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Mei Tantei wa Kimida (2021) 名探偵は君だ

Mei Tantei wa Kimida (2021)
Other Title: 名探偵は君だ, Detective is You, 名探偵は君だ~怪奇都市伝説殺人事件

Genres: Mystery
Release Date:
 Mar 31, 2021
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  • Takahashi Kensuke

This work is a new sensation mystery drama that viewers can enjoy while inferring like a “detective” based on various clues. In response to a challenge letter from “the person who holds the key to the case” played by gorgeous guest performers such as Yuriyan Retriever and BOYS AND MEN, Takahashi, the detective, solves the case while asking the viewer.

The drama is divided into “incident edition” and “solution edition”, and consists of 10 episodes in 5 episodes. In addition to Takahashi’s YouTube LIVE, clues to solve the case will be posted on the program’s official SNS.

Takahashi said, “I am Kensuke Takahashi, who will play Masayoshi Saotome this time,” and said, “With the help of everyone who is a’detective’, we will proceed toward solving the case. There are many cases that cannot be solved so easily, and the co-stars are also very attractive. And one of the highlights of this drama is that it is composed of two parts, the case and the solution. It would be great if everyone could think about the criminal and their motives. We hope that many people will see it and enjoy it. Let’s solve the case together! “

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