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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 32 End Recap

Murong XianwithLuo TianchengTake the lead and fight with Luoju’s Shence army. Qian Yixin couldn’t bear to hear the screams outside.Mu XueliOn the surface, he is calm, but in fact he is very confused. The sacrifice of Chief Qianji inspired Murongxian’s fighting spirit to resist desperately. Luo Ju learned that the Tomb faction was forced to the mountain gate by the Shence Army. Although the Shence Army lost more than half, they had already wiped out all of the Tomb faction’s defenses. Now only Murongxian and Luo Tiancheng are left, and he is very happy.

Caimo took the decree and brought Murongxian to the opposite side of Luoju, persuading Luoju to close his hand, and Luoju told Caimo not to stop him. After reading the imperial decree silently, Luo Ju had to explain the reason for the tomb conquering faction. Cai silently ordered Lianhua and Xiyue to take Luoju back to the palace, waiting for the emperor to send off, and then let the Shence Army immediately retreat.

Luo ShiqiuwithLou Man Feng,Chu Yunxisucker Punch,Han QianluowithLin ShuiyaoCome to help the three. The Shence Army received the order and withdrew immediately. Luo Tiancheng and Murongxian took the lead and guarded the tomb faction.Suo ChaoyangHidden in the dark, shooting an arrow towards the building full of wind, was seen by Han Qianluo, and Han Qianluo blocked the arrow for the building full of wind. Chu Yunxi saw that the arrow was poisonous, and with Murongxian’s consent, she hurriedly brought Hanqian back to Wuyingxuan to detoxify.

Suo Chaoyang’s plan failed and quickly escaped.Murong YeNot long before he came to Murongxian, Caimo came. Murongxian and Luo Tiancheng took the lead. See Princess Yingxue and thank Princess Yingxue for her life-saving grace. Luo Ju asked everyone to get up. As for Murongxian and Luo Tiancheng, they guarded the grave-breaking order, defended their reputation and the whole The tomb sent martial arts, now Prince Zhiyan has been escorted back to Beijing, the tomb is safe.

Murong Ye sent Caimo away, hesitatingly, told Murong Ye that after returning, he would ask his father about their marriage, and Murong Ye was willing to wait for Caimo to return. Luo Tiancheng asked Murongxian about his next plan. Murongxian claimed that according to the ancestral system, if the person who obtained the tomb breaking order first received the throne, he would ask the emperor for instructions and let him out of the tomb king.

However, Luo Tiancheng said that they attacked. The misunderstanding of the Tomb faction was first, and the book emperor asked him to maintain the status quo. Murongxian also agreed that it was a good decision to leave the battle between the offensive and defensive factions to the emperor. Afterwards, Gao Gonggong issued an imperial decree to Murongxian, letting Luo Shiqiu of the tomb attacker succeed the next tomb king, and Murongxian took the decree.

As soon as Caimo persuaded her father to complete her and Murong Ye, she hurried to tell Murong Ye, but it was a pity that Murong Ye was not there, leaving only a half-face mask. Han Qianluo was unconscious, and Chu Yunxi found out that Han Qianluo had been hit by Bi erysipelas. Once he was in a coma, there was no cure for it. So far, only Mu Xueli can detoxify.

Mu Xueli has already returned to the psychic tower. Chu Yunxi is worried that it will not be too late to find Mu Xueli now. She suggests putting Han Qianluo into the crystal coffin first, and bring Han Qian to the psychic tower. The building is full of wind to let Chu Yunxi. Turning the matter over to him, Chu Yunxi agreed.

Lou Manfeng drags the crystal coffin with the coldness, from day to night, from summer to winter, whether it is windy or rainy, and does not care about his injuries, he has not given up on the cold before the cold. Sent to the psychic tower and begged Mu Xueli to promise to save Han Qianluo. Mu Xueli saw that Han Qianluo had been hit by Bi erysipelas, and there was no cure for it, but the venom could be driven away with extreme cold power. The disadvantage was that she would lose everything memory. Lou Manfeng thought about it, as long as Han Qianluo can live, he doesn’t care about Han Qianluo, he will lose the memory between them.

Lin Yukun grabbed Qian Yiying’s hand, Qian Yiying did not let go, but accepted Lin Yukun’s affection. Lin Shuiyao played the piano to Luo Shiqiu, and Luo Shiqiu suddenly realized that Lin Shuiyao was so beautiful. Lin Shuiyao and Luo Shiqiu expressed their hearts to each other, remembering the little bit of their experiences, they are all indelible memories.


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