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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 31 Recap

Xing Keyao told Shao Yuhan that in fact the digital camera is with her, it is better to go to her house to get the camera now. Shao Yuhan hesitated and agreed. When the two went home, it happened that Xing Kelei and Mi Yan also went home, and they met on the elevator. Xing Kelei and Mi Yan watched Shao Yuhan and Xing Kayao go home together, and their faces showed gossip.

After a few people returned home, Xing Kelei brought Shao Yuhan into the house to get a camera. Xing Kelei and Mi Ha were still at the door teasing. For a few words, thinking that the relationship between the two of them has progressed, Xing Kelei even felt that he could change his name to Shao Yuhan’s brother-in-law.

The two people in the room didn’t know what Xing Kelei and Mi Ha were thinking. Shao Yuhan noticed a box in Xing Keyao’s room. When he opened it, he found that they were memories of both of them at university. Seeing that Shao Yuhan hadn’t come out of Xing Keyao’s house for a long time, Xing Kelei used Shao Yuhan as a pretense to go to Mi Yan’s house for the night. After working hard for so long, Xing Kelei finally succeeded and returned to his home to live with Mi Yan.

Shu Wenbo and Xing Kelei were eating out together. Shu Wenbo asked how Xing Kelei’s wounds were healed, whether he could come and participate in the martial arts competition, Xing Kelei’s mentality was much better because of the influence of Mi Jia, and he no longer struggles with whether he can take it When he arrived at the championship, he optimistically said that he would participate next year if he could not participate this year. Shu Wenbo asked how he plans to develop with Mi Jia, and whether he considered being a police lecturer in the past.

Xing Kelei said that he wanted to be in the front line, but Shu Wenbo But he said that if Xing Kelei was on the front line and Mi Jie was a doctor, if it weren’t for Xing Kelei during the recovery period of treatment, the two of them would never meet every day. Xing Kelei can’t think of so much now, so he can only wait to talk about it later. The two were talking, when Lu Feng came suddenly, he pulled Shu Wenbo over and screamed at Shu Wenbo, and asked Shu Wenbo whether he liked Ruan Qingxia or not.

If he didn’t like Ruan Qingxia, don’t entangle with Ruan Qingxia. Qing said that Lu Feng still had a fight with Shu Wenbo. Shu Wenbo was excited to admit that he liked Ruan Qingxia, Xing Kelei quickly stepped forward to persuade them to fight, and pulled the two away. After Lu Feng calmed down, he told the two that he was rejected by Ruan Qingxia, and said that if Shu Wenbo really liked Ruan Qingxia, he would tell her generously.

On the way back, Xing Kelei asked Shu Wenbo to check Ruan Qingxia’s Weibo to see what she usually likes. If you have any questions, you can ask him and Mi Ha. After listening to Xing Kelei’s words, Shu Wenbo found that Ruan Qingxia liked something recently. But he couldn’t understand, so he called Mi Hao to ask. Mi Ha told Shu Wenbo in detail. After hanging up the phone, Mi Ha was a little curious about what happened to Shu Wenbo recently, and Xing Kelei told about Lu Feng.

After the two went home, a pair of sisters downstairs suddenly called Xing Kelei. These sisters were the daughters of Team Shen, the benefactor of Xing Kelei. After Team Shen passed away, the lives of the two sisters were not very smooth, and her sister Shen Jianing had gone out before. In a car accident, spine injury has not recovered, and he is still in a wheelchair. Shen Jianan talked about the situation of their sisters, and also said that he wanted to live in Xing Kelei’s house to save money.

Xing Kelei’s expression changed a little. He said that he would book them a hotel next to the hospital. Shen Jianan still wanted to insist. Fortunately, Shen Jianing saw that Xing Kelei’s face was not good. Let my sister listen to Xing Kelei’s arrangement. Mi Yan in the kitchen has long been jealous, and some don’t want to talk to Xing Kelei.

After eating, Xing Kelei took Shen Jianing and Shen Jianan to the hotel. The two sisters were not as simple and kind as they were on the surface. They lost all their money by doing business, and wanted Xing Kelei to spend money on the affection of the past. Healed Shen Jianing’s legs, and now found that Xing Kelei suddenly had Mi Ha, Shen Jianing planned to destroy the relationship between the two, and deliberately asked Xing Kele to buy medicine for herself, so that Xing Kele went back later, so that Mi Ha and Xing Kelei could accumulate conflicts.

After Xing Kelei bought the medicine and went back, Shen Jianan asked Xing Kelei to stay with Shen Jianing. Before Xing Kerei came back, Mi Ha received a call from Ruan Qingxia. After Ruan Qingxia learned about the Shen family sisters, he advised Mi Ha to be careful and said that Shen Jianing must have a problem.

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