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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 4 Recap

Waking up, I felt tired this day. I finally coaxed Xiwang to fall asleep, thinking that Aunt Zhou could fall asleep by himself the first day after she left, and felt that he had begun to grow up independently. Xi Bin is proud, thinking that Xi Wang is already six years old, and that both of them have very good genes, so they must be well brought together. Unexpectedly, when I slept until midnight, Xiwang knocked on the door crying, maybe it was a nightmare, when he woke up, he could only sleep with Xiwang, and Xi Bin only returned to the bedroom pitifully by himself.

After dawn, Xi Bin woke up and found that it was almost ten o’clock. He hurriedly washed and dressed. He was in a hurry all morning. The point was that no one had made breakfast. Just as he was about to leave, he found that the shoes he had awakened were still there, only to realize that neither of them was up.

Xi Bin was tossed for a day and caught a cold. He sneezed continuously at the company, and his colleague handed him Sanjiu Ganmaoling. Xi Bin didn’t understand why children could sleep in fragments, only hoping to start school as soon as possible.

Shen Zihao called and flattered Gu Jiawei again. He didn’t expect to turn around to see Awakening, and realized that he had spoken. Shen Xiaoyan sent a bunch of fruits, and she thought it was Aunt Shen introduced by Teacher He, and asked her for a health certificate and ID card. Shen Xiaoyan was very angry, saying that she was just giving something, not an aunt. At this time, He Jinghua came over and realized that she was Li Feifei’s mother, Shen Xiaoyan. After mentioning something, I learned that the protagonist who was besieged by the principal last time was Shen Xiaoyan. He Jinghua gave Xiwang a bow tie, and Xiwang Xiwang should not lose on the value of his face.

As the open day is approaching, Xi Bin and Su Xing put on new clothes for Xi Wang and asked him to show off the show, but Xi Wang still kept it secret. Lin Yunyun made dinner for Gu Jiawei, saying that if Gu Jiawei had something on the open day, she could go to see the new moon. Gu Jiawei didn’t worry about letting Lin Yunyun go alone, worried that she had never seen the world screw it up. When the open day comes, Gu Jiawei will see the powerful person in the crowd, and let Lin Yunyun cooperate with her well, and let Xinyue perform well.

Shen Xiaoyan wore a skirt specially for Li Feifei’s open day. Li Xiang also put on a shirt and wanted to go, but Shen Xiaoyan didn’t want him to follow. Taking advantage of the moment when he changed clothes, she took Li Feifei to leave and closed the door. Locked. Xinyue also gave a demonstration at home in advance, and Gu Jiawei looked very satisfied.

Suwaken came to the kindergarten with Xi Wang alone, and saw He Jinghua and Jiang Bo with Siyuan. The gate of the kindergarten was crowded with people. It was parents who brought their children to the open day. Su Xing saw that Beibei spoke well and was curious about where she studied. Beibei’s parents said that they are very Buddhist, and their children all learn by watching cartoons.

At this time, Wake was unable to enter the kindergarten because she did not wear a badge. Lin Yunyun was the chairman of the family committee and was also on business, so she asked Wake to go to the guard to enter with another temporary badge. Only then did I realize that Gu Jiawei came over with a group of people. Several mothers discussed that Gu Jiawei had a large social circle and that the people around him must have a lot of background and were curious about what to recommend. Lin Yunyun said that there was no such thing at all, so let everyone go in and talk about it.

The kindergarten teacher took the children to warm-up activities first. Siyuan was very naughty and did not let him run around. Jiang Bo took a lot of effort to catch Siyuan. Wake up to call Xi Bin and ask him to come over quickly. After the phone call, I ran into Shen Xiaoyan. She wanted to remind her, but she didn’t expect Shen Xiaoyan to hear her at all. She wakes up and thinks that the parents are mirrors for the children, and she feels unreasonable.

Lin Yunyun asked Gu Jiawei if he had inquired about the rater. Gu Jiawei said that Mr. Chen and the group had very tight mouths and they needed to keep getting close to each other. Unexpectedly, when meeting Su Xing and He Jinghua, He Jinghua wanted to inquire about information, but was disappointed. He Jinghua thought that Gu Jiawei and his wife were too hypocritical, and it was not because the family did not enter the house.

The open day performance officially began. Parents are guessing who is scoring, worrying that the talents of boys are not as good as girls. Every child performed very well, and many parents praised her when Xinyue performed. Su Xing was surprised. Seeing the performance of the new moon, He Jinghua said that these parents hid their training teachers and worried that other children would surpass themselves. Li Feifei’s imitation performance is also very powerful. He put together the scrambled Rubik’s Cube in a short time. It only took 45 seconds. He was a child prodigy. But the secret performance brought by Xiwang surprised Wake, because this performance was somersault, and the audience laughed.

Gu Jiawei was very angry, thinking that Xinyue lost to Li Feifei, a child of a supermarket delivery parent, and accused Lin Yunyun of blindly contacting other parents. Originally, Gu Jiawei took a group photo. Gu Jiawei didn’t want to go home for dinner when he answered the phone call from the boss. He thought that Crescent had lost, so he had no face to take a group photo, and accused Lin Yunyun of rushing to inquire about the contact.

At the end of the open day performance, Xi Bin did not come to the scene. Boss Mo asked Su Xing to have a meeting, and Su Xing said that he could not let Xi Wang be in the kindergarten alone. Gu Jiawei reminded him to wake up. Shen Zihao was better than wake up in terms of strength. It was his own recommendation that gave him a chance to wake up. Su Xing quickly called Xi Bin and gave him ten minutes. Xiwang was crying very sad, thinking that she was not happy when she woke up, so she was not allowed to leave the kindergarten. But Gu Jiawei has been urging her by the side again. Fortunately, Xi Bin rushed to her. Otherwise, there is no way, but she was still very sad when she was crying and she kept calling her mother.

At the kindergarten physical competition site, Li Feifei continued to perform well. Xinyue fell during the run and Xiwang showed a little timidity and fear of heights. Siyuan took the opportunity to snatch the stick in Xiwang’s hand and ran to the front. Xi Bin stopped shouting all at once. The other families were happily taking photos. Xi Wang still wanted to wake up. Li Xiang ran to the kindergarten and must take photos. After Li Xiang got home, he pushed Shen Xiaoyan away, but also knocked out a nosebleed.

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