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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 22 Recap

Yushu returned to Pan’s Mansion and waited for the diagnosis from the genius with his father. Pan Liang walked in with a disappointed look, and talked about the diagnosis of the genius doctor: the emperor and Yu Shu are not in harmony with each other, and they will not give birth to a dragon. After hearing the diagnosis, Yu Shu and Pan Taifu were shocked, and Taifu sighed bitterly, but there was no alternative.

In the barracks, Pan Liang saw the leading general Zhong Qiao teaching the soldiers to practice, and Zhong Qiao, who was strong and physically strong, caught Pan Liang’s eyes at once. His father’s strategy required such an existence. Yu Shu walked into the Pan Mansion Garden and saw Zhong Qiao, who had been arranged by his father, to train the horse. Yue’er was trying to refute Pan Taifu’s suggestion, but Yu Shu stopped him.

Liu’e and Wan’er had a rough life while guarding the imperial mausoleum, and the two of them went up the mountain to collect medicine in a leisurely manner. But on the way, a man with blisters fainted. Liu E hurriedly called Mr. Ye from the mansion for a diagnosis, only then did he know that he was suffering from smallpox. The two hurriedly prepared wormwood and healing herbs. Liu E missed writing a letter to the emperor to notify the matter, so as not to infect the capital.

The emperor held a banquet at the hunting ground, and a horse suddenly rushed into the crowd. Fortunately, Zhong Qiao, who had a escort by his side, rushed out to control the horse. Yuan Kan saw that his escort was good, so he rewarded him with silver. In the dark, Pan Yushu and Zhong Qiao exchanged glances, and then silently turned to the emperor. At the banquet, Yuan Kan watched the Concubine Cao beside Ji Wang pregnant with the sixth child, and couldn’t help being envious. As the emperor, but now there is only one prince, he suddenly felt sad and Yuan Kan decided to stay overnight at the hunting ground tonight.

On the second day, Yuan Kan received a letter from Liu E, and decided to go to the imperial tomb to visit Liu E, not listening to Cao Taifu and Guo Taishi’s dissuasion. Seeing Yuan Kan going his own way, Cao Taifu decided to let the emperor completely give up. Only then did Guo Taishi understand what Cao Taifu meant. This was to make Liu E die.

Recently, Li Wan’er was taking care of the sick man. She accidentally discovered that he was carrying a sachet on his body. Looking at the familiar pattern, the memory suddenly struck. Only then did Li Wan’er realize that lying in front of the bed was her long-lost brother Li Zaifeng. Sure enough, when Zaifeng woke up, Wan’er took out her sachet, and the two finally recognized each other and hugged each other excitedly.

At this moment, Liu E came in to deliver the medicine, and Wan’er excitedly introduced her brother to Liu E. The three were extremely happy. At this moment, the masked assassin rushed into the mansion and killed Director Ye and the others. Liu E and the three hurried away when they heard the voice, but they were still pressed by the assassin at every step. Just when the knife was about to stab Liu E, Yuan Kan took Su Yijian arrived in time and rescued Liu E. Yuan Kan wanted to take Liu E back to the imperial city to avoid smallpox, but Liu E did not want Yuan Kan to be embarrassed by the ministers, so he decided to stick to it for three years.

On his return journey, Yuan Kan suddenly remembered that the assassin who assassinated Liu E was the dead soldier trained by the first emperor. Now that the dead soldier reappears, someone must have been quietly training behind him. Yuan Kan specially asked Su Yijian to investigate the matter thoroughly, and wanted to pull it. Behind the scenes.

Yu Shu and Zhong Qiao were warming up in the bedroom, and Yue’er hurriedly came to inform that the emperor had returned and remind Yu Shu to be prepared. Waiting for Zhong Qiao to sneak away, but Yu Shu looked at the earrings Zhong Qiao gave him and couldn’t stop thinking about it. By the next day, Yu Shu suddenly felt vomiting, and after the examination by the imperial physician, she was pregnant. Zhang Jingzong hurriedly went to tell the emperor that Yuan Kan was overjoyed and hurriedly canonized Pan Bozheng as a Korean teacher and gave Yushu a noble concubine. The Pan Mansion welcomes good news. Pan Bozheng is happy but has troubles again. Now that the plan has been completed, Zhong Qiao has become a problem. Pan Bozheng and Pan Liang are planning to let the emperor know about this.

The next day, the emperor and the ministers drank to celebrate. The emperor mentioned that the eldest princess Ayayang was not yet married, and he was very worried. Pan Liang took the opportunity to stand up and exaggeratedly express his feelings for the princess, but Ayayang did not see him behind closed doors. Originally wanted to betroth Ayyang to Pan Liang, now Yuan Kan thinks that Ayyang may have no intention of Pan Liang, so he cancels the pairing.

At this time, Wang Qinruo suggested that Ding Xianrong, the son of Lord Ding, be a good match for Lingyang, Yuan Kan nodded and agreed, and arranged for the two to enter the palace for a meeting in the near future. Seeing Wang Qinruo’s strategy succeeded, Pan Liang on the side was very unwilling, but he could only sullen his head and drink.

Smallpox has spread and has now invaded the imperial city. The imperial physicians were discussing how to protect the imperial concubine and the prince. Yuan Kan was very disgusted by the quarrel, so he took the method of isolation and asked Yu Shu to move out of the palace.

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