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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 6 Recap

Everyone was cleaning the restaurant. The group of Zhu roared and ran out of the room disheveled. He rushed to the table and refused to get down. He claimed that he had touched a mouse during the bath and asked him to sprinkle rat medicine around the table.

Everyone wondered why the group of Zhu was so afraid of mice. Shen Moren called it a demon and a post-traumatic stress disorder. A few years ago, the group of Zhu’s hometown, Manzhouli, had a plague that killed many people. Bankrupt, Zhu and Shen Moren embarked on the road of escape. However, there were corpses all over the road, and the places where there were dead were all rats. As a result, the Zhu group had psychological obstacles.

Daxi heard that he was thoughtful. He felt that the dead spot for Shen Moren and Zhu’s group was actually a mouse. Shen Moren said yes. If the rat is not removed from the shop, Zhu’s group will definitely abandon the shop and flee. Gu Debai said that the heart disease is worthy of medicine, and everyone should catch the rats that Zhu’s group encountered.

The crowd pretended to have caught a mouse, and showed the group of Zhu a bag containing a mouse. Zhu and his group still don’t want to leave the rat poisoned table. At the time of the stalemate, Liu Sanyuan came with police officer Wufu. He claimed to have come for a rat. There were suspected cases of plague in several blocks in Fengtian, and the group of Zhu heard of a collapse.

In the back kitchen, Daxi was carrying a bowl of potion. He wanted to get a fake plague to drive away the group of Zhu. He wanted to drink the bowl of medicine by himself, but Ma Hulu saw it. She thought that Daxi had stolen her brown sugar water, so she was angry. Grabbed it and drank it.

The people in the front hall of the hotel are discussing the plague. Liu Sanyuan popularizes the basic common sense of the plague and said that Fengtian City is very dangerous now. He advises everyone to try not to go out recently to avoid being infected. At this time, Ma Hulu, who came out with the food, suddenly fainted with foam at her mouth. Everyone fled in a panic, thinking that Ma Hulu was infected with the plague.

The Zhu group saw that no one was willing to help Ma Hulu, so he walked off the table and said that he was afraid of rats, not the plague, and that everyone was unable to save him, but was a bunch of beasts. He picked up Ma Hulu and sent it back to the room.

When the crowd saw Zhu Qun overcoming the inner obstacles for Ma Hulu, they admired him very much. They think that Zhu’s group is very righteous, so that his subordinates are not even afraid of the plague. He was once a second-rate in the hearts of everyone, but now his image is instantly taller.

Zhu Qun took care of Ma Hulu at the risk of being infected. Ma Hulu asked him if he was afraid of being infected? Zhu Qun said he was not afraid, and showed her his intentions, even if he really died, he would have six children with Ma Hulu underground. Ma Hulu was worried that she would really die, and Zhu Yiqu promised her that she would get better, and Ma Hulu was very moved.

Wufu invited a genius doctor, and the genius asked the people whether they wanted Wenzhi plague or Wuzhi plague. They discussed in confusion, and finally chose to use medicine to cure the plague. The genius doctor took out a pill from his pocket, but the pill was very expensive, and Zhu’s group gritted his teeth and borrowed money from Shen Moren to buy it.

A group of Zhu fed Ma Hulu to eat the elixir. The effect is unknown. Everyone waited anxiously in the hotel lobby. The group of Zhu went downstairs. The third lady praised him for his personality. On weekdays, he was not exposed. The critical moment was heroes. Ma Hulu is his instinct.

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