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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 8 Recap

Gabriel took the talisman paper for Bai Yi, and when she was happy, he wanted to follow the example of the script to agree with him, so he hurriedly stopped it. After all, his feelings for Bai Yi were pure and respectful, not unreasonable. Knowing that Gabelle was curious about the talisman paper, Bai Yi simply told the whole story, saying that at the beginning, he was a guinea pig who had just cultivated his human form, and he almost died, but fortunately he was saved by Ye Ming.

Since then, Baiyi has practiced diligently, thinking that one day he will be able to repay the other party, but he will find no results in various places until he finds Ye Ming in the crypt ten years ago. Therefore, he believes that the golden nature is full of evil and not only imprisoning Ye Ming, but even devouring other fairy inner alchemy Practice.

Now that the talisman is in his hand, Bai Yi wants to take the opportunity to save Ye Ming, but Gabelle is not worried that she is alone in the danger, and is willing to accompany her. At the same time, Jin Xingjian personally confessed to Ye Ming about erasing his memory. Whether Ye Ming resented or not, he would not reveal any news about Shaobai.

Although he had missed last time, Lian Xuan still did not give up to get rid of Ye Ming. He studied tactics at home, knowing that he could not attack, and simply resorted to outspokenness. The method was to try to get drunk Jin Xing Jian just like Gabelle thought. Xiaoqing borrowed money to buy wine for Lianxuan, intending to join him, but Jiabelle had already taken the lead in rushing to Huaxuezhai.

Gabriel tried all kinds of methods to hold Jin Xingjian, trying to give Bai Yi more time to rescue, but Jin Xingjian was not drunk yet, but he was drunk unscrupulously first, and accused Jin Xingjian of being a fairy who didn’t understand love, even if he was locked up. People can’t shut the other person’s heart.

Ye Ming fell into a dream, as if seeing the scene of her and Yu Shaobai knowing each other and falling in love, and the two people worshipping and getting married, but in a blink of an eye, the opposite Yu Shaobai turned into Jin Xingjian. At this time, Baiyi slipped into the ground room and triggered the organ. Jin Xing was determined to hear the news and wanted to investigate. Jiabeile immediately stopped him, knowing that he had been exposed, and simply admitted that he had to choose between his brother and his lover.

Seeing Gabriel crying and apologizing constantly, Jin Xingjian didn’t care, but understood his approach better. In many cases, feelings are involuntary. In fact, Jin Xingjian had planned to return Ye Ming’s freedom, so he comforted Jiabeile, and then came to the side of the basement, and watched Ye Ming and Bai Yi leave.

However, as soon as the two of them arrived in the yard, they saw Lian Xuan appear at the door, posing as if they were going to be ruthless. At first, Lian Xuan mistakenly thought that the white robe was a fairy sent by Yu Shaobai, and he really wanted to subdue her, so he didn’t leave any affection, and even Ye Ming couldn’t fight it.

Jin Xingjian and Jiabeile came to obstruct them one after another, Lian Xuan became angry from annoyance, and directly smeared the money sword with blood to stab Ye Ming. At the critical moment, Jin Xingjian intervened, Qianjian flew to Jiabeile rampantly with irretrievable inertia, Bai Yi immediately rushed to block him in front of him without thinking about it.

This sword happened to stabbed the white clothes, because the wound was too deep, even Jin Xingjian was incapable of recovering. Ye Ming was completely disappointed with Jin Xingjian and left with Jiabeile and Baiyi. Even if Ye Ming wanted to use spiritual power to save Bai Yi’s life, it still didn’t help. Bai Yi’s heart was like a mirror. Knowing that the deadline was over, she used the last bit of magic power to erase Gabelle’s memory.

Originally, Gabelle wanted to go home with his white clothes on his back, but after being cast by the white clothes, she gradually became weak and in a trance, and then fell to the ground. Until dawn, Gabelle was awakened by the patrol, except for his body aches, and without any memory of last night, he returned to the old house with doubts.

The servant handed over the pictures that had been washed, and when he looked at the strange woman in the picture, Gabelle smiled knowingly and suddenly became a little trance, as if he had experienced a dream. This dream made him gradually realize his birth and experience, whether it is the richness of the sky, the situation of food and clothing, should be the idea of ​​not marrying for life, but now, there is a trace of emotion.

Since Lian Xuan was warned by Jin Xingjian, he has gradually doubted whether he did something wrong. Even the ruthless Jin Xingjian will tolerate her hiding and painting Xuezhai for ten years because of the kindness of the white clothes. Xiaoqing thinks that monsters are good or bad, but Lianxuan feels that they have different ways and should be resolved as soon as possible.

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