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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 19 Recap

Pete came to Su Xing and asked him where he had gone after the finals. He said that someone had photographed him and the mysterious woman behaving ambiguously. Su Xing quickly called Sun Xiaoai and told her not to come in the past two days. There must be many near his home Paparazzi. Julie and Qi Yue woke up from the same bed, Julie was a little confused, Qi Yue couldn’t wait to pull Julie to confess again, even if there was someone else in Julie’s heart. Pete asked Su Xing to return to the crew for filming first, and then arranged a press conference to clarify. Su Xing also told Su’s mother that Sun Xiaoai was ill and couldn’t pass the past few days.

Pete arranged a press conference in the crew, and Su Xing responded as discussed with Pete. Julie came back angrily and asked Sun Xiaoai when she was with Su Xing. Sun Xiaoai quickly denied that although the photo was of her, she explained to her that she was only robbing the photo at the time, so they thought it was a car shock. Sun Xiaoai is going to the people who make up these things to explain clearly, Julie hastened to stop, this kind of thing will only get more and more chaotic. Julie temporarily believed in Sun Xiaoai, and Sun Xiaoai asked Julie where she had gone last night when she did not come home, but Julie didn’t speak.

The crew was clamoring about Su Xing’s affairs, and the martial arts arranged by the crew had an accident, so spring came to play with Su Xing temporarily. Su Xing was very optimistic about the coming of spring, and gave him Li Guojun’s nunchakus, encouraging him to endure hardships if he wants to become a master. Sun Yihang had been calling Ye Lang brother-in-law, but was warned by Sun Xiaoai. When Sun Yihang saw Sun Xiaoai absent-mindedly, he said that the paparazzi had been driven away by the property, so she didn’t worry if she wanted to see Mother Su.

Su Xing accidentally fell off the horse at the shooting scene, and everyone was nervous. Chun Lai even blamed himself, but Su Xing insisted on finishing filming the rest of the scene, and did not blame Chun Lai. Pete was busy taking care of Su Xing, did not answer Qi Yue’s call, Qi Yue depressedly ran to punch. Qi Yue apologized to President Yu for the event of the finals, but President Yu only cared about the topic and the heat, and it made no difference to him who played the male second. Julie said that Sun Yihang’s persistence would only move herself, and Sun Yihang was a little discouraged.

Qi Yue lost the game, and Mr. Yu asked him to consider his position. Mr. Qi quickly showed his loyalty to follow Mr. Yu. Mr. Yu was very satisfied. After Su Xing finished filming, Pete and Qingping hurriedly helped him to rest, but Su Xing fainted without being able to support it. Su Xing was taken to the hospital. Chunlai was very worried about this incident. Jiang Producer wrote a second script for fear of delaying the progress. If Su Xing fell, he would deal with it as he died on the battlefield.

Then Jiang Yipian received a call from Pete saying that Su Xing was in the hospital, Jiang Yipian quickly called Chun to go to the hospital with him. Su Xing was seriously injured and needed to go to a bigger hospital. Jiang produced Chunlai and drove away in angrily. He didn’t even pay for labor. Chunlai was worried that Su Xing could no longer stand up. He was worried and knelt down in Su. Xing cried by the bed, Su Xing quickly asked him to get up, saying that today’s affairs have nothing to do with others, and it is his responsibility alone. Su Xing comforted Chun and said that he didn’t need to worry and asked him to go back to filming.

Pete took Su Xing back to Beijing on a medical machine. The doctor recommended conservative treatment, but it would take a long time, and it would take three to five years if it goes well. Although the paralysis was not enough, Su Xing needed a lot of time to recover. Qi Yue’s popularity is still good, and Mr. Xue was very satisfied, and asked Peter to call Mr. Yu and ask Qi Yue to play a role in Xijiang Lengyue. Peter and Mr. Xue talked about Mr. Xue, but Mr. Xue directly asked Qi Yue to replace Su Xing as the male number one. No matter how well Su Xing recovers, the company doesn’t have to be too passive. Pete didn’t think there was any need to be so anxious, but Mr. Xue thought that if Su Xing really didn’t get better, it would be a blessing in disguise for them. Linda was a little surprised by the relationship between Su Xing and Pete. Qi Yue heard that Mr. Xue had let herself be the male number one in place of Su Xing, and was a little puzzled.

Pete told Julie Su Xing’s injury that he might be paralyzed and will have an operation tomorrow morning. Julie hurriedly went to see him. Pete said she was not right now, and gave her the script. Xijiang Lengyue Girl 2 will be handed over to her. If she can seize this opportunity, her career is likely to go to the next level. Julie thinks she should go to the hospital to take care of Su Xing. Even if she goes to film, she will not feel at ease, but Pete tells Julie that this is the time to choose to stand in line. If she accepts this role, it means she is on Pete’s side. , Julie has more and more opportunities. Julie understands that Pete wants to use herself to pin Qi Yue. Pete confesses that Qi Yue is important to him. As long as Qi Yue still likes Julie, she is even more important to Pete.

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