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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 7 Recap

Ma Hulu drank the medicine given by the genius doctor, the effect is not yet known. Everyone discussed in the hotel lobby. Zhu’s group said that the people in the big hotel are all orphans in troubled times. If a few of them are separated, who will take care of each other. From then on, this hotel will be Zhu’s group’s home, and everyone in the big hotel will be his relatives. No matter who leaves in the future, he Will stay here because he wants to defend his homeland for his relatives. Everyone was deeply moved.

Daxi took the initiative to ask Ying to pour Ma Hulu a glass of water, and when he came to the back kitchen, he realized that Zhu and the others would not leave the hotel, and did not want Ma Hulu to suffer any more crimes, so he put the antidote into the water. Ma Hulu drank the water with the antidote.

Liu Sanyuan went to the hotel again, saying that a sick person in Fengtian had bought the medicine from a genius doctor, but it didn’t have any effect, and everyone might be deceived. Just as everyone regretted their sadness, the Zhu group went downstairs and excitedly told everyone that Ma Hulu’s fever had gone. The people in the hotel were very happy and decided to entertain the genius doctor.

Ma Hulu recovered physically. She was moved by Zhu’s family’s careful care these days, so she secretly made him an insole. Although the made was crude and unsuitable, Zhu’s family was very happy.

At night, Zhu and Ma were walking in the hotel lobby. The genius doctor suddenly ran in in a panic, shouting that someone would arrest him, and then Liu Sanyuan and other police officers chased him in, saying that the fake plague incident in Fengtian City was completely Artificially, the instigator behind the scenes was this genius doctor. It was he who went to the well to take medicine, which caused a plague-like illness in Fengtian City. In a hurry, the genius doctor pointed a knife at Ma Hulu and threatened everyone. Everyone worked together to resist the enemy and took the liar genius doctor.

A group of Zhu chatted with Ma Hulu in the room. When talking about the fake plague, Ma Hulu felt very strange. The people who had been sick in Fengtian City were all because they drank the well water that a fake genius doctor had given medicine. After drinking the brown sugar water from Daxi Nong for a few days, could it be the poison of Daxixia? Zhu and his group quickly denied that he claimed that Daxi was their relatives and would not harm them. This word happened to be heard by Daxi at the door. He sat on the steps, thinking whether he should think of a way to drive everyone away.

One day, Liu Sanyuan spread relevant safety knowledge to everyone in the hotel. At this time, an ugly woman with a flower-faced face came to the store. When this person came, he was very happy to see Liu Sanyuan. He pointed to Liu San. Yuan said that he wanted this little brother to serve him.

In the room, when the flower-faced ugly woman was stripping Liu Sanyuan’s clothes, she was smashed by the crowd listening in on the corner. Liu Sanyuan took the opportunity to escape into the street, saying that he was going to be sickened to death. Liu Sanyuan and Wufu treated this ugly woman. During the personality analysis, a beautiful woman in white came to the side of the street. Suddenly, Liu and Wu’s eyes looked straight.

The beautiful woman came to the hotel and the comrades rushed to show their favor. Ma Hulu and Miss San were very upset when they saw this scene. Miss San said that this woman looked familiar, as if she had seen her before. The woman called herself Lotus, and she told Liu Sanyuan that she had come to Fengtian to do a business. Lotus stayed in the hotel.

In the evening, Gu Debai came to the back kitchen to inspect. Suddenly Lianhua stood out from the dark, Gu Debai was taken aback. Lianhua claimed that after coming, the kitchen looked for cucumbers to put her face on. Gu Debai said that there were no cucumbers, and there were radishes. Lotus took a radish and left.

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