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Legendary Hotel 大饭店传奇 Episode 4 Recap

Dongbei Dajiao claimed to have come to Fengtian City to kill a woman, the woman who surpassed herself and offered the first reward in the Republic of China. At this time, another table of female diners disguised as men took his words, saying that the person he was going to kill was himself, and she was the most wanted criminal in the Republic of China bounty, Jiangnan Yizhihua. The two immediately fought, and they didn’t know the outcome for a while, but the big hotel was messed up by the two.

Everyone in the hotel hid to watch the excitement, and Zhu and the group asked Daxi to call the police as soon as possible. Gu Debai said that he had heard some stories about these two men. Although they were wanted criminals, they were great heroes in punishing traitors and heroes.

The big chili and Yizhihua continued to fight in the backyard, but everyone in the hotel bet in the back kitchen, some people bet on the big chili to win, and some bet on the flower to win.

Da Chili and Yizhihua ran into the lunatic refugee in the middle of the fight, and they couldn’t beat the lunatic. After discussing for a while, decided to cooperate against the enemy, resorted to a combination of sword and bickering, the lunatic was defeated and fled.

Big Chili and Yizhihua marveled at each other’s sword and biblism. After communicating, they discovered that they were former senior brothers and sisters. They both spent their childhoods in this big theater. When they were older, they were taken away by their masters and wandered around the world. There was no news of each other again, until the Japanese blood washed the theater, the two men embarked on the road of revenge for killing the traitors.

Yizhihua returned to the women’s clothing, and Dajiao was shocked, and he said that he would marry her. Yizhihua refused her brother’s proposal. She thought that it was not peaceful today, and there was no love for children in a country. Hearing that the top ten wicked people in the south are full of crimes, the two decided to work together to eradicate the wicked and help justice. Big pepper and Yizhihua left the hotel.

Soon after the two left, there was a wailing at the hotel door, and everyone went out and saw a man with a cut throat lying in the door. He said weakly: “The Japanese ordered me…” and then died. At this time, Daxi returned to the police, saying that all the police had been dispatched to other places, which seemed to have been deliberately arranged. Everyone felt that the hotel was being targeted, and felt that there was a big conspiracy. Zhu and the group frankly said that no matter what the conspiracy was, he would open the hotel to the end!

One night, Ma Hulu, Shen Moren, and Gu Debai encountered “ghosts” respectively, and they were almost scared to death. On the second day, they all told the group of Zhu about this. Everyone thought there must be a ghost in the hotel. Shen Moren thought that they were robbing a ghost and suggested that they close the shop and leave. However, Zhu Yiqun believed that they would not be afraid of ghosts calling the door if they didn’t do anything wrong, and he disagreed.

Shen Moren went out to bask in the sun to dispel the yin, and supported Shen Moren’s idea of ​​leaving the store in Daxi dialect.

At night, people pretending to be ghosts secretly entered the hotel to pretend to be ghosts. Zhu and the group accompany Shen Moren to “find ghosts,” but the people were hidden, but Zhu and the others did not find them. Zhu and his group believe that the ghosts in the population may be small animals such as swallows, bats, and flapping moths. If anyone talks about ghosts, they will be deducted from their wages. It was also said that in order to promote the performance of the hotel, it was decided to launch the Fengtian Grand Hotel advertising and marketing competition. Whoever draws more customers will increase his wages.

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