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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 37 Recap

Zhou Qing got the official document of Zhao Ruhai’s redress, and immediately went back to Liu Pansong anxiously, and wanted to go to Heshan to inform Zhao Ruhai. Zhou Qing felt that Zhao Ruhai had been rehabilitated and he could stay in the country steadily, so that Zhao Yingtong would not have to be separated from Zhou Xiaofeng. Zhou Xiaoliu and Jiang He bought cakes and wanted to go home to celebrate the birthday of Dianthus. Jiang He wanted to inform others, but Zhou Xiaoliu did not agree and waited for them to go back by themselves.

Zhou Xiaoxiao and the others followed Zhou Qing back to Heshan. Jiang Lingdie couldn’t understand Zhao Yingtong’s decision, so he whispered to Liu Pansong on the road. Jiang Lingdie believed that it took Zhao Yingtong so long to look forward to Zhou Xiaofeng’s return. It is impossible for Zhao Ruhai to be separated from Zhou Xiaofeng as soon as he came back, so she felt that Zhao Yingtong must have other problems.

Liu Pansong couldn’t tell the truth, and couldn’t make Jiang Lingdie think more, so he had to use Zhao Yingtong’s character as an excuse to convince Jiang Lingdie that this was a normal Zhao Yingtong choice. Jiang He and Zhou Xiaoliu came together to celebrate Dianthus’s birthday. Jiang Zhenhai was very jealous, so he asked Jiang He if he remembered his birthday, while Dianthus was very unhappy because of the dog in the family and didn’t eat or drink.

After Zhou Xiaoliu arrived, Zhou Qing and the others arrived, and they came together to give Dianthus’s birthday. Zhou Qing exchanged a few words with Shi Zhu, and asked Zhou Xiaoxiao to call Zhao Ruhai, and he wanted to tell Zhao Ruhai the good news himself. Zhou Qing handed over the document to Zhao Ruhai, indicating that it was their old chief who had acted in person and vindicated Zhao Ruhai.

Liu Pansong wanted to take advantage of the double happiness to come and invite everyone to the restaurant to have a meal, but Dianthus refused to agree, so he wanted to invite Zhao Ruhai to eat his hometown food in the yard, and let everyone sit and chat together. Master Kong had to cook and be a good master. dish. Liu Pansong hosted Dianthus’s birthday and asked everyone present to come back to celebrate Dianthus’s birthday every year from now on, no matter where everyone is.

Jiang Zhenhai apologized to Zhao Ruhai after everyone celebrated Zhao Ruhai’s redress, and was willing to accept his beating and scolding. Their grudges and grievances were also a drink of kindness. Zhao Ruhai wanted to toast everyone, because after he took Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao away, he would spend less time with everyone, but Zhou Qing was upset when he heard that, and refused to let Zhao Ruhai take Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao away.

Dianthus didn’t want to embarrass Zhao Yingtong. When Zhao Ruhai quarreled with Zhou Qing, indicating that abroad was better than here, she announced as the head of the family that Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao would leave. Zhou Qing was so angry that Zhou Qing would not eat. Zhou Qing was angry and left, Zhou Xiaoliu and the others rushed to persuade Zhou Qing, but Master Kong discovered that their dog was dead.

Dianthus managed to endure tears for many days. At the moment when she heard the dog was dead, she finally couldn’t help but cried sadly at the dinner table. In the evening, when she was packing her things, Yaoyao discussed with Zhao Yingtong that she wanted to stay in Heshan because Dianthus couldn’t bear them. Zhao Yingtong didn’t change her mind, she only reminded Yaoyao that she might never come back this time, but Yaoyao must come back in the future.

Zhao Yingtong put away the bracelet Zhou Xiaofeng gave her. She was reluctant to bear Zhou Xiaofeng, but she could only put away the love. Dianthus took a hen doll to Yaoyao as her parting gift, so Zhao Yingtong asked Dianthus to sleep with their mother and daughter for one night. The next day I caught the plane, and the family went to see Zhao Yingtong off. Zhou Xiaoliu didn’t plan to see the plane off, because she couldn’t see the carnation being wronged, and couldn’t bear Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao, but she still had to endure sending them away, but in the end she still Hard-mouthed and soft-hearted, rushed to the airport to see them off.

Everyone gave Yaoyao gifts so that Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao could live happily after they left their hometown, and Zhao Yingtong was really reluctant to bear the carnation, so he always looked back three steps. Shizhu couldn’t bear Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao. After they entered the airport, she took everyone to watch the plane take off. When the plane flew away, Dianthus had to leave, and chatted with Liu Pansong by the way. Liu Pansong persuaded Dianthus to go to the provincial capital. She helped Dianthus to regulate her body, but Dianthus refused to agree. She was afraid that she would be distracted by the working children when she arrived in the provincial capital. So after talking with Liu Pansong, she returned to Heshan.

Master Kong and Jiang Zhenhai were playing chess on the street when they suddenly saw Zhao Yingtong walking by, but they couldn’t believe it was Zhao Yingtong, so they ran to the house and asked about Dianthus. Because of Zhao Yingtong’s departure, Dianthus felt empty, and could only go to the graveyard to chat with Lin Yueru. She didn’t expect Zhao Yingtong to come back, she was very happy. Zhao Yingtong couldn’t bear the carnation, she could only selfishly let Zhao Ruhai take Yaoyao to leave and return to Heshan by herself. She wanted to save her last time to those who needed her.

When Shizhu and Zhao Yingtong were hugging happily, Zhou Xiaofeng received an urgent new task to ambush and eliminate a large drug cartel in the No. 2 area of ​​the Yunnan border. After Zhao Yingtong calmed down, he went to the machine repair shop to say something, and then went to call Liu Pansong to talk about his affairs, while Dianthus happily wanted to call Zhou Xiaofeng.

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