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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 38 Recap

Zhou Xiaofeng took the team out of the task, and Dianthus called just one step late, so no one answered the phone. After Zhao Yingtong came back, Shi Zhu immediately told Zhao Yingtong that Zhou Xiaofeng could not get through on the phone, and she wanted to tie Zhou Xiaofeng back from the south. Zhao Yingtong asked Dianthus to postpone her affairs with Zhou Xiaofeng, but Dianthus did not agree, and other people did not agree. They all felt distressed for Zhao Yingtong.

When everyone was anxious for Zhao Yingtong, Zhao Yingtong fell ill again and fainted. This made Dianthus even more eagerly to call Zhou Xiaofeng back, but someone answered the phone, but Zhou Xiaofeng was not in the unit. Dianthus felt that Zhou Xiaofeng was too busy, and she was going to force Zhou Xiaofeng to transfer back. Zhao Yingtong could only persuade Dianthus to make Zhou Xiaofeng focus on his career and did not want to trap Zhou Xiaofeng in a cage.

The next day, Shizhu continued to call Zhou Xiaofeng. She still did not find Zhou Xiaofeng, but knew that Zhou Xiaofeng’s dormitory had a phone number, so she called again. Gao Sha happened to go to Zhou Xiaofeng’s dormitory to get a copy of Qin Qin’s materials, and when she heard the call from Dianthus, she couldn’t help but pick it up. When Dianthus heard that it was a woman’s voice, he thought he had dialed the wrong number, so he immediately hung up and dialed again.

When Dianthus called again, Gao Sha answered and asked if it was Zhou Xiaofeng. Dianthus confirmed that she had made no mistake. Dianthus didn’t understand why there was a woman in Zhou Xiaofeng’s dormitory who felt that Zhou Xiaofeng had done something that was sorry for Zhao Yingtong, so he decided to go to Yunnan in person to get Zhou Xiaofeng back, but he didn’t want Zhao Yingtong to know, so he asked Master Kong and the others to lie about her going. The provincial capital.

On the way Dianthus rushed to Yunnan, Zhou Xiaofeng took the initiative to follow the request of his superiors and asked him to go undercover again to perform the secret mission of dismantling the Chai Qin drug cartel. Knowing that Zhao Yingtong had stayed, Zhou Xiaoliu bought a lot of things and went to Heshan to see Zhao Yingtong. All Zhou Xiaoliu bought were expensive goods, Zhao Yingtong was really embarrassed to accept it, and kept asking Zhou Xiaoliu to return it, which made Zhou Xiaoliu very unhappy.

Zhou Xiaoliu cried and asked Zhao Yingtong if he was still angry with her before he refused to accept her gift. Zhao Yingtong didn’t understand why she was angry with Zhou Xiaoliu. Zhou Xiaoliu told her about the things that all the men around Zhao Yingtong had been around Zhao Yingtong since childhood. Zhou Xiaoliu always felt that Zhao Yingtong had taken everything from her since she was a child, and she was no better than Zhao Yingtong, so she didn’t deal with Zhao Yingtong and didn’t give Zhao Yingtong a good look. She didn’t think she had done anything until Zhao Yingtong left this time. Very bad.

Zhao Yingtong didn’t take the previous things to heart at all. She felt that Zhou Xiaoliu was just like her own sister, which made Zhou Xiaoliu feel even more guilty when she heard it. Zhou Xiaoliu hugged Zhao Yingtong, indicating that she recognizes Zhao Yingtong’s sister, and whoever wants to treat Zhao Yingtong badly in the future, she will turn her face with them. Gao Sha warmly received Dianthus. Dianthus knew at a glance that Gao Sha was interested in Zhou Xiaofeng, so she asked if Gao Sha had found her husband’s house.

Gao Sha would be wrong, thinking that she could please her relationship with Dianthus, so that she would be appreciated by Zhou Xiaofeng, but Dianthus said that she would take Zhou Xiaofeng home to round the room, which made her very surprised. After Gao Sha understood the meaning of Dianthus, he immediately stated that Zhou Xiaofeng was not easy. They all knew that Zhou Xiaofeng should go back to the round room, but there was too much work in their hall, and Zhou Xiaofeng couldn’t go away. As soon as Dianthus heard what Gao Sha said, she immediately wanted to see Zhou Xiaofeng’s leadership to see how to transfer Zhou Xiaofeng back. This made Gao Sha dare not say any more, so she could only change the subject and take Dianthus to dinner.

Gao Sha didn’t want Zhou Xiaofeng to be embarrassed, so she went to her father to talk about Zhou Xiaofeng’s affairs and begged him to transfer Zhou Xiaofeng back to the north. When Gao’s father heard that Gao Sha was going to interfere with the appointment and removal of cadres, he immediately became annoyed. Gao Sha then angrily asked Gao’s father to listen to her and finish her sentence. Gao Sha told Zhou Xiaofeng’s difficulty. Dad Gao said that as long as Zhou Xiaofeng applied, they had no reason to refuse. Gao Sha happily returned to Dianthus so that Dianthus could return to Heshan with peace of mind.

Zhao Yingtong’s condition is getting worse and worse, and she has been suffering from a high fever. Director Zhang and Master Kong are very worried, and accidentally missed their mouths and told about the fact that Dianthus went to Zhou Xiaofeng. Zhao Yingtong understands that Dianthus loves her heart, and she can’t bear Dianthus, but she can’t let her take charge of her illness. She can only leave Dianthus and Zhou Xiaofeng’s suicide note to Dianthus and Zhou Xiaofeng before she leaves.

Liu Pansong took Zhao Yingtong for treatment, because Zhao Yingtong’s condition would worsen faster and faster, she couldn’t hide it, so she could only persuade Zhao Yingtong to make her condition public, but Zhao Yingtong refused. When Zhou Xiaoliu learned that Zhao Yingtong had entered the hospital, he went to see Zhao Yingtong immediately, but Zhao Yingtong still lied that he had fainted with low blood sugar, and Liu Pansong made a fuss and got him from the provincial capital, so Zhou Xiaoliu was not worried.

One month after Zhao Yingtong went home from the hospital, Dianthus had not contacted Zhou Xiaofeng, and Zhou Xiaofeng was still on duty, which made Dianthus particularly anxious. Liu Pansong was really worried about Zhao Yingtong and wanted to visit Heshan. This made Zhou Qing suspicious. Liu Pansong had no choice but to tell Zhou Qing the truth. When Zhou Qing learned of Zhao Yingtong’s condition, she couldn’t sit still, and wanted to leave for Heshan immediately, and take Zhao Yingtong to the hospital for treatment.

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