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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 34 Recap

Zhou Qing quarreled with Dianthus about whether Jiang Xiaolu was returning to the provincial capital, but Jiang Xiaolu asked Zhou Qing to go back first, and he stayed behind to learn magic tricks from Dianthus. Originally, Zhou Qing didn’t believe that dianthus could do magic at all, but when he saw Jiang Xiaolu taking a group photo of dianthus pasted and restored, he immediately booed, not only a little emotional.

When the others left one after another, only Zhou Qing and Dianthus remained in the house. He regretted the mistakes he had made before. If it were not impulsive, he could now bring his grandson at home. Zhou Qing agreed that Jiang Xiaolu stayed in Heshan for a few more days, but Dianthus would ask Zhou Qing to take Jiang Xiaolu away.

Zhao Yingtong concealed his illness in front of everyone, and would not say anything except lie about inflammation. Although Dianthus had some suspicions, she did not continue to question. After a few days, she saw Zhou Xiaofeng returning from the south. After so many years, Zhou Xiaofeng spent most of his time at work. After he realized it later, he realized that he owed Zhao Yingtong a lot, so he decided to take time off to get married.

The whole family was very happy to hear this, and Shizhu personally planned the wedding, arranged the venue, and invited guests. Zhou Xiaoliu suggested that the wedding be held in Jiangliu Hotel. She was responsible for all the arrangements and made it as lively as possible. Zhou Xiaoxiao and Zhou Xiaoan believed that Zhou Xiaoliu did not treat each other equally, so they demanded that their wedding be held solemnly.

Zhao Yingtong blamed Zhou Xiaofeng for being adept at everything, and angered him. In fact, he didn’t want to hurt each other, so he found an excuse to refuse to get married. Zhou Xiaofeng thought that his behavior hurt Zhao Yingtong, so he took the initiative to apologize to her, and at the same time realized that the other party was hiding something in his heart. Although Zhao Yingtong was resolute, Zhou Xiaofeng did not compromise, because he waited for this day for ten years, so he was determined to hold the wedding.

When Zhang Lanfen heard of this, he immediately went to congratulate Dianthus. When Zhao Yingtong heard Dianthus laugh happily, she felt even more sad and anguished. She didn’t dare to take care of Dianthus’s happiness, so she could only temporarily perfuse Zhou Xiaofeng and accept their arrangement. Zhang Lanfen and Kong Linggao helped Dianthus prepare things for the wedding together. Seeing that Dianthus was short of funds, they took out the money and gave it to the dianthus.

It just so happened that Jiang Zhenhai came over to chat, and Shizhu and Kong Linggao deliberately set off, making Jiang Zhenhai a victim and bear the cost of the wedding. After Jiang Zhenhai understood it, he also laughed. He was very pleased to see his daughter getting married, and at the same time he was willing to give his heart.

Zhou Qing burst into laughter when he heard the news that his three sons were going to hold a wedding together. Liu Pansong thought of Zhao Yingtong’s illness, and a cloud of clouds fell in his heart. Zhao Yingtong took advantage of the reason to go to the city to buy medicines by car, so he approached Liu Pansong to discuss countermeasures. He wanted Liu Pansong to help him to get rid of the marriage, mainly because he didn’t want Zhou Xiaofeng to know that he was seriously ill. Liu Pansong hopes that Zhao Yingtong can receive treatment and try his best to follow the arrangements of the carnation. After all, even if it wants to escape, it will not help, but it will bring more harm to the family.

However, on the day of the wedding, Zhou Xiaoliu found that Zhao Yingtong had been reluctant to change clothes, thinking she was premarital phobia, so she went to tell Dianthus. As everyone knows, Zhao Yingtong has been looking forward to today for a long time, but she knows that she is running out of time, so she doesn’t want to drag Zhou Xiaofeng down. Liu Pansong understood Zhao Yingtong’s thoughts, and saw her in a painful dilemma.

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