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Road to Rebirth 爱在星空下 Episode 17 Recap

Pete believes that Su Xing will definitely go tonight because he cares about fans. Su Xing asked Sun Xiaoai to deal with the gift and send it to the orphanage. Sun Xiaoai was going on a date. Su Xing insisted on taking her to buy clothes. Sun Yihang ran out of money, so he exchanged a lot of money for Julie’s ugly photos. Su Xing took Sun Xiaoai to the styling studio and asked the stylist to help dress up. Sun Xiaoai had to choose her own clothes. She chose a long black dress. The stylist also thought it was very good-looking, and she knew herself best. Ye Lang arrived at the door, and Sun Xiaoai quickly dropped his clothes for Su Xing to take it back and left.

The stylist is very gossiping about Sun Xiaoai’s date. Ye Lang is full of surprises when he sees such Sun Xiaoai. Su Xing also wanted to take a look secretly, but the stylist came back and said that Sun Xiaoai’s date was handsome and tasteful, and he was not inferior to standing with male artists. As soon as the stylist left, Su Xing ran out of the door to take a peek, but Sun Xiaoai had already left.

At the beginning of the concert, Ye Lang was fascinated by it, but Sun Xiaoai felt a little boring. Su Xing was on his way to the top ten, and he called Sun Xiaoai uncomfortably. The bell rang. Sun Xiaoai hung up and Su Xing was very depressed. Sun Xiaoai followed the crowd applauded throughout the whole process. After the end, Ye Lang praised her for her artistic talent. At the top ten match scene, Su Xing came to the stage and aroused cheers. Julie saw Su Xing on TV and quickly called Pete, but no one answered, Julie was very depressed.

Su Xing specially embraced Qi Yue and said something meaningful. During the photo session, Qi Yue was squeezed to the end without even a shot. Su Xing stepped off the stage with cheers, and Qi Yue was stunned on the stage, a little confused. Pete told him that there will always be only one man with the most dazzling appearance. Su Xing came home and yelled for Sun Xiaoai to make a supper, but he didn’t expect that Sun Xiaoai hadn’t come back yet. Sun Xiaoai was having a big meal with Ye Lang. Ye Lang took the opportunity to confess to Sun Xiaoai that he liked Sun Xiaoai. I don’t know when he was more than a friend to Sun Xiaoai. Sun Xiaoai smiled awkwardly and said that he might have misunderstood himself. Ye Lang said that Sun Xiaoai didn’t need to rush to give himself an answer, waiting for him to come back from a business trip.

Su Xing called to ask Sun Xiaoai to come back and make him supper. Sun Xiaoai quickly got up and left. Ye Lang said that if she was not happy with her job, he could help find a good job, but Sun Xiaoai refused. Ye Lang sent Sun Xiaoai back. Sun Xiaoai hugged the flowers and got out of the car. Su Xing waited at the door and brought her slippers. Sun Xiaoai took off her high heels and immediately felt comfortable. Seeing the scene where Sun Xiaoai and Su Xing went back, Ye Lang was very lonely.

Su Xing said that he would buy this dress and give it to Sun Xiaoai, but Sun Xiaoai felt that there was a conspiracy, but he reluctantly accepted it. Su Xing said to make instant noodles, and also talked about the previous story, saying that instant noodles were the source of his acting inspiration. The topic exploded just after the top ten competition, Qi Yue fans rose a lot, and Mr. Yu was very satisfied with it. Sun Xiaoai and Su Xing ate supper together. Sun Xiaoai said that she felt that the person who went out today was not her, sitting in the concert hall as if the soul had run away. Su Xing told her that when she was a child, her wish was to become a star. When the two started fighting, Ye Lang was even more sad to see the shadow of her family.

The ratings went up as soon as Su Xing appeared, and President Yu hoped that Su Xing would attend the finals, but Pete could only bite the bullet and agreed. Sun Yihang saw that Sun Xiaoai came back in a good mood and quickly told Sun Yihang, but Sun Yihang knew very well that she was not happy because of herself. Su Xing became the hot spot of the show, Qi Yue was a little angry, but Pete took him to see Su Xing, saying that he should be pleased if he is not satisfied. Su Xing said yesterday that she hoped that Sun Xiaoai would wear such a beautiful dress every day. Sun Xiaoai specially wore a beautiful dress. Su’s mother thought she had a date when she saw it. Pete was afraid that Su Xing would be upset when seeing Qi Yue, so he asked him to go back and wait for the news.

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