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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 31 Recap

Han QianluoseeChu YunxiI am very happy to return safely. Lonely and deserted and recommended himself and escortedMurong YeReturn to Beijing together.Luo TianchengPai Han QianluoheLin ShuiyaoEscort Murong Ye together,Murong XianNo comments. Luo Tiancheng stopped the leaving lonely desert, and at the same time toldLuo ShiqiuIn fact, Luo Shiqiu’s mother is a member of the Qilin family, a lonely aunt. Luo Shiqiu suspected that he had heard it wrong.

Luo Tiancheng explained that when Luo Shiqiu’s mother married him secretly against the wishes of the family, the entire Qilin family didn’t know about it, and even thought she had suffered misfortune. Lonely and indifferent cannot believe that Luo Shiqiu and him are actually cousins.

Lou Man FengTell Han Qianluo about the news that Han Qianluo escorted Murong Ye back to Beijing. On the other side, Luo Shiqiu also told Lin Shuiyao the news that Lin Shuiyao escorted Murong Ye back to Beijing. Lin Shuiyao and Han Qianluo, lonely desert escorted Murong Ye back to Beijing,Suo ChaoyangAt the order of the prince, I went to the main tomb and asked to see Luo Tiancheng and Murongxian, but they didn’t want Luo Tiancheng and Murongxian to take the initiative to find the prince.

Luo Ju moved out of the emperor and forced Luo Tiancheng and Murongxian to hand over the tomb-breaking order. Luo Tiancheng exposed Luo Ju’s lies. Luo Ju did not panic, but asked Luo Tiancheng to get rid of the tomb-keeping faction. The tomb king was his. Murongxian accused the prince’s actions, Luo Tiancheng asked the prince to give him three days to consider, Luo Ju agreed.

After Murongxian and Luo Tiancheng left, Suo Chaoyang did not understand what the prince was doing. Luo Ju explained to Suo Chaoyang that the rights he released could not be easily handed over to others. He had already sent a three-way army to surround the back of the offensive and defensive factions. Lu, when Luo Tian made the order to break the tomb, the people in the tomb were eliminated by him one by one. Murongxian and Luo Tiancheng didn’t believe that the prince was a human being.

The two negotiated and asked the disciples to enter the Qilin lock tomb room to temporarily avoid the prince from chasing after them. Luo Tiancheng asked the disciples to attack the tomb. Some people hid in the Qilin Locked Tomb, and some went with him to fight. Luo Shiqiu and Lou Manfeng applied to fight with Luo Tiancheng, and the other disciples hid in the Qilin Locked Tomb with Qian Yiyi and Lin Yukun.

Murong Xian made Qianji Dao ChangheNo soulFighting bloody together, both of them are willing to fight for the Tomb faction. Murong Xian lives aloneMu XueliBring a group of vigorous forces to stay in the Qilin lock tomb room to protect the tomb guard faction. Chu Yunxi came to ask Murong Xian for his order to fight for the tomb guard, and Murong Xian ordered Chu Yunxi to kill the Shence army with the tomb palace.

Mu Xueli and Lin Yukun, Qian Yiying led the offensive and defensive disciples, hiding in the Qilin Locked Tomb, Qianji Daoist and Chu Yunxi, Baili Wushun guarded at the entrance of the main tomb. Murongxian and Luo Tiancheng talked about the prince’s conspiracy and the unity of offense and defense. Lin Yukun was not a disciple of the tomb attacker. Qian Yiying asked Lin Yukun to take the opportunity to escape when the war started, but Lin Yukun was unwilling to leave.

At night, Murong Ye and others escortedQiu YulingOn the way to the capital, Suo Liancheng led the gods to hunt down. Lonely Mo single-handedly confronted Suo Liancheng, let Murong Ye and Han Qianluo, Lin Shuiyao took the opportunity to escort Qiu Yuling away. Although Murong Ye and others had escaped safely, Lonely Mo was killed by Suo Liancheng.

The next day, Murong Ye came to the Sakura Palace and told Cai Mo about the prince’s conspiracy and tricks. Cai Mo took Murong Ye and Qiu Yuling to see the emperor. The emperor was entangled with Murong Ye and didn’t want to see Caimo and Murong Ye, Murong Ye took Qiu Yuling and knelt outside the door. When Caimo saw Murong Ye kneel down, she also knelt down, just to see the emperor.

The two-day deadline is approaching. Suo Chaoyang asked Murongxian and Luo Tiancheng to hand over the tomb-breaking order as soon as possible. Murongxian asked Suo Chaoyang to tell the prince that tomorrow morning, the tomb-breaking order would be issued, and Luo Tiancheng would use the tomb-breaking order to threaten the prince. Before tomorrow, the main tomb cannot be attacked. The sincerity of Murong Ye and Cai Mo moved the emperor, but the emperor only let Cai Mo be seen.

Suo Chaoyang relayed Murongxian and Luo Tiancheng’s words to the prince. Luo Ju saw that Murongxian and Luo Tiancheng were delaying time, but he believed that even if it was delayed until tomorrow, he would kill the tomb sect if he did not hand over the tomb-breaking order. , To seize the broken grave order. Lou Manfeng comforted Luo Shiqiu, and then went to comfort Chu Yunxi.

The next day, Luo Tiancheng handed the tomb-breaking order to Qian Yiyi for safekeeping, and then went out with Murongxian to showdown with Suo Chaoyang. Suo Chaoyang was so angry that he went back and told the prince that the tomb faction was unwilling to hand over the order to break the tomb. Luo Ju immediately set off to flatten the tomb of Guzi. Lin Yukun secretly came to Luo Shiqiu to fight for the tomb faction with everyone.

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