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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 35 Recap

Dianthus asked Zhao Yingtong why she refused to marry, and said that the daughter-in-law she most wanted to marry today was Zhao Yingtong, and today is also a good day for her to marry a girl, and she marries Zhao Yingtong as her daughter. It was useless for Shizhu to persuade Zhao Yingtong for a long time. He could only ask Zhao Yingtong to stop Zhao Yingtong on a day like today, and let her careful arrangements be cold, and Zhao Yingtong agreed to get married.

The wedding has not started yet, and everyone is talking about it. People who know Zhao Yingtong can understand, because Zhao Yingtong has always been a reserved person. They think Zhao Yingtong is shy. Under Jiang He’s lively presidency, the wedding of Zhou Xiaoan’s three brothers began, but Zhao Yingtong was stunned again when the couple worshiped.

No one knows what happened to Zhao Yingtong, but Zhao Yingtong looked in one direction with tears. Zhou Xiaofeng called her for a long time before she called out her father. After Zhao Yingtong called his father, Zhao Ruhai walked out of the crowd and recognized Zhao Yingtong, while Zhao Yingtong fainted with excitement when Zhao Ruhai recounted the old days with Zhou Qing and Dianthus, causing the wedding to be interrupted.

When Zhao Yingtong woke up, Liu Pansong was very nervous, and was anxious to take Zhao Yingtong to the hospital. Zhao Yingtong was afraid of being discovered by everyone, so she shook Liu Pansong’s hand as a sign. Liu Pansong understood what Zhao Yingtong meant, and immediately lied that Zhao Yingtong had low blood sugar, so that Dianthus and the others were not worried. After Zhao Yingtong stabilized, Zhao Ruhai asked about Lin Yueru. Dianthus couldn’t help asking Zhao Ruhai where he was hiding in the past few years. Zhao Ruhai asked for an explanation.

Zhao Ruhai told everyone about the situation after he fled, indicating that it took him a lot to find relatives abroad, but he has not forgotten Lin Yueru and Zhao Yingtong, and has always wanted to take them away, but because of the domestic He has never dared to come back in the situation. Zhao Ruhai went to the consulate for a trial and found out that he was not wanted in the country. Then he returned to the country to find Zhou Qing. He happened to learn that Zhou Qing was having a wedding today, so he rushed to take a look.

Zhao Ruhai did not expect that Zhou Qing’s wedding was his daughter’s wedding, and only then did he recognize his daughter. Zhao Ruhai accepted all the scolding from Dianthus. He had only one request, and that was to atone for the rest of his life. He wanted to take Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao abroad, and also to take Zhou Xiaofeng out together. Zhou Xiaofeng was a public official and could not go abroad with Zhao Ruhai. He refused Zhao Ruhai’s request, but Zhao Yingtong said that she was willing to go abroad with Zhao Ruhai, which surprised Zhou Xiaofeng.

Zhao Ruhai talked with Zhou Xiaofeng calmly. He wanted to know if Zhou Xiaofeng really loved Zhao Yingtong. If he loved Zhao Yingtong, he would go abroad with Zhao Yingtong. If he was pitying Zhao Yingtong, he would return Zhao Yingtong to him. Zhou Xiaofeng explained that he and Zhao Yingtong are truly in love, and because he loves Zhao Yingtong, he accepts Zhao Yingtong’s choice and only asks Zhao Ruhai to take good care of Zhao Yingtong. Shizhu wanted to persuade Zhao Yingtong to stay, but Zhao Yingtong refused. She excused that Zhao Ruhai was getting older and wanted to go abroad to take care of Zhao Ruhai, but this made everyone unable to understand.

Zhou Xiaoliu felt that Zhao Yingtong was ungrateful, and forgot that Dianthus was kind to her back then. Now he wants to go far away with Zhao Ruhai and enjoy the blessings abroad. After everyone scolded Zhao Yingtong, Shizhu expressed that she agreed with Zhao Yingtong’s decision, and also advised Zhou Xiaofeng not to stop Zhao Yingtong and let Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao go abroad together. Shizhu only told Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao that if they went abroad, where it is not as good as Zhao Ruhai said, let them come back to Heshan, and she will always wait for them in Heshan.

Zhou Qing gave Zhao Ruhai a meal and refused to let Zhao Ruhai take Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao away, but Zhao Ruhai was also very resolute, because he lived alone in a foreign country and he needed the company of his daughter and granddaughter. Liu Pansong knew the truth about Zhao Yingtong’s going abroad, and kept persuading Zhao Yingtong to stay, and persuading Zhao Yingtong to tell the truth with Dianthus. She felt that the pain of letting Dianthus know the truth was far less painful than Zhao Yingtong’s leaving. Zhao Yingtong knew that Dianthus had deep feelings for her. She didn’t know what would happen to Dianthus when she knew the truth. She would rather be misunderstood by Dianthus and hate her, so she still wanted to go abroad.

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