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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 12 Recap

Ding Kai angrily forgot to bring his cell phone out the door. The phone rang. Tianyue thought it was Ding Kai. Before waiting for the other party to speak, he rushed to say that he was doing this for his mental health. It seemed that he was a patient. I didn’t care about him, so I hung up after talking! Wang Ziyang on the phone heard Tianyue’s voice.

After Ding Kai came back in the evening, Tianyue took the initiative to apologize to him, but said that he was wrong without his permission and that the wall was demolished. Ding Kai reiterated the original agreement between the two, saying that Tianyue did not know the wall. And what all the things in it represent to him, he warned Tianyue to put away her concern from today, and he didn’t want anyone to interfere in his life.

The next morning, when Ding Kai came together, he saw Tianyue painting the wall and painted the face of the old man. Ding Kai had no choice but to erase with the paintbrush. Tianyue blocked him and the two pulled Zhongtian. Yue didn’t stand still, and Ding Kai fell to the ground. At this time, Chen Anni, Wang Ziyang, and Laishan pushed in with the birthday cake. They just happened to see Ding Kai lying on Tian Yue. The scene was very embarrassing. Wang Ziyang told Tianyue that today was Ding Kai’s birthday. Ding Kai explained that he was just helping Tianyue, and I hope you don’t get me wrong.

Lai Shen saw the group photo on the table and asked Ding Kai whether he was still hiding from his mother as a seaman because of his father. Tian Yue curiously asked what happened to Ding Kai’s father. Ding Kai said impatiently that she said too much. At this time, Ding Kai’s courier arrived, and Wang Ziyang learned that he was going to send it to his mother, and deliberately stuffed Ding Kai’s business card in secretly, and the three of them left.

In the car, Chen Anni questioned Wang Ziyang, did he think he would give up by doing this? She believed that Ding Kai and Tianyue were just ordinary friends and would not care that they lived together. Wang Ziyang bluntly said that Chen Anni and Ding Kai were not appropriate, because Ding Kai had no desires, and Chen Anni was too ambitious. What she needed was an assistant who could help him and a shoulder to rely on. Ding Kai was not such a person, but Chen Anni was. Believing that Ding Kai’s potential can be tapped, it is this person who has no desires and desires that is now Wang Ziyang’s rival.

Ding Kai took the initiative to invite Tianyue to eat cakes downstairs. He apologized to Tianyue for his bad attitude, but because his father died in a shipwreck, his mother did not like him as a seaman.

He Cai took Fang David to the hotel to see his mother. There were only three people eating, but He Cai’s mother ordered a large table of dishes, saying it was to test David’s sincerity. He Cai’s mother was fairly satisfied with David’s job, but she said that her daughter said that they were getting married, and because the landlord did not hand over the house, she retired the house and moved to a small house now. David said that tomorrow he would go to find a better house for He Cai, and he would definitely treat He Cai to give her happiness.

He Cai’s mother asked him if he had this strength? He Cai hurriedly cleared the siege and said that David had an important call to return. After Fang David went out, He Cai’s mother told her daughter to take advantage of the victory if he saw it right, and don’t miss it. After the meal, David sent his mother He home and gave her a gift. He Cai’s mother was very happy and warmly invited him to come and play at home. After his mother left, He Cai immediately transferred 2,000 yuan to David Fang, saying that this was his appearance fee for the show today. He Cai embarrassedly explained that because her mother always wanted to find a rich boyfriend, so Being too enthusiastic about David, I hope he will not mind. David said that the parents’ feelings towards their daughters are of course understandable.

In the evening, Ding Kai took the group photo and remembered the scene of sending his father out to sea when he was a child, and couldn’t help tearing down.

The next day, when Ding Kai’s mother received the courier, she discovered that Wang Ziyang had stuffed Ding Kai’s business card, and she immediately went to Ding Kai’s residence to confront him. At this moment, Ding Kai and Wang Ziyang are waiting for the deputy captain selection examination. Alan on the side received a text message from Olsen, telling him that the results were found. Ding Kai temporarily ranked first. Allen replied that he must be the first in this test.

One. At this time, Ding Kai received a call from Tianyue, telling his mother that he had become a seaman. Ding Kai was taken aback and quickly called his stepfather, Uncle Zhu. Uncle Zhu told his mother that he would make an origami boat by the river as soon as his mother came back. Ding Kai immediately sent a message to Captain Drake, saying that the incident was urgent and his mother was in very bad mental state. Worried that his mother is in danger, because it is not only related to his family, but also to his job, so I can only give up the exam.

Chen Anni couldn’t find Ding Kai everywhere. She ran to Ding Kai’s house and asked Tianyue before she knew what was going on. She turned around and left with anger.

Ding Kai went home and saw the business card, but his mother didn’t mention a word about him as a seaman, and only asked Ding Kai to take away the things at home immediately, otherwise he would send him a courier.

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