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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 3 Recap

Su Xing thinks that the matter of recommending the best is definitely true. Xi Bin thinks that he is a master student, and Xi Wang must also be a master student in the future. Let Su Xing stop worrying about this matter.

Gu Jiawei was about to drive to work, and when he saw bird droppings on the car, he scolded him, thinking that there should be no defects in his car. Lin Yunyun tells Gu Jiawei not to be angry. Gu Jiawei thinks that New Moon is not the first place every time. She blames Lin Yunyun for being too low on the New Moon. Let her cherish this family, cultivate the New Moon, and then take out the newly bought bag. Give Lin Yunyun the bag and skin care products, and Lin Yunyun is very happy to quickly show off to Gu Jiawei. Shen Xiaoyan rode over and heard that Gu Jiawei was the big boss and wanted to consult about the children’s school places, but Gu Jiawei didn’t give her a good face.

Siyuan has been playing mobile games. He Jinghua helped him tidy up after he was busy, but Siyuan did not cooperate at all. Jiang Bo stood on Siyuan’s side and asked him to perform well today. He wanted to take him to see an admissions teacher and let him. Remember to take out the book and read it. He Jinghua and Jiang Bo quietly prepared a red envelope for the teacher, wanting to give Teacher Wan, inquire about the promotion of good places for kindergarten and elementary school. Teacher Wan told He Jinghua that there is no such thing as an excellent recommendation now, and he refuses to accept red envelopes. He Jinghua still wanted Siyuan to show more, but he didn’t expect Siyuan to be naughty and splashed Teacher Wan with a water gun.

He Jinghua and Jiang Bo were angry and beat Siyuan severely. Grandpa and grandmother arrived in time and quarreled with the young couple. Grandpa accused Jiang Bo of low education and made him not allowed to be the head of the family, nor should he fight. Siyuan. Jiang Bo felt very shameless, and He Jinghua also accused her grandparents that they shouldn’t mix up, and that they could educate their children. Zi Ning went home and saw this scene, and quickly took Siyuan out so that Siyuan would not be hypocritical. Siyuan expressed that he did not want his parents to go on the Open Day.

Su Xing came to the company and saw that Shen Zihao bought coffee for his colleagues. Gu Jiawei came to see the plan in person and agreed with the design of Su Xing. Shen Zihao came out to speak, thinking that although the awakening plan could be written, he did not know the execution ability. At this time, Aunt Zhou, the nanny of the Wake Family, called. There was no way to wake up, only to ask Aunt Zhou to bring Xiwang home. At the meeting, Su Xing mentioned the matter of being up and down. Gu Jiawei said that there was also a person in his own family. The rumors about the promotion of excellent people thought that the social circle of Xing was not good.

Wake up and return home, he will accompany Xiwang to make trouble, help him to finish the bath, and ask him what he has learned from his grandfather. Xi Wang didn’t want to study, nor did he finish reading arithmetic. He woke up and looked forward to Xi Wang’s performance on the Open Day. Xi Wang said that he needed to keep it secret. When Xi Wang fell asleep, he woke up and saw that the house was very clean, and sighed that it would be nice to have Aunt Zhou. After Xi Bin came back, he saw Xi Wang fell asleep and kissed his forehead lightly.

After Aunt Zhou went home, she told Su Xing and Xi Bin that she wanted to quit her job because she had to go back when there was something at home. Wake up reluctantly, thinking that Xiwang stayed with Aunt Zhou for a long time, and suddenly resigned too hastily. For a while, I don’t know where to find such a good nanny. I think it’s good to wait for Aunt Zhou, and the increase in the first three months. wage.

Xi Wang didn’t know where Aunt Zhou had gone. Wake up worried that Xi Wang would suffer from Separation Anxiety when she changed her aunt. Xi Bin told her not to think too much. Wake up brings Xiwang to the company, and Xiwang hopes that Wake up will not have a meeting. Boss Mo saw that Xiwang was very rare. Xiao Zhuide led Xiwang to paint. Xiwang was very acquainted with his life. He said that he didn’t want to paint or stay alone, but he saw it right away to Shen Zihao, because he also liked cloning.

During the meeting, Su Xing was introducing the plan to the team, but Xi Wang couldn’t sit still and ran to the conference room to ask Su Xing to accompany him. Because Xiwang interrupted in the middle, Wake had forgotten the content of his previous speech, and also showed lack of concentration.

Lin Yunyun accompanies Xinyue to learn to dance at home, and Shen Xiaoyan sends Lin Yunyun to order the fruit in the supermarket. Lin Yunyun invited Xinyue in and sit down. Shen Xiaoyan was embarrassed to come in when she saw such a luxurious house. She was very envious of Lin Yunyun’s full-time wife’s life. Lin Yunyun said that her full-time wife is open throughout the year and she has a glamorous appearance. At this time, the express came, and Lin Yunyun bought a lot of new clothes. Shen Xiaoyan was really envious, and wanted to inquire about the promotion activities of the kindergarten open day. Lin Yunyun gave Shen Xiaoyan a lipstick to make her treat herself better.

Xi Bin took Xi Wang to take a bath. When he woke up, he saw that the bathroom was full of foam, so Xi Bin quickly found an aunt. She didn’t want to take Xi Wang to the company because at the company, Xi Wang only liked playing with Shen Zihao.

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