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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 2 Recap

Li Xiang believes that as long as the principal let go, Fanfan will be able to go to a good school. He must fight for Fanfan. Su Xing showed the design plan to everyone. It is necessary to design a space that does not feel oppressive and can improve office efficiency, but Shen Zihao disagrees because Gu Jiawei sent her a message.

Shen Xiaoyan was very excited and found the principal’s theory, thinking that her child Li Feifei was in primary school, and now Xiayang Road Elementary School could not be enrolled in Xiayang Road Primary School. This video went viral in the group. After Siyuan saw it, he recognized Li Feifan’s mother at a glance. Shen Xiaoyan became popular on the Internet because of this incident, and her colleagues advised her to go home early, she should not be so unreasonable to make trouble, or be a gunman. Shen Xiaoyan was about to leave the supermarket where she worked, and her male colleague gave her a bag of dishes. Su Xing was surprised to see the video. When shopping at the supermarket, I called others to mention this matter, thinking that Shen Xiaoyan’s approach was too absolute and would not affect the children.

When Gu Jiawei returned home, he asked what Xinyue had learned, and blamed Lin Yunyun for not taking care of the new moon when she looked at her phone, and arguing with Lin Yunyun in front of the new moon. Gu Jiawei told Lin Yunyun not to interact with those parents. He simply looked down on the people around him. He only asked Crescent Moon to study hard. On the open day, he must be first and must perform well.

Li Xiang was happily watching his mobile phone at home, and Shen Xiaoyan let him know that Li Xiang was using herself as a gunman. Li Xiang asked Shen Xiaoyan to seek compensation from the principal. If he receives compensation, he can give her the custody of Li Feifei. A parent of a child sent a message to Shen Xiaoyan, and the court supported her. Wake also knew Shen Xiaoyan because of the video, and found her in the group.

He Jinghua accidentally sent a message in the group to support Shen Xiaoyan, and she couldn’t see it when she regained consciousness, believing that such unreasonable troubles would cause the school to have a negative impact on the parents. The two quarreled in the group, each expressing their own opinions for the standpoint of their children studying. Wake was unable to calm down because of this matter, and said that he would go to the Education Bureau the next day to respond to this coordinating matter. Not everyone is like Shen Xiaoyan’s unreasonable troubles. Xi Bin has been persuading to wake up to calm down, and wake up can’t bear to want to withdraw from the group. He Jinghua asked Jiang Bo to inquire about whether there was any promotion. He knew that he would go to the Education Bureau to make a theory after waking up. He thought that someone had finally come forward.

Xi Bin woke up to the new school with Su and gave her confidence that the new school here has a lot of good hardware. However, Su Xing believes that hardware is not as important as teachers, and that only good teachers can educate her son. He said that she still needs to go to the Education Bureau to inquire about it. Su Xing posted the latest documents to the group, indicating that he has learned about the new school and the Education Bureau will also distribute teachers fairly. I hope all parents can work together to prepare for their children’s education.

Xi Bin played football with his friend and learned that his friend’s child Xuan Xuan was sent to tutoring during the holiday. It was too hard. Xi Bin just couldn’t bear to wake up and nag himself every day, wanting to come out and breathe. A friend instilled in Xi Bin that children’s education must be followed by his wife, but Xi Bin thought that it would be too hard for a child to learn so many things when he is so young. As for the education of children, it is enough to do a good job as a man, and everything depends on his wife.

Wake up and meet an old friend. The old friend said that the school is the starting line and the parents are the starting point. Originally, I planned to go to a good school to be able to go free-range, but I didn’t expect Xiayang Road to get in now and the plan couldn’t keep up with the changes. My friend recommended some reading materials to Su Xing, thinking that no matter where the child studies, parents need to do a lot.

When Li Xiang came to the supermarket, he stole the biscuits from the supermarket before paying. He also asked Shen Xiaoyan to ask her to seek compensation from the principal. She did not earn a lot of money from the work here, saying that he wanted to find the principal for his son. Shen Xiaoyan warned him not to make trouble. Li Xiang asked her for money. Shen Xiaoyan was so excited that she picked up a kitchen knife and wanted to kill Li Xiang, thinking that she had committed crimes in her previous life and married such a man.

After waking up and returning home, Xi Bin gave her a surprise when she saw the lamp. It took a long time to find this lamp. It was only when he found a Turkish craftsman on the Internet and sent the raw materials to himself. Wake up was very touched. This lamp was made by Xi Bin himself. The mosaic glass looks so beautiful. Xi Bin asked Wake to stop getting angry. When she was about to kiss her, Wake said that a new idea interrupted Xi Bin. At this time, a courier came in. It was a box of children’s books that Ding Lan sent to herself.

Su Xing called Ding Lan to express her gratitude. Ding Lan asked her to contact other parents in order to avoid missing any important information. The new plan for awakening is that liberal arts education will return to awakening, and science education will return to Xi Bin. Xi Bin feels his head is big.

He Jinghua pulled her back to see Lin Yunyun. After all, Crescent Moon is an excellent child and must behave well on the open day. Maybe some elementary school will send someone to secretly observe, and excellent children will enter a good school. Xinyue’s good piano made Su Wake feel very good. He Jinghua praised Xinyue for being a little princess in the kindergarten. Lin Yunyun remembers ridiculing the children, because the previous spring and autumn outings were accompanied by the aunt of the Wake Family.

Lin Yunyun found several websites, talked to He Jinghua and Su Xing about their children’s education, and added WeChat to each other. He Jinghua wanted to know the number of recommended places for the Open Day, but Lin Yunyun told them not to believe these gossips. He Jinghua admires Lin Yunyun very much, and is curious to wake up. He thinks that their family is very good and they can go to those private bilingual schools. Lin Yunyun said that she will not pick up sesame seeds and lose watermelon. It is very important to learn her mother tongue.

Li Feifei is very sensible, knowing the video of Shen Xiaoyan arguing with the principal, I hope she will not lie on the ground. When Li Xiang returned home, he grabbed Li Feifan’s watermelon to eat. Shen Xiaoyan hurriedly took Li Feifei’s bath, and Li Xiang took out the agreement and demanded a compensation of 150,000 yuan, so that she could give her son custody to Shen Xiaoyan, and Shen Xiaoyan felt a little moved.

He Jinghua always felt that Lin Yunyun didn’t tell the truth, and she had to check about the promotion.

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