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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 30 Recap

Since Fu Jingchun recovered from the operation, although he has continued to devote himself to training, both training and mentality have changed a lot. He is like a pawn abandoned by Zheng Hao. Yu Kenan felt upset for Fu Jingchun, but although Fu Jingchun himself would not break the jar, he was no longer as aggressive as before with his ideals.

Liu Shi has found clues about his mother, and occasionally contacts Xu Tan. Normal training is normal. Both he and Ma Chuan feel that Yu Kenan has become more silent since Xu Tan left. While chatting, Liu Shi suddenly felt unbearable waist pain. He received a massage from Yuan Ran, an intern of the table tennis medical team, and fell deeply into the other’s tenderness.

There is an irreconcilable contradiction between Yu Kenan and Zheng Hao. He has become considerate of others and learns to care about others, but he does not want to talk nonsense with Zheng Hao. Yu Kenan wanted to visit Liu Shi while the training was over, but Zheng Hao forced him to stay on the grounds that he didn’t pass the last few goals. In fact, there are some similarities between them.

Teng Biao came to talk to Fu Chuanzhi about something, and Yu Kenan specially waited for the other party to finish before making an appointment. He was very happy to learn that the other party would also start to assess the qualifications of the first team coach. If Teng Biao can enter the first team, Yu Kenan will finally not have to face a Zheng Hao who cannot communicate.

Xu Tan lives alone in college, and his roommate is a self-acquaintance. He teaches Xu Tan to use the computer to look up information, and pulls him to eat and play basketball. On the basketball court, Xu Tan was originally muddled. When the ball was in his hand, others didn’t bother to block it. Even Xiao Shao was a bit disgusted with his skills.

At the beginning of a new game, Xu Tan’s eyes suddenly became fierce, and he assumed a pose of playing table tennis. He finally had to face it seriously and finally showed his true strength. While playing the ball, Xu Tan suddenly found an old acquaintance, it was Lin Haozhi who had opted out of the training camp.

When friends met, Xu Tan felt a lot relaxed, and finally someone could make him confide in his thoughts. Although Xu Tan did not want to reveal that he was in the national team, Lin Hao had already told his girlfriend and friends. It happened that Lin Hao’s girlfriend Li Chun was Wang Siheng’s friend, and therefore learned that Xu Tan was from the national team, and began to pay attention to the table tennis club that wanted to attract Xu Tan to the school.

Under Wang Siheng’s compulsion, Lin Haozhi deliberately took Xu Tan to the school table tennis club with the reason of playing table tennis to design an encounter. Xu Tan’s easy swipe made Lin Haozhi helpless. When he didn’t want to take his own humiliation anymore, Wang Siheng hurried over, pretending to be a chance encounter and chatting with Xu Tan about joining the team.

Accompanied by Xiaoshu and Lin Haozhi, Xu Tan finally began to gradually adapt to college life, but he did not let go of his past heart knots. He considered himself a person kicked out by the national team and did not want to play table tennis anymore.

Feng Zhonghe, the Lvteng normal table tennis coach, came from Beijing. He has also won a game against the Institute of Physical Education. He is not a grass team. Xu Tan’s refusal did not make Wang Siheng give up, but even more sparingly to invite. She didn’t want such talents to be lost in the team.

Usually, Xu Tan has been playing basketball with Xiaosha and Lin Haozhi, and Yang Meng has also been at odds with Lin Haozhi and others. Yang Meng likes to play dirty balls. There have been many frictions between them. This time it was a direct provocation. He used a game of winning or losing to determine the ownership of the basketball court.

Today’s Xu Tan is more bloody than before. He actively responded to Yang Meng’s challenge and also used his ability to restrain the opponent’s dirty ball. However, Yang Meng was really cunning and intentionally injured Xu Tan’s ankle. Wang Siheng, who was watching the ball, couldn’t see the dispute with Yang Meng. Xu Tan actually punched Yang Meng.

The national team has been training for many years of physical fitness and has been nurtured in the boxing gym for a while. Xu Tan’s fist can also be regarded as a stable for Yang Meng. Wang Siheng specially brought the ointment to Xu Tan. Xu Tan accepted this thought and inquired that Wang Siheng liked Pikachu, and specially selected a power bank with Pikachu pattern to give to Wang Siheng.

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