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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 18 Recap

Pete said that Su Xing participated in the top ten competition yesterday and Mr. Xue and Mr. Yu were very satisfied. He also said that he was considerate of Su Xing and would not let him participate in the finals, so that he had no choice but to equip Mr. Yu and Mr. Xue that day, and gave him back. Su Xing thought it was fraudulent when the script allowed him to join the group. Qi Yue came suddenly and said that he wanted to learn more from Su Xing.

Su Xing agreed in one fell swoop and said that he was very much like himself. Su Xing decided to go to the finals and asked Pete to ask Julie to go on the red carpet with him, and to arrange a role for her, and refused to let Pan Jianing come. After Su Xing left, Pete was very angry. He originally thought that Su Xing was uncontrollable and told him not to come, but Qi Yue’s plan to trouble him like this had all been reversed. Pete once again told Qi Yue that only by reaching Su Xing’s position could Julie be given more protection.

Sun Yihang is still pursuing Liang Yuxuan, but Liang Yuxuan dislikes it. Pepe came to Pete and told Pan Jianing to attend the finals. Pete said that Su Xing did not agree, and he supported Julie with all his heart. At the scene of the Xijiang Lengyue finals, Su Xing took Julie on the red carpet. Liang Yuxuan hated Sun Yihang, added a lot of peppers and messy things to the dishes, and poured him a glass of wine, Sun Yihang fainted on the spot.

At the Xijiang Lengyue Finals, the guests were Li Guojun, Qiu Wei and Su Xing. Sun Xiaoai walked around in Su Xing’s room and found his original wedding photo in his drawer. Qi Yue and Sun Yihang got three green lights in the first round. Sun Yihang was hospitalized, and Sun Xiaoai hurried to the hospital to scold Sun Yihang. Liang Yuxuan felt a little funny when she saw it, because she didn’t expect Sun Yihang to be subdued. In the last round of the competition, Qi Yue and Yi Yang PK, the problem has long been given to Qi Yue, and Pete is very confident in him. Sun Yihang, Sun Xiaoai, and Liang Yuxuan were also watching the game. Sun Yihang said that the default champion was Qi Yue, and there was no suspense at all, but Sun Xiaoai and Liang Yuxuan took it seriously.

Yi Yang’s performance made Qi Yue feel helpless and stage fright. Su’s mother asked Uncle He to accompany her to the pharmacy, saying that she wanted to buy some medicine for Teacher Li, and Uncle He was a little unhappy. Su Xing gave Yi Yang the green light, obviously very optimistic about his performance, but Zi Yue completely ignored it. Li Guojun also gave Yi Yang the green light, but Qiu Wei, who was an insider of Pete, did not give him the green light. Li Guojun and Qiu Wei’s comments were contrary to Qiyue’s comments. For Qiyue who received a green light and a red light, the most important vote fell to Su Xing. In the end, Su Xing gave Qi Yue a red light, and Yi Yang won and won the role of Du Yibin. Pete was very angry, Qi Yue’s angry face turned green, and his eyes fixed on Su Xing.

Liang Yuxuan left the hospital first, Sun Xiaoai also left, and Sun Yihang was alone. Pete asked Su Xing why he embarrassed him. He lost a lot of money by doing so. Su Xing said that Yi Yang was more suitable for this role than Qi Yue. Pete was angry that Julie’s female number two was also withdrawn. Su Xing ran into Sun Xiaoai on the road. Sun Xiaoai asked him why he hid his own photo. Su Xing was almost found out and quickly asked Sun Xiaoai to get in the car with him. The two fought in the car, causing passersby to watch. Julie and Qi Yue drank boring wine together. In Pete’s eyes, she was just an accessory of Su Xing, and she was very sad. Qi Yue looked at her affectionately, and the two couldn’t help kissing her and entangled each other.

Mr. Xue thought that Pete couldn’t control Su Xing. Pete quickly explained that Yi Yang and Qi Yue are both company entertainers, and whoever gets it won’t suffer. Pete offered to bring Yi Yang by himself, but Mr. Xue said that he had other arrangements and let Pete take a vacation. Pete received a call and said that some netizens broke the news that Su Xing and a woman were involved in the street, and public opinion was under great pressure.

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