moment, Tianyue stuffed a note through the door, saying that he has nothing to say to himself today? Immediately after the second one wrote that he would send out any fire, don’t suffocate yourself; the third one wrote that the face on the sandbag can also be hit…. Ding Kai finally couldn’t help coming out, he put a note paper on Tianyue’s face and asked her to be quiet for a while.

Early the next morning, Tianyue received a call from Faye. Faye joked that she and Ding Kai lived together, but I heard that Ding Kai might be expelled from the company for abandoning the exam.

In the bathroom, Captain Drake asked Mr. Tang that Ding Kai’s stay was related to the Asian talent plan. I wonder if Mr. Grant could help. Mr. Tang said that he had done what he could. The conversation between the two was heard by Wang Ziyang.

Lai Shen told Chen Anni that Chief Engineer Francis, Allen and Olsen have always regarded Ding Kai as competitors and would not vote for him. David Fang and Ding Kai have a holiday, and they may not vote. The only thing that is certain is that the captain will definitely. Cast Ding Kai. Chen Anni thought that she could win Wang Ziyang’s vote. Laishan thought Wang Ziyang was Ding Kai’s competitor, and this person was unpredictable. At this time Wang Ziyang came over, and Chen Anni immediately asked him about his voting intention. Wang Ziyang asked her if she was voted for today, would Chen Anni run for herself? Chen Anni hopes that Wang Ziyang can cast aside her personal feelings and vote fairly, but Wang Ziyang is uncomfortable.

In order to make up for his fault, Tianyue came to Ding Kai’s mother with a gift, saying that she should be proud of having such a good son. Yu Wenli said that her son was promising, and the girls came to him one by one as lobbyists. She told Tianyue not to bother, and Miss Chen had also been here. Ding Kai’s improper job as a seaman has nothing to do with her. What is the relationship between Tianyue and Ding Kai? . Yu Wenli bluntly said that she liked Tianyue since the first time she saw her, but if she said more, she turned her face away.

The result of Ding Kai’s vote was three votes against and four votes in favor. The company finally decided to retain Ding Kai as the chief executive officer of the Ocean, and implement the sanctions of staying for probation in order to see the effect.

Allen found Wang Ziyangxingshi to question him, saying that he didn’t know why he voted for Ding Kai, but it was not good for Wang Ziyang to keep Ding Kai. Seeing Chen Anni coming over, Allen left wittily. Chen Anni thanked Wang Ziyang for voting for Ding Kai today. Wang Ziyang told her that she hoped that when she was in crisis, Annie would be as anxious and worried as she is now. After Chen Anni left, Wang Ziyang thought: He is not helping Ding Kai today, but helping himself.

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