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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 8 Recap

Early in the morning, the ugly woman asked Shen Moren if there were any free horses for rent in Fengtian City, and readily gave a few large sums of money. Lotus also came to the hall and bumped into the ugly woman. The ugly woman complained, saying that she was a woman or not a man, so don’t think about soaking her up. After Lianhua repeatedly apologized, he said that he would go out shopping. Liu Sanyuan chased the lotus flower and went to the riverside to hang out.

Lotus claimed that this time he came to Fengtian to help the family in the antique business, and delivered the goods on behalf of her father. Her bag contained a glass luminous cup, because it was too expensive for fear of making mistakes. , So she didn’t make a clear statement to Liu Sanyuan before, but in recent days she always felt that someone was following her.

Talking about the ugly woman who stayed at the hotel, Lianhua said she had seen this person at the last place of stay. Liu Sanyuan said it was suspicious and promised that Lianhua would protect her. Miss San, who had all been followed in this scene, saw her. She scolded Liu Sanyuan as a fool, and she was blind to the beauty.

At night, Liu Sanyuan took a portrait. The person in the painting is very similar to the ugly woman who lives in the shop. Liu Sanyuan said that he found this portrait while collating files at the police station in the afternoon. The person in the portrait is Zhu Yibiao, the leader of the Kansai bandit. Although it is only one word difference from Zhu Qun’s name, this person has nothing to do with Zhu Qun’s. At this time, Miss San raised questions. She said that she could not conclude that the ugly woman was the bandit only based on a wanted order for a similar-looking person.

Liu Sanyuan insisted that she believed in Lianhua that this person followed Lianhua many times and must be a bad person. Miss San also said that she didn’t know who was following whom, how could she just listen to one side, and Liu and Yang quarreled. Liu Sanyuan also said that if the luminous cup is really stolen, he will resign from the post of sheriff.

In the early morning of the second day, Miss San hurriedly woke up everyone in the hotel, saying that she sneaked into the ugly woman’s room last night, found and took a handkerchief with the name “Yu Fa” embroidered on it, but strangely Last night, Lotus bumped herself against her, and then the handkerchief disappeared. Everyone didn’t believe that Lianhua was a bad person, so they discussed going to her room and searched to find out the authenticity.

As soon as he entered the room, Lotus and everyone was stunned by the drug. After waking up, Lotus claimed to have stolen the luminous cup. Miss San firmly believed that there was a problem with Lotus, but everyone still didn’t believe it. Everyone thinks that “Zhu Yibiao” is a bad person, and they plan to have a feast at the Hongmen, and take the opportunity to stun him and send him to the police station. And Miss Three was banned from attending the dinner.

At the dinner, everyone was very enthusiastic on the surface. They toasted “Zhu Yibiao” glass by glass, and “Zhu Yibiao” was also calm to everyone. He came from Beiping to do business in Fengtian. When he was interested, Lianhua began to count, from one to ten. , Everyone fainted one after another, and after she took the real luminous cup from the luggage of “Zhu Yibiao”, she left the hotel.

At this time, Miss San, who was peeling garlic in the backyard, could not hear the voices of the people, and realized that there was a problem. She came to the front hall and saw that everyone was fascinated.

Everyone woke up, realized that Lotus had stolen the luminous cup, and hurriedly chased it out. When I came to the small forest outside the city, I saw Miss San facing off with Lotus. Miss San said that the lotus was the big white flower of the eldest lady of the Bai family in Mandala, and the Bai family was a family of thieves. Everyone realized at this time, it turns out that all this is Bai Dahua’s arrangement to steal the luminous cup of “Zhu Yibiao”.

At this time, Bai Dahua not only has the luminous cup in his hand, but also the package stolen from the lunatic refugees, this package. It was the one who was hidden by Zhu and went missing. Miss San was very angry and asked Bai Dahua to return the package to her. Bai Dahua dropped all the treasures in her hand and disappeared. Miss San hurriedly looked around for the dropped package, but couldn’t find it. At this time, Ma Hulu, who was behind everyone because of poor physical strength, saw a package from the tree.

When the crowd returned to the hotel, Miss San said that since Bai Dahua had thrown the package away, she must have been found by those present, and asked the person who found her package to return it to her as soon as possible. No one admitted. Liu Sanyuan was going to the police station to resign because he lost the luminous cup.

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