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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 10 Recap

Ye Qingchun was extremely satisfied with Xiaohu’s performance, coupled with the fact that the other party was proficient in foreign dialects and smiled throughout the whole process, which really made him unbelievable that he would recruit such a well-known and beautiful man in a short time. Because of too much surprise, Ye Qingchun consciously picked up the baby, and immediately asked him to remove the signboard, and vacated the hut at the back of the kitchen for Xiaohu to live in.

In less than half a day, Xiaohu changed into his clothes and started work, and successfully became a buddy of Christine’s clothing store. It happened that Jin Xingjian passed by here. The moment he saw Xiaohu, his heart became clear. In order to avoid wanted, Lian Xuan simply disguised himself as a Japanese in a clothing store. He told Jin Xingjian about Ye Ming’s resident singing in the dance hall. Considering that he, as a master, could not follow a woman every day, he asked Xiao Qing to Help monitor Ye Ming.

As the clothing store reopened to welcome customers, the guys tried their best to solicit business, but within a few days, except for Xiaohu, everyone else was like a frustrated ball, all slacking off work and making stinky faces. The root cause is that Xiaohu is too diligent and capable. Whether the customer is a man or a woman, he can make him laugh.

Although everyone talked about them behind the scenes, and even commented on Xiaohu’s looks, the female customers were very superficial, as long as they saw Xiaohu, they would basically pay for a dress willingly, as many as a few, at least one. Because of this, Xiaohu’s sales performance is already ahead of all the guys. Ye Qingchun was amazed at him, and then looked forward to opening branches across the country in the future.

In the middle of the night, Xiaohu sneaked into the kitchen to search for food, until the clear eyes turned into golden cat eyes, staring greedily at the raw meat in the basin, but he did not know that he had been discovered. When Ye Qingchun heard about this from his buddies, he only thought it was ridiculous. At the same time, he thought they were bullying Xiaohu, so he would often steal night food.

Originally Ye Qingchun didn’t want to believe it at all, but when he learned that the master was also one of the witnesses, he also had some doubts. After all, the master is loyal and honest, and is mainly responsible for everyone’s food. Moreover, he and Xiaohu are not in a competitive relationship, and there is no reason to fabricate it. Ye Qingchun came to the kitchen to find out, and he found that there was a mess inside, with a few bones left on the ground.

Although there is no substantive evidence to prove that Xiaohu stole the food, Ye Qingchun decided to order some meals from the big restaurant for everyone. Except that Xiaohu knows Ye Qingchun’s preferences very well, plus he is more greedy and delicious, and works very diligently at other times, there is nothing unusual.

Ye Ming made her debut in resident singing for the first time, and received a lot of applause. The dancer Sasha was jealous and deliberately cut her clothes, but she did not expect Xiao Tao to be the owner of the clothes. Ye Ming didn’t want to participate in these messy things. He simply left the ballroom after get off work. As a result, he met Jin Xingjian when he went out. He came to cheer and wanted to express his concern by the way.

In the following days, Ye Ming’s singing performance became more natural, and soon became the pillar of the new song and dance hall. The other dancers all agreed with Ye Ming’s ability, only Salsa was yin and yang. Yin Qing came to pick up Xiaotao from get off work as usual, but Ye Ming pretended to be blind, and Xiaotao took this opportunity to propose a supper.

Xiaotao seemed to be in a very good mood, and she took the initiative to talk about her acquaintance with Yin Qing. Ye Ming sat beside and listened silently. Because Xiaotao’s mind was too simple, she didn’t realize Ye Ming’s warning to Yin Qing. She drank one drink after another, and she quickly became drunk.

Yin Qing went home with Xiao Tao on her back, seeming to realize that she has woken up, Xiao Tao held Yin Qing tightly, and felt the meticulous care of the other party. At the same time, Jin Xingjian took the initiative to come to Ye Ming, but Ye Ming was so worried about the past, always trying to figure out the truth.

After returning home, Yin Qing covered Xiao Tao with a quilt, and before leaving, she kissed her on the forehead, making Xiao Tao ecstatic in her shame. Ye Ming was worried that Xiao Tao would be harmed, so he waited for Yin Qing at the door of the house. Although Yin Qing was a blood bat, he had never harmed human beings. He only relied on sucking chicken blood every day, so he hoped that Ye Ming could accomplish it.

Ye Ming saw that Yin Qing had a real affection for Xiaotao, so he didn’t hurt the killer, but let him go. Xiaotao talked to Ye Ming about Yin Qing, looking forward to the beauty of the future, and at the same time feeling that she was humble as dust, how fortunate to meet Yin Qing. Although Yin Qing is a demon, Ye Ming remembered the love between Bai Yi and Jia Bei Le, she supported Xiao Tao in pursuit of happiness, and did not consider secular issues.

After Ye Qingchun was busy with work, he planned to go to the backyard to move his muscles and bones. He didn’t expect to hear the rustling sound from the kitchen. After searching for it, he found that Xiaohu was squatting on the ground eating raw meat, scared him almost lost his soul. Early the next morning, Ye Qingchun ran to the police station in a panic. He couldn’t explain his experience in a few words. As a result, he had a nightmare that night and saw Xiaohu turn into a wild cat.

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