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Mouse 마우스 Episode 8 Recap

Zheng Barin remembered that when he was a child, he put the little mouse in the snake’s nest. The little mouse ran away in fright. He hurried to chase, but was stopped by a big sister. The big sister trampled the little mouse to death on the spot, threatening to intimidate Zheng Barin. Zheng Barin discovered that the knot was not made by the left-handed Han Xujun. He suspected that the knot was tied by someone else. Gao Wuzhi believed in him. The two of them hurried to investigate the scene where Song Xiujing was killed. A child is gone, and Zheng Barin suspects that the child will become Han Xujun’s second when he grows up.

It turned out that when Han Xujun arrested Park Hyun-su and forced Cui Hongzhu to tie up Park Hyun-su, Cui Hongzhu shuddered when he thought of this scene. Gao Wuzhi wanted to find out from people Jiang Minzhu and Hong Naying knew, but Zheng Barin felt that the murderer was not a familiar person. Gao Wuzhi had to check again and found that the evidence box had been passive. He immediately called for surveillance and found that Cui Hongzhu had been there.

Gao Wuzhi and Zheng Barin came to Cui Hongzhu and found out that she was in the last two murders. Gao Wuzhi tried to question her purpose. Zheng Barin saw Cui Hongzhu’s heartbeat suddenly speed up, and Cui Hongzhu had to admit that the murderer had committed the crime a month ago. Using the same method to kill Kim Young-hee who was still depressed, even her white dog was not spared. Cui Hongzhu took Gao Wuzhi and Zheng Barin to the crime scene overnight for investigation. She wanted to jointly investigate the case with Gao Wuzhi, and Gao Wuzhi was determined. Rejected, suspecting that she wanted to reverse the case for Cheng Yaohan.

Zheng Barin went home and looked for his childhood photo album. He saw a bird cage on the balcony. Aunty came to give him his favorite stinky sauce soup. Zheng Barin found it too unpleasant, and his aunt felt that his taste had changed, not much. miss you. Zheng Barin came to the place where he had lived, and his memory recovered little by little like fragments. It was getting dark and it started to rain. When Zheng Barin crossed the bridge in the rain, he suddenly remembered Wu Fengyi.

Zheng Barin went to the school to find Wu Fengyi, only to know that she had dropped out. Zheng Barin suddenly remembered that the protective nets of Hong Naying and Kim Young-hee’s house were newly installed, so he came to Gao Wuzhi, and Gao Wuzhi went with him to find the volunteers who installed the protective nets. He saw that there was a white in the yard that was the same as Kim Young-hee’s. Dog, Zheng Barin discovered from the volunteers that Jin Baiqi, Yu Yongzhe and Zheng Wanhao were suspicious and asked the three of them to interact with the dog separately. Zheng Barin discovered that Yu Yongzhe deliberately imitated Zheng Barin’s method of petting the dog. And he is left-handed.

As soon as Jiang Dexiu was released from prison, he came to the lawyer, Yu Yongzhe, to ask him about the victim, and wanted to go to the victim to apologize. Gao Wuzhi was so busy every day, so he called Police Officer Shen to help, and asked him to investigate the movement of Yu Yongzhe and Jin Baiqi when the case occurred. Gao Wuzhi learned that Yu Yongzhe often took the puppy to walk around, so he brought Zheng Barin to the law firm for investigation.

Police Officer Shen confirmed that Yu Yongzhe and Jin Baiqi were not at the scene of the crime. He found Zheng Wanhao and Hong Naying. The mobile phone signal appeared at the same base station. Zheng Wanhao explained the installation tools provided by Yu Yongzhe’s father, Yu Caibi. Gao Wuzhi went to Yu Caibi’s house overnight to investigate and suspected Yu Caibi to be the murderer.

Zheng Barin came to Wu Fengyi according to his address, but for everyone in the family, Zheng Barin left his contact information on the door. Wu Fengyi was fighting with the robbery criminal Yu Caibi. She tried her best to resist. Yu Caibi flees in fright and almost knocked Zheng Ba Lin to the ground. Zheng Barin chased him down and quickly subdued him. Zheng Barin suddenly had a headache. Yu Caibi just wanted to kill him. Thanks to Wu Fengyi’s timely rescue, he saved Zheng Barin. Yu Caibi was arrested.

Zheng Barin came to the hospital to visit Wu Fengyi, only to realize that she had been discharged from the hospital. It was raining heavily outside. Zheng Barin remembered that Wu Fengyi was most afraid of rain, so he hurried out to look for her, and quickly found Wu Fengyi, who was shivering on the side of the road. When Jiang Dexiu saw that Wu Fengyi was also living in Anxindong, she called her mother to inquire about it. Jiang Mu denied that she saw Zheng Barin sending Wu Fengyi home from a distance.

Officer Park came to see Yu Jaebi. Yu Jaebi admitted that he had killed Park Hyunsu. Officer Park was so angry that he gave him a severe lesson, and then ran away crying. Cui Hongzhu happened to see this scene, and she exposed that Yu Jaebi was there. lie. Jiang Dexiu secretly went to Anxin Cave to guard, and finally found Wu Fengyi. Zheng Barin often saw Song Xiuhao being beaten before he was killed. He was puzzled, so he went to a psychologist to consult. The doctor analyzed that he was an illusion from the dossier. Zheng Barin also talked about his childhood. In memory, the doctor prescribed a calming medicine for him, and Zheng Barin found that the medicine was exactly the same as the medicine taken by the food anchor Zhao Meijing.

Jung Barin came to his attending doctor Park Min Joon to find out that Jo Mi-jung had undergone brain surgery and then lost her sense of smell. Jung Barin came out of the doctor’s office and met Wu Bong Yi. Wu Bong Yi confirmed that Park Min Joon was not for Jung Barin. The doctor who performed the operation, Zheng Barin went back to find Park Min Joon to confirm. Park Min Joon insisted that he was in charge of the operation, and Zheng Barin saw that he was lying.

Cui Hongzhu came to see Song Xiujing’s mother secretly. Mother Song was tidying up the lawn in the yard. She looked up and saw Cui Hongzhu wearing Song Xiujing’s bracelet on her wrist. She hurriedly chased it out. When Mother Song saw the news that Yu Caibi was arrested, she was in a daze. When he arrived at the hospital, he took the scalpel from the equipment cabinet and killed Yu Caibi on the spot. When Gao Wuzhi and Police Officer Park arrived, Yu Caibi had died in despair.

Gao Wuzhi wiped a handful of Yu Caibi’s blood on his face in desperation, snatched the scalpel from Song’s mother, and proactively admitted to the police that he had killed Yu Caibi. Zheng Barin suddenly remembered that it was Han Xujun who had operated on him, so he asked Cui Hongzhu for a picture of Han Xujun. He sent it to Wu Fengyi to confirm that it was correct. Zheng Barin came to Han Xujun and suspected that Han Xujun had transplanted the brain of a murderous demon to him. .

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