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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 9 Recap

After leaving Huaxuezhai, Ye Ming was curious and unfamiliar with the outside world. Before she could learn how to adapt, she had to face a group of drunk and wealthy moles. Fortunately, Xiao Tao came forward to rescue at a critical moment, not only to save Ye Ming, but also to let her rest at her home for one night, thinking that the lady of unknown origin should leave tomorrow.

However, Ye Ming had nowhere to go, and didn’t know how to explain her origin to Xiaotao, so she could only stay here and find time to find Yu Shaobai’s whereabouts. Xiaotao understands Ye Ming’s difficulties. Although she is willing to take in, the premise is to share the rent. Ye Ming has no source of income and is in urgent need of finding a job. Knowing that Xiao Tao is a showgirl in Xinxin Song and Dance Hall, Ye Ming wants to follow her to meet the world, Xiao Tao can’t hold back the other party’s various pleadings, so she takes her to go to work.

Just as Xiao Tao shined on the stage, the ballroom manager Zhou keenly discovered that Ye Ming, who was waving to Xiao Tao, could easily attract people’s attention because of her outstanding appearance. At first, Manager Zhou guessed that she was a famous daughter based on her clothes, but when she heard that Ye Ming ran away from home to Shanghai, especially to find someone, he invited Ye Ming to the ballroom on the condition of helping find Yu Shaobai.

Ye Ming has become the newly signed singer of Manager Zhou, and her strength and appearance are better than others, and it is very likely that she will become a pillar of the ballroom stage. Xiaotao is considered a celebrity among singer-songwriters. She took a lot of money and lived there. The most important thing was that she had a gentle personality and a kind-hearted heart. She would never be jealous of Ye Ming and did not follow everyone’s instigation at all.

As the first candidate for the new song and dance hall, Xiao Taoxin is not here. In addition to making hard money under the feasting and feasting, he also hopes to stay with his beloved and start a family. The so-called beloved is the “dumb” Yin Qing. The reason why he is called dumb is entirely from the ridicule of the sisters, mainly because he doesn’t like to talk or see people, but he is willing to stick to Xiaotao.

Yin Qing and Xiao Tao are about the same age, born handsome and generous, and the longer they contact each other, the two have a secret affection for each other. Ye Ming accompanied Xiao Tao out of the ballroom, and happened to see Yin Qing who was picking up Xiao Tao, and at the same time he saw that he was not an ordinary person. Considering that Xiaotao’s attitude towards Yin Qing was unusual, Ye Ming didn’t reveal it on the spot, but she had an idea in her heart.

Lian Xuan monitored Ye Ming secretly, seeing that she had moved into Xiao Tao’s house, and finally felt completely relieved, and came back to explain the situation to Jin Xingjian. Since Jin Xingjian is about to face the sky thunder catastrophe, a slight carelessness will endanger his life, but now he is full of only Ye Ming, and Lian Xuan is so angry that Lian Xuan hates iron for not making steel.

Ye Qingchun was surrounded by vendors to sell goods, but in the process of escaping, he was brutally scratched on the back of his hand by a wild cat, which almost caused a car accident, causing trouble. Although Ye Qingchun was sent to the hospital, he was not in any serious trouble, but the guy, Xiao Liu, was seriously injured and might need to recuperate for a year or a half.

Logically speaking, as long as you have money, you are not afraid of not having a buddy, but this buddy is Ye Qingchun’s capable man. Not only can he say hello to customers in several foreign dialects, but he is also clean and clever. When you see anyone, you will laugh before you say a word. A great talent. Now that Xiao Liu was in bed at home, Ye Qingchun was in trouble and moved out of the recruiting sign hurriedly. After a while, he immediately saw someone come to apply for a job.

Although the number of applicants is quite large, it is a pity that the quality is uneven. There are both men and women but none of them are eye-catching. Occasionally I encounter a person who looks good. How can I expect that the other party is a stutter, don’t speak foreign dialects, even the local dialects are not clear. . In the past few days, Ye Qingchun has a big head, and simply left the clothing store alone. He personally went to Huaxuezhai for comfort. He looked at Xiaopi with clever energy, which made him envious.

After Ye Qingchun left, Gabriel came to bid farewell to Jin Xingjian. He had bought a lot of good treasures in Shanghai, and it was time to return to Peking. Jin Xingjian realized that Jin Xingjian had lost his memory. He seemed to have no impression of what happened before. He instantly understood the reason, and at the same time was a little guilty, and took the initiative to apologize to him.

Just as Ye Qingchun was at a loss, he didn’t expect a boy named Xiaohu to come to the clothing store. His handsome face and frank manners did not seem to be a candidate for employment. For Ye Qingchun’s doubts, Xiaohu claimed that his family was bankrupt, so he wanted to support himself instead of being a drag on the family. Because his explanation had no loopholes, Ye Qingchun believed that it was true, and even felt that Xiaohu made him feel very familiar, he should have had a fate.

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