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Twelve Legends 十二谭 Episode 4 Recap

Regarding Shaobai’s identity, Jin Xingjian kept silent. His hesitation and concealment made Ye Ming feel uneasy, and at the same time he was determined to pursue the truth. I thought that Ye Ming suddenly asked about Yu Shaobai, which should have been revealed by Lian Xuan, but when he heard his vows to deny it, and then realized that Yu Shaobai seemed to have woken up, his existence would bring unpredictable danger.

Not long after the clothing store opened for business, I saw Ye Lina sneak in like a mouse, pestering Ye Qingchun to ask questions, not to leave Jin Xingjian, if she hadn’t been a self-conscious person, she would have long been stealing home as a candy. Although Ye Qingchun felt that Jin Xingjian already had someone he loved, Ye Lina didn’t care, as long as he didn’t enter the marriage hall, there would still be the possibility of a name change.

In fact, in Ye Qingchun’s impression, Jin Xingjian is cold and boring, with a mysterious background, and where he came from and where he wanted to go are all topics of debate among outsiders. His true identity has not yet been circulated, but he only knows if anyone has offended him. He will end up miserably in the end.

The elders and children have nothing to do all day long. When they are full, they want to drill in the painting snow house, and they are looking for things that are nothing but antiques and stone jade seals. The seal itself is not a rare thing, it mainly comes from Jin Xingjian’s prestige in the society, and is widely recognized as a literati. Anything made by him will be regarded as a treasure, even Commander Duan is no exception.

Taking into account the preferences of Commander Duan, Bai Jingang asked his subordinates to purchase a piece of jade and send it to Huaxuezhai, and wanted to ask Jin Xingjian to help with carving. Since Bai Jingang was born in the Cyan Gang, he relied on spending money to sit in the position of deputy director, so this person’s misbehavior was good for a female. Not only did he occupy the theater Huadan, he even killed the other lover. It happened that this Huadan was Xiaopi’s fellow villager. sister.

Just because Xiaopi filed a complaint with righteous indignation, Jin Xingjian deliberately engraved the word “Virtue” on the jade, insinuating that he was a man of no virtue. As a result, Bai Jingang gave this engraved seal as a birthday gift to Commander Duan, so that he was ashamed in front of celebrities from all walks of life, and Commander Duan shot his right ear off.

Ye Qingchun couldn’t bear his sister’s stalker, so he simply took her to Hua Xuezhai to visit Jin Xingjian. However, Jin Xingjian is not a person who is ignorant of customs. Facing Ye Lina’s greetings, he naturally knows the deep meaning. Knowing that Gui knows, Jin Xingjian has no interest in attracting bees and butterflies, thinking that the two are separated by Ye Qingchun, and Ye Qingchun is pretty good, so his attitude towards Ye Lina is too hot, cold and inappropriate. .

However, Ye Lina hasn’t noticed Jin Xingjian’s painstaking effort in the alternation of hot and cold. She is just blindly committing an idiot. If it weren’t for this Shanghai concession for an inch of money, plus he needs to find the missing seal, I am afraid that he has the idea of ​​moving. Fortunately, a seal recently appeared in Zhang’s house in Beiping. On the request of Mr. Zhang, a good friend Jiabeile called Jin Xingjian to make an appointment.

Before leaving, Jin Xingjian went to the underground room to visit Ye Ming in person. No matter how jealous the other party was, he still showed his true thoughts, not the villain in Yu Shaobai’s mouth, and would not break Ye Ming’s beloved bond. Jin Xingjian entrusted Ye Ming to Lian Xuan to take care of him. He told him to deliver meals on time and take care of the rest of the engraved seals. When early the next morning, he was on the train bound for Peking, and he unexpectedly met Ye Lina.

In fact, Ye Lina heard that Jin Xingjian was going to Peking, and immediately bought a ticket to board the same train. Besides, she was going to attend a class reunion, which happened to be a companion. Ye Lina talked and laughed along the way and took the initiative to chat about various interesting topics. Even if Jin Xing was reluctant to speak, she would inevitably be infected by Ye Lina’s liveliness, especially when she saw the roses folded with candy paper, she couldn’t help but think of the beautiful scenes of him and Ye Ming. .

After talking and laughing for most of the journey, Ye Lina remembered to ask Jin Xingjian’s address until the two parties said goodbye in front of the train station. Jin Xingjian noticed that Ye Lina’s female classmate was a little strange, and when he looked at it carefully, he only realized that the jujube kernel necklace between her neck was weird. Female classmate Niu Zhenni was still intact, Jin Xingjian didn’t say much, and when he left the train station, he went straight to Baylor House.

Today’s Baylor Mansion is not an old mansion. It has long been sold to foreigners by Gabriel for money, and it has begun to vacate antiques. After making a lot of money, it will buy new real estate in Beijing and Tianjin. Suddenly Jin Xingjian visited, Jiabeile was very happy, and took the slippers to greet him personally, first prepared the room for him, and then went to find Mr. Zhang after everything was set up.

Bai Jingang knew that he had lost his right ear by Jin Xingjian’s play. From then on, he had completely forged a beam. Because it was difficult to swallow this bad breath, he asked his cousin to go to the Jin family to make trouble for him. Lian Xuan went to the basement to give Ye Ming food, regardless of her intentions, she just put down the food and left. That night, I suddenly dreamed of the scene of Ye Ming and Yu Shaobai loving each other many years ago. This strange and complicated feeling made Ye Ming really unbearable. He actively called Yu Shaobai out and finally saw his true appearance.

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