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Palace of Devotion 大宋宫词 Episode 21 Recap

Queen Guo insisted on kneeling before the emperor went to bed, interceding for her father. Seeing the queen burst into tears, Yuan Kan no longer insisted too much, only asking Guo Xian to admit his mistake. Now that Guo Xian is very old, Yuan Kan does not want his life to be lost in a foreign land. The next day he ordered Guo Xian to be responsible for teaching the second prince, without having to come to the court. Yuan Kan also asked Kou Zhun to be responsible for keeping a record of Liu E’s three-year guarding so that the agreement would take effect after three years. He sighed lightly when he saw that the war between civil and military affairs in the Manchu Dynasty finally ceased.

Liu E took a carriage to the imperial tomb. Although the residence was simple, but far away from the hustle and bustle of the imperial city, Liu E was so happy, He Wan’er immediately picked up the bedding, and Su Yijian looked at Liu E and finally smiled without saying more, hurriedly Back to the imperial city.

Empress Guo looked at the burning incense in the house and realized that the second prince had not yet returned from the school. Only then did she know that it was her father Guo Xian who wanted Zhao You to thoroughly study the filial piety. Empress Guo was not his father, so she had to send someone to send meals. Under the supervision of Guo Xian, Zhao You patiently copied the Scripture of Filial Piety, and it happened that Yuan Kan wanted to call Zhao You to take a small test on the results of today’s study.

When Zhao You came to the Imperial Study Room, he found Yuan Kan lying on the recliner, frowning while shouting hot. Zhang Jingzong hurriedly winked at the prince, and Zhao You went to take the pu fan and fan for his father. Yuan Kan laughed and sat up, just wanting to perform a trick to test the prince’s filial piety, and when he heard Zhao You recite the filial sutra skillfully, Yuan Kan was pleased. On the second day of the dynasty, Yuan Kan rewarded Guo Xian for Zhao You’s recitation of the filial piety scripture. Not only was he reinstated as an official, he was also given the title of Taishi.

Guo Xian was surprised and knelt down to thank him. Kou Zhun proposed that after the First World War in Chanyuan, the world is peaceful, it is better to cut the salary of officials above the third rank, reduce the army’s salary, and hide wealth in the world. Yuan Kan deeply believes that, regardless of the opposition, he affirmed Kou Zhun’s proposal.

Wang Qinruo welcomed Pan Taifu in the mansion, and Pan Taifu deliberately mentioned that Wang Qinruo was inferior to the others and had not received huge rewards since the First World War in Chanyuan. He also deliberately guessed in front of Wang Qinruo that it was Kou Zhun who caused the chaos and wanted to provoke the relationship between the two. Although Wang Qinruo was poked in the painful spot, he did not complain too much. The Taifu Pan in front of him was also excluded from the Privy Council, and he was the same fate. A bitter person, but Taifu Pan said with a mysterious face that he has a way to make Wang Qinruo…

Suddenly, a group of unrelated people appeared on the street carrying a plaque and swaggered all the way through the city. The plaque seemed to be full of words praising Kou Zhun, but in Kou Zhun’s eyes, it did allude to Kou Zhun’s meritorious service, and he was afraid that it would be caused. Misunderstanding by others. Sure enough, Wang Qinruo spoke all kinds of slander in the ears of the emperor, not only mentioning the lively events in Kou Zhun’s mansion today, but Wang Qinruo even spread rumors that the people misrepresented the Liao-Song Covenant as the alliance under the city, and will be laughed at by posterity. Yuan Kan was really angry at hearing the consequences and left angrily.

Now that the matter of Kou Zhun has shown an effect, but her daughter Yushu’s stomach has not moved for a long time, Mrs. Pan specially found a genius doctor who wanted to do more treatment for her daughter’s fetal fetus. On the other side, Yu Shu was admiring the pomegranate tree in the garden. Her maid Yue’er came back from Pan’s Mansion. Yu Shu asked her father what he had to say, but Yue’er mysteriously took out a wooden box from her arms with a silver needle in the box.

It turned out that the genius doctor proposed to take out the blood of the emperor with a drug-coated lancet to find out the cause of Yushu’s fetus. Yu Shu panicked after hearing this, but Yue’er kept using her imagination of prosperity and wealth after giving birth to lure Yu Shu, and then she succeeded in persuading Yu Shu. Late at night, watching Yuan Kan sleeping beside her pillow, Yu Shu was very nervous. He slowly took out the silver needle and called out several times. Seeing that Yuan Kan did not move, Yuzhu slowly approached with the needle, breathing deeply and violently. Pierce the silver needle into…

The next morning, Yu Shu changed clothes for the emperor. He wanted to see if the traces of acupuncture on the back of Yuan Kan’s neck were obvious. Yuan Kan found that Yu Shu was in a trance. . Yuan Kan also specifically allowed Yushu to visit the mansion. Seeing that Yuan Kan was not aware of it, Yushu agreed with Yuan Kan’s intention.

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