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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 32 Recap

After Ruan Qingxia finished talking about Xing Kelei, she remembered that she wanted to tell Mi Yan that she was perverted and harassed, but after a few conversations with Mi Yan, her mood improved a lot, and Mi Yan took the opportunity to ask her favorite toy. How to buy, and told Shu Wenbo the news.

He also said that Ruan Qingxia was in a bad mood recently, and he would be very happy if he received a gift from Shu Wenbo. When Xing Kelei returned home, Mi Yan was already asleep, but Xing Kelei was worried that Mi Yan was angry and deliberately pretended to be asleep. He didn’t want to sit still, so he went to the study to find something.

Early the next morning, Xing Kelei also carefully prepared breakfast and waited for Mi Ha to get up. Mi Ha saw Xing Kelei, and also called the brother Kelei like Shen Jianing. Xing Kelei was shocked, and he quickly sat down and introduced him to Mi Ha Talking about the relationship between him and the Shen family, he said that he and the Shen sisters were pure friends, but Shen Jianing seemed to like herself a little bit before. Mi Yan’s expression changed after hearing this, and he turned around and left.

Seeing this, Xing Kelei hurriedly chased him up, but Mi Yan was laughing in the room, and said that he was angry. Xing Kelei pleaded hard outside the door, Mi Yan really couldn’t help but opened the door and kissed Xing Kelei. I asked if Xing Kelei was a fool. She couldn’t tell whether she was really angry or not. Xing Kelei was a little dazed, and he was relieved to see if Mi Jie was not angry.

The two went to the hospital to take Shen Jianing for a check-up. Shen Jianan deliberately embarrassed Mi Ha, asked Mi Ha to register as an expert and asked her to help adjust the single room. When Mi Ha was embarrassed, Xing Kele held Mi Ha’s hand. Saying that Mi Yan is his girlfriend, anyone who can help will help, but Mi Yan is a doctor, she can’t do things that violate the hospital rules and regulations. Shen Jianing looked at Xing Kelei holding Mi Yan’s hand, and was extremely jealous.

But on the surface, he was still thanking Xing Kelei for his arrangement, so that Shen Jianan should not embarrass Mi Jia. Xing Kelei took Shen Jianing for the inspection, Mi Tu showed the inspection report to Shao Yuhan, and Shao Yuhan suggested that Shen Jianing be re-operated. There is a high chance that she can stand up after the operation. After listening, Mi Yan went to tell Xiaoxiao to tell Shen Jianing if a single room became available.

After Shen Jianing was hospitalized, Shen Jianan took Mi Ha to go to the boiling water room to fetch water, and deliberately told Mi Ha about Shen Jianing and Xing Kelei when they were children. The words outside implied that Mi Ha Xing Kelei was Shen Jianing’s first love and wanted Mi Ha to be angry. Here, Shen Jianing also deliberately pretended to have a headache in front of Mi Ha, pulling Xing Kelei to make Mi Ha jealous. Neither of them succeeded in their careful thinking, which made Shen Jianan prepare to change his plan.

After Mi Hao returned to the hospital, it was rumored that Shen Jianing was Xing Kelei’s predecessor. Mi Hao felt very uncomfortable after hearing Xiaoxiao’s words. At night, he complained to Ruan Qingxia about what the Shen sisters did, and what he heard this afternoon. Xing Kelei heard the rumors outside the door, so angrily he opened the door and asked Mi Yan who was spreading the rumor.

After seeing Xing Kelei, Mi Yan didn’t want to say any more, and hid in the toilet. Ruan Qingxia gave Xing Kerei a few pieces of advice, saying that lovers can’t stand up to toss and misunderstand. After Mi Yan came out, Xing Kele said seriously that he would go to the hospital tomorrow to resolve the rumors. The next day, Xing Kelei deliberately called in front of the cleaning aunts in the hospital to explain his relationship with Shen Jianing.

After speaking, he went to Shao Yuhan again, hoping that he would operate on Shen Jianing as soon as possible, and Shao Yuhan also agreed to operate on Shen Jianing on Wednesday afternoon. After doing these things, Xing Kele wanted to see Shen Jianing again, but when he saw them going for an inspection, he asked Xiaoxiao to give Mi Jia a word, and he left.

When Xing Kelei left, the Shen family sisters saw Xing Kelei and saw that he was not here to look for them. Shen Jianing was very upset. After returning to the ward, Shen Jianan heard the cleaning staff discuss Xing Kelei and explained clearly the relationship between Shen Jianing and him. Now the public opinion in the hospital is all down. Xiang Mi Ha, praised Mi Ha for his kind heart. Seeing that she couldn’t achieve anything, Shen Jianing wanted Shen Jianan to do something.

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