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Hand in Hand 陪你一起长大 Episode 1 Recap

Every step a child takes is very important to parents.

Three days ago, on the bulletin board, the school district of Xiayang Road Elementary School was not available, and the parents onlookers talked a lot. There are two men who are arguing because they owe two hundred yuan. They have to pay according to the length of their household registration, otherwise they will be coordinated to Shiyan Primary School. After Liu Tao heard the news, he hurried back home to see if the time for his residence booklet was suitable for studying at Xiayang Road Elementary School. The result was molested by her husband, Xiwang was April 11th. Xiayang Road Primary School is a first-class public school. Many parents want to send their children here, but Xiayang Road can only be close to the school due to enrollment requirements.

The group has already turned upside down. Everyone is a resident of Xiayang Road. Everyone is anxious about this matter. Liu Tao’s husband doesn’t care about where his children are studying, and thinks that it would be a good thing to change school. Liu Tao is very anxious. Xiayang Road Primary School is a top public school, a century-old school.

Fanfan’s father drank all day long, and Fanfan’s mother was very upset, and blamed Li Xiang for not moving in his hukou earlier. Li Xiang was also uncomfortable, thinking that everyone had reasons for the divorce and who the court sentenced the child to.

When Liu Tao still cared about Yan Wang going to school, his father wanted her to accompany him to the movies. The other mother disliked her mother and blamed her mother for letting her register with Jiang Bo. My mother has always been spoiled for her children, and even let her feed her when she was six years old. Mom thinks Xiwang’s mother is an elite in the workplace, so she is included in the group. Zi Ning’s failure in the rankings has kept her mother upset. Jiang Bo thinks it is unnecessary, and maybe let her be proud next time.

My mother called Xinyue’s mother and wanted to find out what she was saying. After all, she has a husband who can make money, and I hope she can tell herself if she has new news in the parent neighborhood committee. After Xinyue’s mother answered the phone, she called her husband, but her husband hung up after a meeting. Xinyue asked her mother why she had to perform three shows on the open day and she didn’t want to perform French. New Moon’s mother taught her to race against her peers, and she can only be better if she possesses special skills.

Fanfan’s father took advantage of his mother’s sleep and took away the things at home, making Fanfan’s mother cry sad. Wake won the International Practical Award, and everyone in the company congratulated her. She is indeed an elite in the workplace, and her assistant feels particularly proud. In order to make Su Xing easier, the leader of the awakening dug another designer, Shen Zihao, who is said to love to dig other people’s designs. Wake up very boldly, saying that he will come up with a plan at night.

Because of the children’s school problems, the community has asked the owner committee to respond. Fanfan’s mother ran to the next door to inquire, but the director had to run away, and he couldn’t solve the problem of the children being diverted from studying. Su Xing said that she must strive for a better education for her children and cheer on the children’s starting line, but her husband is not that supportive.

The assistant contacted the client. Gu Jiawei, a lawyer at the law firm, woke up to help him design, but Gu Jiawei feels very proud. Shen Zihao has been around to flatter him all the time. Su Xing showed her team’s design plan, but was rejected by Gu Jiawei, thinking that she was late the first time she met with herself, but for the sake of the beauty when she woke up.

Wake up is very straightforward to go back, because Gu Jiawei looks down on women too much, thinking that once a woman has a family, she will definitely lack energy in careers and discriminate against women. Su Xing asked if Gu Jiawei had a family. Gu Jiawei said that he was responsible for making money and supporting his family, and his wife was responsible for being beautiful and beautiful.

Su Xing was still thinking about his children’s studies. Shen Zihao said that he could help Su Xing deal with difficult customers. Anyway, he was helping the company. He hoped that Su Xing would cooperate with him to familiarize himself with the company’s business.

Xi Wang’s father is about to open a hand-run shop, and his colleague is leaving his job. For the child’s study, he will go to the southern hemisphere. A colleague said that his wife is well-informed and has the most say in children’s education. Xiwang Dad couldn’t understand why he had to stare at key elementary schools, even ordinary schools.

Wake returned home, Xi Wang’s father sent a rose to show his hospitality, Wake reminded him, don’t forget to call the Education Bureau, to understand the latest market situation. I feel that my awakening has not been going well recently, except that I am not good at flattering, and my professional ability is very strong. Xi Wang sent a WeChat video. Grandpa taught Xi Wang a performance and sold it. Was very happy to wake up, her son is all her motivation and source.

Xinyue’s mother found her household registration book and saw that the entry time was May 20. She also asked her husband to hurry down to eat. She never thought that she would always be Gu Jiawei. Gu Jiawei said that he had a meeting in the evening and he couldn’t come back for dinner on time. Xinyue’s mother is dissatisfied with her merits, the old house is relocated, and Xinyue’s household registration may be affected.

Gu Jia’s great masculinity makes New Moon mothers not to question their abilities. What he has is social relations. Even if Xiayang Road Primary School is very good, he wants to arrange Xinyue in other best schools. Gu Jiawei told Crescent’s mother not to worry, she only needs to be elegant and generous, and she must be number one in school.

Xinyue’s mother bought coffee beans and met Siyuan’s mother, both of whom were in a kindergarten. Xinyue always praised Siyuan for his generosity. Both Siyuan’s mother and Xinyue’s mother are doing things for their children. Siyuan’s mother hopes that Xinyue’s mother can take the lead, expressing that she has a large group and she can join the group to give more suggestions.

Shen Xiaoyan taught Fanfan to learn arithmetic and wanted to reward him with a gift. Li Xiang bought back fried things, took the opportunity to steal Shen Xiaoyan’s money, and was discovered by Shen Xiaoyan. Li Xiang was so stubborn that Shen Xiaoyan would have to pay support if the court ruled the child to herself.

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