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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 5 Recap

The Fengtian Grand Hotel advertising and marketing competition officially started. Everyone tried their best to act as beautiful girls, paste small advertisements everywhere, or take pictures and pictures of people. After everyone’s unremitting efforts, the business of the hotel has gradually become popular.

One day, Shen Moren chatted with Zhu and his group. Shen pointed out that he was still worried about haunting. However, Zhu said that there are no ghosts in this world. Even if there are ghosts, the business of big hotels is booming, and there are many people. When the ghost comes, his Zhu group can collect the ghost. As soon as the voice fell, the lights began to flicker and suddenly went out. Someone shouted and haunted, and the diners who were eating flee in a swarm, leaving only the people in the hotel. A few “ghosts” appeared in the dark, and met Zhu’s group head-on, and Zhu’s group immediately fainted.

Everyone was frightened and squeezed on a table. Shen Moren was frightened and trembled and said that money can make ghosts punish him. He has already invited a ghost hunter Zhang Tianshi to spend money to remove ghosts. After the ghost left, everyone cleaned up the messy hotel lobby, and Tianshi Zhang came.

As soon as Zhang Tianshi came, he predicted the next behavior of everyone. The Zhu group clasped Zhang Tianshi’s hands with noses and tears, saying that the little ghost had gone to the house to uncover the tiles, and hoped that the Tianshi would quickly drive the ghost away. Zhang Tianshi said relaxedly. , A little devil for more than ten years, he hung his teeth, and then took the opportunity to whisper to the group of Zhu, give him a few dishes of meat, a few jars of good wine, and the group of Zhu did so.

Contrary to what everyone saw as if Tianshi Zhang had seen hope, Daxi kept the joint gesture taught to him by the Women’s Revolutionary Party, saying very calmly and disdainfully that Tianshi Zhang was pretending to be a ghost.

When Zhang Tianshi was eating and drinking, Daxi came to communicate with him alone. The slightly drunk Zhang Tianshi put his arms around Daxi’s shoulder and said, there is no ghost in this world that he can’t catch. If he can’t catch this ghost in one day, he will stay in the hotel for one day. If you can’t catch it in one year, just stay here for one year. Daxi said that Zhang Tianshi was deep in Taoism and deep in routines. The celestial master said that there are no ghosts that can’t be caught, only the boss who can’t support himself.

In the next few days, Zhang Tianshi seemed to be a hungry ghost and ate up the food reserves of the hotel. Shen Moren began to think that he had hired the wrong person.

That night, Zhang Tianshi finally started to exorcise ghosts by doing tricks. He didn’t catch a ghost. Everyone thought he was a liar. So he told him that if he couldn’t catch any ghosts the next day, he would ask him to go. The celestial teacher heard that he immediately started to drive out ghosts, and jumped around in the restaurant. He met the madman and the vagrant. He pretended to everyone that the ghost had been attached to the madman. Tonight he will fight the ghost in a decisive battle. I hope everyone will be in his room. Be well, don’t come out if nothing is wrong.

At night, Zhang Tianshi started his spell again, and ghosts appeared one after another. It turned out that the so-called “ghosts” were two men and a woman posing as two men and one woman. Zhang Tianshi was relieved that he had deceived the rivers and lakes for so many years, and there were no ghosts in this world. Several fake ghosts wanted to leave. Zhang Tianshi said that if they left, he would not be able to explain to the people in the hotel, so he asked a few “ghosts” to cooperate with him in the performance, and criticized these “ghosts” for acting fake, and gave them one-on-one. The “ghosts” benefited a lot from attending an acting class.

On the second day, Zhang Tianshi took a paper box and said that the ghost had been collected here, and everyone in the hotel admired and thanked him very much. Zhang Tianshi finished his last meal in the hotel and left.

At night, Daxi met with the “ghosts” in the thatched house, and told the “ghosts” to take a rest for a while, and stop coming out to scare people, and wait for new tasks to be arranged.

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