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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 23 Recap

Pan Yushu got the new name but was depressed, and his heart was full of missing Zhong Qiao. The Chengping Hall in front of me was like a cage, not to mention that the emperor gave an order to avoid smallpox infection, and the lower people sealed the main hall with wooden boards. When night came, Yue’er was walking outside the palace with Zhong Qiao, but she was bumped into by Queen Guo’s maid, Qingyi. Yue’er deceived that Zhong Qiao was a new doctor and came to see Yushu. Qingyi didn’t ask too much, but when she returned to the bedroom, she reported the matter to Queen Guo.

The queen was suspicious, and immediately came to Chengping Hall. Yue’er was panicked and made loud noises deliberately. Sure enough, when Queen Guo walked into the hall, she saw Yushu sitting firmly in the embroidery, and the queen tried to remove the wooden planks. Yushu became anxious now, for fear that after taking down the plank, everyone saw Zhong Qiao running away, unable to stop him, Yushu stepped on his skirt and fell down, and the blood flowed out, and the audience panicked.

After examination by the imperial physician, it was confirmed that the dragon’s fetus was not injured, but Yuan Kan was so annoyed by Queen Guo’s unprovoked speculation that even Qingyi was expelled from the palace. Yuan Kan also specifically mentioned that Guo Xian did his own investigation of Liu’e’s assassination, but because of the face of Queen Guo, he temporarily suppressed it, and later violated the law to deal with it. Empress Guo looked at Yuan Kan’s forbearance, and stopped arguing too much, just saluting and thanking her.

The next day, Zhong Qiao was found hanged himself. The news reached Yu Shu’s ears, recalling the two men’s vows in the mountain alliance, Yu Shu looked at the earrings sent by Zhong Qiao, heartbroken. On the other hand, Queen Guo specifically mentioned in front of Yuan Kan that Zhong Kui had hanged himself in the training camp, but Yuan Kan sternly stopped him from saying more. Originally wanted to discuss the method of curing smallpox with the ministers, Zhang Jingzong begged Yuan Kan to stop going to court for the sake of his health. He also mentioned that the ministers would find a genius doctor and they would be able to find a way. Only then did they persuade Yuan to stay. Kan, move to the study room. In the study, Mrs. Cao patiently taught the prince to read books. Unexpectedly, Zhao You gradually felt itching all over his body.

He quickly called the imperial physician to check, only to find that Zhao You was all rash. The imperial physician called out Queen Guo and said that Zhao You was suffering from smallpox. Queen Guo asked the genius doctor again about what he could do, but who knew that the so-called genius doctor was just a warlock, and he contracted smallpox instead. Yuan Kan was furious when he heard the news and asked the Korean teacher on the spot, frightening everyone to kneel and beg for mercy. After Guo Xian learned that his grandson had contracted smallpox, he almost fainted in the seat. Cao used to comfort him, saying that he knew a goddess doctor who could treat smallpox.

Guo Xian quickly sent Cao to invite him and wait. When Cao took advantage of coming to the mansion, he discovered that the goddess doctor was Liu E. It turned out that Liu E was able to identify many herbs when he went up the mountain to collect medicines and helped the villagers treat smallpox. Cao Liu hurriedly told about You’er’s condition, but Liu E was still hesitating because of the time limit for the keeping of the spirit, and only asked Cao to send the herbs and medicinal wine he prepared. Cao used no more persuasion and had to accept the herbal medicine.

Guo Xian learned that the female bodhisattva he relied on was Liu E, and then realized that his daughter was right. Liu E was indeed a man of great virtue, but now for Zhao You’s life, Guo Xian had to let Su Yijian go again. Please go back to Liu E. When Su Yijian arrived at the mansion, Liu E didn’t say more. It turned out that Liu E had already thought of going back last time, and he refused Cao’s use just to prepare herbs for more time. But Liu E insisted on going back this time just to save the prince, and she would continue to come back to keep the spirit.

Under the leadership of Su Yijian, Liu E finally came to the dormitory to take care of Zhao You, but looking at Zhao You’s rash, even Liu E felt tired. Faced with the eager Queen Guo, Liu E had to tell the truth. But Queen Guo couldn’t stop asking Liu E to rescue Zhao You. Looking at the hysterical queen, Liu E had to agree to try his best to rescue Zhao You.

Pan Yushu learned from Yue’er that Liu E was returning to the palace this time to treat the second prince, and his heart was full of disdain. Yue’er found that Yu Shu was scratching her skin unceasingly, and when she opened her sleeves she discovered that Yu Shu had also suffered from smallpox. The timid Yu Shu hurriedly sent Yue’er to invite Liu E on the grounds of the dragon fetus. When Liu E entered the bedroom, Yu Shu was already full of tears. Watching Liu E carefully wipe the herbs for herself, a trace of guilt flashed in Yu Shu’s heart. If she could get through this barrier, she would definitely repay Liu E.

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