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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 5 Recap

The dispute between Li Xiang and Shen Xiaoyan affected the rest of the surrounding neighbors. Shen Xiaoyan was hit by a nosebleed, and hurriedly pulled Li Xiang into the room. Xi Bin didn’t tell Su Wake about the real situation in the kindergarten. Su Xing didn’t expect that all the children on the scene performed very well, could not play the piano or recite ancient poems, but Xi Wang surprised her. Wake up worry and hope that the current level can only be the bottom, thinking that parents are the starting line for the child and determine the future of the child. Ding Lan sent a bunch of reading books to Su Xing, so that Xi Bin must educate the children well. Starting from the beginning, Xi Bin was really hard to understand, thinking that he had taken the wrong medicine to wake up.

Lin Yunyun made dinner at home and waited for Gu Jiawei to come back. Gu Jiawei was drunk and went home with disheveled clothes. Lin Yunyun prepared honey water for Gu Jiawei. But Gu Jiawei was drunk crazy and kept crawling on the ground, waking up the sleeping daughter Crescent Moon. Gu Jiawei has always complained that Lin Yunyun did not educate the new moon well, thinking that the new moon lost her face on the open day and did not become the best child.

The parents sent their children to the kindergarten. Lin Yunyun asked Xinyue to say hello to Li Feihua. Xinyue spoke fluent English, which made the surrounding parents envied. But Li Feihua didn’t understand because he hadn’t learned English. He Jinghua and Su Xing have been discussing things about children going to training institutions to learn. They saw Lin Yunyun showing off among parents, thinking that children should learn from an early age and develop good study habits. No matter how busy you are at work, you have to find time to accompany your children to study. The parents around you listen carefully.

He Jinghua asked Lin Yunyun quietly, because she did not listen to the teacher at all because of her family’s situation in Siyuan, she wanted to ask if there was a good way, and worried that Jiang Siyuan would be difficult to discipline if she continued like this. Lin Yunyun gave her an idea, thinking that it is better to enter a private school by lottery, because each school has fewer private students, and the teacher is easier to discipline, as long as the sincerity is good. He Jinghua told Jiang Bo that the two asked for Fuka, who was named on the gold list, and began to pray at home that Jiang Siyuan would win the number to a prestigious school.

Boss Mo told the whole company that the final designer had been decided by Shen Zihao. He was unhappy after he woke up. Colleagues all talked about it, thinking that the customer was clearly interested in the plan, but he finally decided to implement it for Shen Zihao. Boss Mo asked Su Xing to hand over his execution plan to Shen Zihao’s management. Wake up thinking that this is very unfair.

Boss Mo pushed all the problems to Gu Jiawei, thinking that Gu Jiawei used the plan of two of their company’s designers. He wakes up and said that he doesn’t care, he only cares about Boss Mo’s attitude, but Boss Mo thinks it is difficult to do business now, and he begs to wake up. Prepare to hand over the husband’s house renovation project of Boss Yan to Su Xing.

Su Xing and Assistant Xiao came to this husband’s room. Boss Yan planned to renovate this old house so that the child and his wife would live in the key junior high school. They would rather live apart for the children’s education. Wake up was surprised, thinking that the couple had separated for the sake of their children’s education. It felt incredible.

Su Xing arranged full lessons for Xi Wang, but Teacher He did not recommend this, because children will naturally mature when they reach a certain age. Su Xing said that she was worried that Xiwang could not keep up. Teacher He suggested that Xi Wang can slowly develop his reading ability. Shen Xiaoyan brought Li Feifei to the mall. Li Feifei was interested in the robot, but when he heard that the training fee was expensive, she hurriedly pulled Shen Xiaoyan away.

Reawakening makes Xi Wang no longer allowed to play games, thinking that he is about to go to elementary school, and he will have to learn knowledge when he is working in the future. Xie Xing Education Xiwang learned Pinyin, but Xi Wang did not get back to the correct one, which made Xie Xing very impatient. Xi Bin hurried over to protect the child. The two of them were on the verge of breaking out. They regained consciousness that the men in other people’s households are learning for their children, and they are willing to tolerate the separation of husband and wife, feeling that they are alien as parents.

Li Xiang and Shen Xiaoyan ate together. Li Xiang thought it was unnecessary to spend money to go to the training class, but Shen Xiaoyan encouraged her son and thought that Li Feifei was the best. When He Jinghua woke up in the middle of the night, he saw Jiang Bo eating the self-healing pot. She thinks that the homework tutoring for the children at home should be left to Jiang Bo, and she is very busy at work all day long. Jiang Bo was not happy when he heard it, saying that he was not a vagrant and did not eat soft food. He Jinghua imagined Siyuan going to the training class to be unruly, Jiang Bo told her not to worry, everything would pass.

Su Xing knew that his design had been changed by Shen Zihao, and asked him to reason. Shen Zihao expressed his opinion, but regained consciousness and insisted on his own ideas. Shen Zihao believes that too much chatting with customers is a waste of time. The most important thing is efficiency. Only when efficiency comes can you get money. Su Xing said that he would re-adjust the plan according to the needs of customers.

Awakening will not allow Shen Zihao to change his plan. He also needs to design her husband’s room. He feels that he can’t be cloned. He thinks that Shen Zihao is a villain. Xi Bin and Xi Wang had a fight, which affected the recovery work, and the two had to go to the room to play. Wake up to work with a computer to remind her that there is no electricity. She found that Xiwang hadn’t slept yet. Unexpectedly, Xiwang had fun and swallowed the ring into her stomach, and the two rushed Xiwang to the hospital.

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