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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 36 Recap

Everyone complained about Zhao Ruhai, and blamed him for not being able to come back one day late and let Zhou Xiaofeng and Zhao Yingtong cook mature rice with raw rice, and they all regretted Zhou Xiaofeng and Zhao Yingtong. After everyone left, Zhou Xiaofeng asked Zhao Yingtong whether he cherished his love. He loved Zhao Yingtong for ten years, but he did not expect such a result in the end. He could only blame Zhao Yingtong for putting family affection more important than love.

Zhao Yingtong faced Zhou Xiaofeng’s question without a word of refutation. She only wanted Zhou Xiaofeng to recognize her as her sister, but Zhou Xiaofeng refused to agree, insisting on keeping Zhao Yingtong in her heart, and loving Zhao Yingtong forever. Zhou Xiaofeng couldn’t keep Zhao Yingtong, and he lost his nostalgia in Heshan, so he decided to go back to the south and wanted to take the carnation away with him.

Zhou Xiaoliu wanted to keep the dianthus in the provincial capital, but Dianthus refused to agree. She was so angry that Jiang He would not send the dianthus back to Heshan. Jiang Ha didn’t know what to do, so he could only ask Dianthus’ opinions. Dianthus accused Jiang Ha of becoming a big boss, and couldn’t listen to Zhou Xiaoliu everything, let alone be so used to Zhou Xiaoliu, let Jiang He send her back to Heshan. .

Zhou Xiaoliu couldn’t keep the Dianthus, so he gave Zhou Xiaofeng an idea and asked Zhou Xiaofeng to sell Heshan’s house, and forced Dianthus to go to the south with him, lest Dianthus stay in Heshan alone and make everyone worried. After Zhou Xiaofeng returned, he immediately found someone to talk about selling the house, and he quickly settled the matter, and then gave the money to Master Kong and the others for safekeeping.

Shizhu took Zhao Ruhai’s family to worship Lin Yueru. She wanted to deliver Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao to Zhao Ruhai in front of Lin Yueru. This was an explanation to Lin Yueru. In front of Lin Yueru’s grave, Dianthus and Lin Yue told the truth, it shows that Zhao Ruhai is doing well now, and Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao have followed him to live a good life.

Zhao Ruhai also said a lot of guilt at Lin Yueru’s grave, begging Lin Yueru for forgiveness, and promised to take good care of Zhao Yingtong. Zhao Yingtong and other Dianthus have finished talking, let them go back first, and she stayed alone to tell her mother and Zhou Xiaoyang the truth, she said everything she didn’t dare to say, because she will also soon I went to see my mother in the field.

Jiang Zhenhai learned that Zhou Xiaofeng had sold the house and followed Master Kong when they were training Zhou Xiaofeng in the courtyard. Dianthus came back and angrily brushed Zhou Xiaofeng with a feather duster. The river monster Zhou Xiaoliu gave Zhou Xiaofeng a bad idea. Not only could he not allow Dianthus to agree to go to the south, but also Zhou Xiaofeng would be beaten, but Zhou Xiaoliu had no choice. She could not let Dianthus stay in Heshan alone and guard Zhou Xiaoyang’s grave. Over the next half of my life.

Zhou Qing went to see Deputy Commander Qi for help. He wanted to ask Deputy Commander Qi to help and vindicate Zhao Ruhai so that Zhao Ruhai could go abroad innocently. In front of Zhou Qing, Deputy Commander Qi kept asking Zhou Qing why he still believed in Zhao Ruhai. He felt that Zhao Ruhai is now an American and not so innocent, but Zhou Qing believes in Zhao Ruhai. When Deputy Commander Qi questioned Zhao Ruhai, Mrs. Qi broke through the lies of Deputy Commander Qi. She told Zhou Qing that as soon as Deputy Commander Qi came back, he used a lot of relationships and rehabilitated Zhao Ruhai. Zhou Qing left happily.

Yaoyao couldn’t bear Dianthus. She didn’t want to go to the United States. She wanted Dianthus to persuade Zhao Yingtong, but Dianthus refused to agree to Yaoyao. Shizhu felt that Zhao Yingtong had suffered too much in this life, and she could live a good life with great difficulty. She could not afflict Zhao Yingtong, let alone separate Zhao Yingtong from Yaoyao, so she persuaded Yaoyao to go with Zhao Yingtong. After Shizhu persuaded Yaoyao, he asked Yaoyao to say goodbye to Zhou Xiaofeng, and after Zhou Xiaofeng also said goodbye, he left Heshan alone and went back to the south in disappointment.

Dianthus and Zhao Yingtong slept together. Zhao Yingtong wanted to persuade Dianthus to live in the provincial capital. She was worried that Dianthus was alone in Heshan, but Dianthus never agreed and still felt that she could guard the graves of Zhou Xiaoyang and Lin Yueru for the rest of her life. On the second day, Zhao Yingtong took Zhao Ruhai to Heshan County, and let Zhao Ruhai take a look at the current changes in Heshan. Dianthus felt that China would be as good as the United States in a few years, so she asked Zhao Yingtong to wait until China became rich and powerful. When, come home.

Director Zhang made a birthday package for Dianthus, and went to Dianthus’s house with Master Kong, and wanted to celebrate Dianthus’s birthday. Master Kong was worried about Dianthus, and always blamed Zhao Ruhai, because Dianthus was affected by Zhao Ruhai and suffered so much.

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