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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 33 Recap

After the dinner, Zhou Xiaoxiao took the opportunity to ask Zhou Qing for help, and wanted him to walk through the back door for the leading relatives, but Zhou Qing refused on the spot. Entrusted by Zhou Xiaoxiao, Liu Pansong mentioned the matter again to Zhou Qing, but he did not expect the other party to be stubborn.

Jiang Zhenhai invited Kong Linggao to come home for dinner, so as to calm down the grievances before. Kong Linggao worried that it would be a Hongmen feast, so he brought Zhang Lanfen to the door, and first asked about his intention. After three rounds of wine, Kong Linggao eliminated a lot of ills in his heart, and talked more. He imitated the magnanimity of Dianthus, and no longer pursued Qiongfang’s past faults and the contradiction between himself and Jiang Zhenhai, and everything started again.

Although Zhou Qing was embarrassed by the carnation at the dinner table, fortunately, Jiang Xiaolu’s grandson helped him, so he was very proud to return home. Shi Zhu and Zhao Yingtong talked about Zhou Xiaofeng’s affairs, and planned to finish the wedding as soon as Zhou Xiaofeng came back, so that they could settle down in the south together. Zhao Yingtong hoped that the dianthus would also go to the south, but the dianthus couldn’t let Heshan go, so he could only promise to run to the north and south.

Dianthus promised to stay in the provincial capital for two more days, mainly because Zhou Xiaoliu’s family was in good condition, and then Jiang Xiaolu was closer to Zhou Qing, which made her a little depressed. After all, her grandson was the one who brought her up. The next morning, Shizhu told Jiang Xiaolu about Heshan and persuaded him to go back to live with him.

While Dianthus was coaxing Jiang Xiaolu and riding him as a horse, Zhou Qing unexpectedly came in from outside the door. Seeing that Jiang Xiaolu was bought by Zhou Qing with a tank toy, the neglected Dianthus was a little unhappy. He couldn’t help arguing with Zhou Qing. As a result, the more noisy he got, the more fierce he was, he directly threw the tank to the ground. Jiang Xiaolu was so angry that Dianthus was an old witch. Zhou Qing asked Jiang Xiaolu not to be so uneducated. However, he didn’t receive Dianthus, thinking Zhou Qing pretended to be a good person.

Zhou Xiaoan and Men Chunmei were unable to interfere with these two people, so they found an excuse to leave, Zhao Yingtong and Yaoyao came back to persuade them, one was responsible for enlightening Zhou Qing, the other went upstairs to comfort Dianthus and taught her how to win Jiang Xiaolu’s heart. When Liu Pansong was eating, he noticed that Zhao Yingtong’s expression was poor, so he felt that there should be a problem with the other party’s body and planned to take her to the hospital.

Originally, Zhao Yingtong didn’t care about it, but couldn’t bear Liu Pansong’s persuasion, so he agreed to go to the hospital for examination in person. However, after the report came out, Liu Pansong was quite surprised. Seeing the words on it that she was diagnosed with leukemia, she couldn’t believe it, and wished the hospital made a mistake.

At this time, Zhao Yingtong came to the hospital to receive the report. As a result, Liu Pansong looked solemn and seemed to dodge intentionally. This made her feel clear, and then said that as a medical staff, she was more open-minded than ordinary patients in many things. Even though Liu Pansong couldn’t bear it, she knew that this matter could not be concealed any more, so she simply handed over the report.

When Zhao Yingtong learned of her condition, she asked Liu Pansong to keep it secret for her. He just wanted to leave with dignity, and didn’t want to see his family sorrow for him. Zhao Yingtong went home and did not see Dianthus, so he quickly contacted Zhou Qing to help him find it. It was not until midnight that Dianthus took the child back to Heshan.

Kong Linggao returned the wallet to Dianthus, but Jiang Xiaolu actually tore the photo of Dianthus and Zhou Qing in half. Seeing Dianthus’s anxious appearance, Yaoyao knew that she was still holding Zhou Qing, and Dianthus was afraid that her thoughts would be known, so she asked Yaoyao to keep it secret. Shi Zhu took Jiang Xiaolu to worship at Zhou Xiaoyang’s cemetery. Talking about the children, she vowed to Zhou Xiaoyang that she would be kind to Zhao Yingtong and let Lin Yueru feel at ease.

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