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One Boat One World 海洋之城 Episode 11 Recap

Tianyue made dinner, and Ding Kai told her that she was going to board the cruise ship after she had eaten, because once the cruise ship docked, it would cost millions to spend a night, so after the cruise ship got off the sea, it would float at sea until retirement.

Olsen and Francis drank together. The two said that the company headquarters would not give up the huge market in China. Therefore, two of the senior seamen below the deputy captain are Chinese. Francis believes that the candidate for the deputy captain will eventually be returned. It should be recommended by Olsen, but Olsen felt that whether it was Mr. Tang, Drake or the headquarters, he knew who he would vote for, but Wang Ziyang wanted to exchange things with himself and negotiate terms with him was not enough.

Tianyue’s box was broken, and she sent a message to ask if Ding Kai had a screwdriver at home. After Ding Kai told her, she reminded her not to touch her things randomly. Didn’t think that Tianyue cut her hand while repairing the box. She accidentally broke the frame on Ding Kai’s desk while looking for the medicine cabinet. It was a photo of him and his father.

Thinking of Ding Kai’s instructions, Tian Yue was frightened. She had no choice but to quietly change a new photo frame and put it back to its original position, praying in her heart that everything would be fine if Ding Kai didn’t see it. After that, Tianyue called Fei’er and wanted to use her knowledge skills to see if Ding Kai had some quirks? But nothing happened.

Wang Ziyang deliberately met Chen Anni on the morning road the next morning. He pointed out that Chen Anni’s talent plan is huge and requires a large number of talents to help her realize it. Chen Anni said that the talents needed for this plan need to have a Chinese cultural background and an international perspective. , She asked Wang Ziyang what he thought of Ding Kai? Wang Ziyang said that Ding Kai was indeed excellent, but he seemed to have no ambition here.

Annie hopes that Wang Ziyang can help herself. Wang Ziyang said that he is just a first officer and his ability is too small. He hopes to have the opportunity to help Annie to a greater extent. Chen Anni said that her father did not approve of her starting a business because they knew that the cruise industry was In the world of Europeans and Americans, many things cannot be implemented without the participation of people of Chinese descent. She reassures Wang Ziyang that she will let Dad Chen help him as much as his duties allow.

After seeing Ding Kai in the gym, Lai Shen reminded him: Wang Ziyang has already taken the time to get close to Olsen, but Ding Kai is still indifferent. Ding Kai told Laishan that in addition to being a good professional, a deputy captain must also have a sense of responsibility. Because the ship leaves the port, the lives of the people in the ship are in their hands, and their youth and dreams are also in their hands. If he cannot leave the port with this belief, a nominal deputy captain is meaningless to him.

After Tianyue got off work, he saw Ding Kai sitting alone in the glass room. After he came out, he asked Tianyue why he changed his frame? If she wants to continue to live here, please abide by the rules of the two, he does not want to happen again. Tianyue quickly apologized and hurriedly went to cook in a desperate manner.

After Chen Anni and Wang Ziyang finished their work, Annie suggested that they should go out to eat together so that others could have a hot pot. Wang Ziyang asked to have dinner with Annie alone, but Annie agreed.

After Tianyue checked on the Internet, she felt that Ding Kai seemed to have obsessive-compulsive disorder. At this time, she received a call from Grandma Hu, telling her that she was going to get the certificate with Grandpa Jiang today, and invited Tianyue and Ding to witness them together.

At the marriage registry, when it was Grandpa Jiang’s turn to sign, he suddenly forgot who Grandma Hu was. The staff told that this situation did not have the essential requirements for marriage registration. Xiao Jiang was anxious and asked himself to sign for his father. In the eyes of Grandma Hu She said with tears that Xiao Jiang was able to say these things on this occasion. She was already content, but regretted that Ding Kai and Tian Yue were disappointed. Ding Kai said that they can understand each other now, which is more important than anything else. With tears, Grandma Hu and Xiao Jiang helped Grandpa Jiang go home.

When I got into the taxi, Tianyue persuaded Ding Kai that his disease could be cured. Ding Kai went into a rage and slammed the door and left. In the car, Tianyue heard that there was a program on the radio to solve the problem. When he got home, he called the hotline and asked her boyfriend not to allow her to disturb her personal belongings. Moreover, all the tableware was arranged in a particularly neat manner. Arranged by time, the books are arranged alphabetically by book title. There is a strange room at home, separated by a glass door. Once she saw her boyfriend sitting in a chair and doing nothing. The host told Tianyue Glass The room is her boyfriend’s heart disease, and if you want to cure it, you have to break this glass door. Tian Yue thought about it again and again, and finally plucked up the courage to smash the door.

Drake told Olsen that he has received a selection process for the deputy captain from the headquarters. Olsen is responsible for the interview and assessment in the Shanghai area tomorrow. The candidates for the Ocean are: Wang Ziyang, Ding Kai and Allen, but they want Compete with all candidates worldwide. Olsen then approached Wang Ziyang and said that he had good skills and a promising future. Wang Ziyang said that he still needed guidance from noble people. Olsen told him that he is currently on par with Ding Kai, and ultimately depends on the test results.

Hashmi sent an unqualified dish to the back chef and asked Chef Dika to apologize to the guests. The serving chef Fang forcefully said that Di Ding is handing over supplies. This dish is his own responsibility, but he believes that the dish is made. It’s okay, because the customer’s request was unreasonable, and he provocatively asked Hashmi to taste it. Hashmi left angrily and asked Dika to come back to see him. Fang Qiang then talked to the chefs about the deliciousness of Chinese food. He also said that Dika couldn’t wait to stare at the chef for 48 hours, thinking of himself as Captain America. Dika, who just came back, was furious when she heard these words and berated Fang Qiang to get out. !

David Fang is Fang Qiang’s uncle. He invited Fang Qiang out to eat, and taught him painstakingly that everything should be based on the customer’s requirements. If he commits another crime, he will disembark. Fang Qiang dismissed him, and Fang David bluntly said that Fang Qiang had no education, no background and no skills, so his parents gave him to himself to make a living. Fang Qiang was impatient at hearing, and left angrily without eating.

He Cai came to the restaurant and wanted to order a buy one get one free, but the defendant was told that only a couple of men and women can enjoy this discount. He Cai looked around and saw David Fang, so she graciously sat down opposite him, gentlemanly David Fang Invited He Cai to have a meal and added some dishes. He Cai was very happy and asked David Fang to be her boyfriend for the day. David Fang fully agreed.

After Ding Kai came back from get off work, he was shocked to find that the glass door was gone. Tian Yue was frightened. Ding Kai roared and asked Tian Yue why he opened the door? This is my own home, not hers! After speaking, he slammed the door angrily!

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