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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 7 Recap

In Huaxuezhai, a white mouse was hibernating beside the Bogu shelf. Seeing the two people quarrel at the window, they finally broke up. Taking advantage of the silence of the night, the white mouse slowly approached the inkstone on the Bogu shelf. He wanted to take out the talisman paper inside. However, the inkstone had been enchanted, and Jin Xingjian noticed the abnormality, but he did not make a demon.

The next day, there were two young men standing beside the Bogu shelf. One was the master of this painting Xuezhai, a demon who could make the fairy world hear about it; the other was a familiar face and came to Shanghai not far away. In addition to the recognizable long and flowing hair, Gabelle, who is a guest, also has his special identity as a child of the former dynasty.

Gabriel likes to collect treasures. It happens that Huaxuezhai is an elegant place, especially the living room contains many interesting antiquities, so he and Jin Xingjian have been acquainted with each other since they met, and within a few years, they have sublimated to the friendship of Bo Yazi period. Although Jin Xingjian relied on his talent and celebrity, he admired Jiabeile quite a bit.

The Hongkou Grand Theater sent the movie player to Huaxuezhai. Jin Xingjian was afraid that Ye Ming would be bored, so she acted as a projectionist personally. Seeing that she was very interested in it, she finally did not waste her efforts. However, Ye Ming thought that he was going to be trapped here, even if he was interested in things, he would gradually get tired, especially when he heard that Jin Xingjian always used the same words to deal with it, he was even more angry.

At the request of his younger sister, Ye Qingchun could only take her to visit Jin Xingjian, and asked his sweetheart side by side. In order to be able to see the appearance of the rival, Ye Lina opened the door to express her true intentions, and as expected, Jin Xingjian suddenly became silent, and then ordered Xiaopi to see her off. Ye Lina talked to Xiao Holster and learned that there had never been a woman in the family, so she believed that Jin Xingjian was rejecting herself, so she lied that she had a lover.

Since the wanted portraits are still being posted in the city, Xiaoqing has arranged a house in the suburbs for the time being. Lian Xuan insisted on returning to the painting Xue Zhai to get rid of Ye Ming, so as to avoid unpredictable consequences. Xiaoqing realized the seriousness of the problem and promised to accompany him. Lian Xuan stepped in over the wall, unexpectedly Jin Xingjian had been waiting for a long time.

Although knowing that the existence of Yu Shaobai and Ye Ming would make the old things happen again, Jin Xingjian was determined to block Lian Xuan, just as the two were at a stalemate, Xiao Qing was found peeping and wandering nearby. Seeing that Jin Xingjian had a tough attitude, Lian Xuan was so angry that he would no longer intervene, and then turned and left.

In recent days, Gabriel has frequently encountered strange things. Since he said goodbye to Jin Xingjian, he seemed to notice someone following him on the way back. When he looked back, there was a young girl under the umbrella, but she disappeared in the blink of an eye. From the first day the bedside table found the burnt candles and the white-clothed woman standing next to the bed in a daze, after all, Gabelle was so knowledgeable that he would inevitably speculate on the spirits.

Whenever thinking about this, Gabelle always couldn’t bear the excitement, and decided to come out of the hole. Another night, Gabelle pretended to be asleep, and suddenly saw the woman in white coming in from the door, it seemed unspeakable. Just when she was about to leave, Gabriel didn’t say a word, raised the photo box and pointed it at her. As the spotlight flashed in the room, the woman was gone, leaving only one handkerchief on the ground.

Seeing the harvest this time, Gabelle had a vague idea. If the opponent is a living person pretending to be a ghost, he will never disappear suddenly. If the opponent is a malicious monster, I am afraid that he has been killed on the spot. After repeated considerations, Gabelle determined that this beauty who “dives into the night with the wind” is very likely to fall in love with herself.

In the blink of an eye, on the third night, just as Gabelle expected, the woman in white was found again, but she showed up on the spot, even if Gabelle was ready, she would inevitably be taken aback. The woman called herself white. This time she wanted to ask Jiabeile, but before she could finish her words, Jiabeile brought the handkerchiefs and pastries prepared in advance, and smiled at her satiated appearance.

Repeatedly, for several days in a row, Bai Yi did not expect that Gabelle would be so enthusiastic. He had a clear purpose, but he became friends with him. Gabelle played dice and lost to Bai Yi and promised to help her draw Xuezhai and steal the talisman paper, but when he visited with a gift, he hesitated.

Jin Xingjian saw through Jiabele’s intentions and couldn’t help but ask how he viewed “feelings”. Gabelle thought of the white clothes, and the corners of his mouth curled up unconsciously. He thought he would spend a lifetime with Antique, but the appearance of someone would make him give up all the treasures, even if the other party liked others, he would be willing to fulfill it.

Compared with Jin Xingjian’s stubbornness, Gabriel seems to be more free and easy, he never muddles up his feelings, so he took the initiative to show his love to white clothes, and naturally became a lover. Jin Xingjian was influenced by Gabelle and couldn’t forget what he said for a long time, and couldn’t help thinking of the scene before Ye Ming’s death. Now Ye Ming has lost her memory, and her impression of Jin Xingjian is not only a child, but also a variety of negative bad impressions. Even if Jin Xingjian talks to her with a soft temper, she still faces coldly.

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