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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 30 Recap

Luo ShiqiuFour people standingMu XueliIn front of him, Mu Xueli asked them to stop here. Luo Shiqiu thought that Mu Xueli could talk big words, there were four of them, and Mu Xueli couldn’t beat them at all.Lou Man FengTell Luo Shiqiu that Mu Xueli’s martial arts is extremely high, even if the four of them add up, it may not be Mu Xueli’s opponent, Luo Shiqiu is willing to give it a try.

Luo Shiqiu and the four gave Mu Xueli their warfare. Mu Xueli claimed that defeating them with their physical strength would not be victorious. Let them rest first and get ready to come to her again. After a while, Luo Shiqiu’s four bodies recovered and began to challenge Mu Xueli.

Luo Shiqiu took advantage of Mu Xueli to be filled with windHan Qianluo,Lin ShuiyaoEntangled, to open the unicorn lock, but didn’t want the unicorn arm to be guarded by loneliness. Lonely Mo and Luo Shiqiu have both trained into unicorn arms, and the two reached an agreement to have a real unicorn arm duel, which ended up hurting both.Luo TianwenBring Lin Yukun and Qian Yiying to the entrance of the main tomb.

Qian Yiying heard the movement and quickly told Luo Tianwen that there was an ambush around. Luo Tianwen analyzed that if the four Luo Shiqiu got the order to break the tomb, this place would be the last way out. He was worried that the four of Luo Shiqiu would have it. Danger, let Qian Yiyin and Lin Yukun report it quicklyLuo Tiancheng. As soon as Qian Yiyin and Lin Yukun left, Luo Tianwen was surrounded by the gods’ gate, and Suo Liancheng asked his men to take Luo Tianwen.

Lonely and indifferent, Luo Shiqiu, who was still able to stand up, did his best to open the Qilin lock. The battle between Mu Xueli and Lou Manfeng and Lin Shuiyao stopped. People within a radius of a hundred miles heard the alarm and knew that the tomb attacker had obtained the tomb-breaking order. Luo Ju intends to wait for Suo Liancheng to return after breaking the tomb order, and then letSuo ChaoyangThe army immediately pressed the border and surrounded the tomb of Guzi.

Luo Tianwen had more than one enemy, and finally died at the hands of Shenshoumen. Luo Shiqiu got the order to break the tomb, and Luo Tiancheng ordered all his disciples to immediately set off for the tomb of Guzi. at the same time,Murong XianLet Qianji Daochang and others find ways to recapture the grave-breaking order.

As a messenger of God, Mu Xueli knelt down to welcome the grave-breaking order. Lonely Mo did not kneel, Lou Manfeng said, according to the ancestral system, after opening the Qilin lock, the offensive and defensive factions cannot attack and kill each other. Lonely Mo had no choice but to kneel down to welcome the grave-breaking order.

The building was full of wind and cold, and Lin Shuiyao picked Luo Shiqiu home. Mu Xueli looked at Lonely Mo’s arm injury and let Lonely Mo leave. Lonely complained that he was wrong, and became a sinner in the tomb of Guzi. Since he entered the tomb, he blindly pleased Lin Shuiyao, but not only did he not get Lin Shuiyao, but also lost the only opportunity to rejuvenate the Qilin family. Mu Xueli comforted loneliness. Indifferent two sentences.

The four of Luo Shiqiu came to the entrance of the main tomb and saw Luo Tianwen and the dead body of Shenbumen. Mu Xueli came to the entrance of the main tomb and was shocked when she saw the corpses all over the floor. On the way to the main tomb, Luo Tianwen ran into Lin Yukun and Qian Yiying. Qian Yiyin told Luo Tiancheng that the Shenshoumen wanted to seize the tomb-breaking order. After Luo Tiancheng knew that he had been in the plan, he hurriedly led the disciples to the main tomb.

Murongxian rode the dead Wangchuan to the main tomb,Murong YeHe came to tell his father that it was not the tomb attacker who assassinated him, but the prince. The purpose was to provoke the offensive and defensive factions, obtain the grave breaking order, and embezzle the tomb faction. Murong Xian was afraid that Luo Tiancheng didn’t know about it and sentNo soulGo back to Wuyingxuan immediately, withChu YunxiCome to see him.

Luo Shiqiu speculated that the gate of God’s catch was also for the purpose of breaking the tomb.Qiu YulingWhen I woke up, I wanted to take advantage of Luo Shiqiu’s attention and sneak away, but I didn’t expect to be caught. Under Luo Shiqiu’s persecution, Qiu Yuling spoke out all the prince’s conspiracy and tricks. Suo Liancheng was seriously injured and told the prince that he had not obtained the grave breaking order, and Luo Ju ordered him to go to the imperial doctor.

Suo Liancheng told the prince that he was injured by Luo Tianwen, who was sent to attack the tomb, and that all those who ambush at the entrance of the main tomb were also killed by Luo Tianwen. Suo Liancheng hated the Tomb faction, Luo Ju ordered Suo Liancheng to seal the exit of the mountain road, and could not let any of the tomb faction away.

Not long after Luo Shiqiu’s four learned the truth, Luo Tiancheng and his disciples rushed over. Luo Tiancheng was very sad when he saw Luo Tianwen’s body. Luo Shiqiu handed the tomb-breaking order to Luo Tiancheng, and Luo Tiancheng united everyone to set up the tomb for Luo Tianwen on the spot. Luo Tiancheng knew the prince’s intentions and claimed to avenge Luo Tianwen.

Murongxian begged to see Luo Tiancheng outside the mountain gate. After Luo Tiancheng and Murongxian resolved the misunderstanding in person, the two reached an agreement and joined forces against the prince. Baili Wuhun came to tell Murongxian that Chu Yunxi had brought him, and the Shence army had also arrived at the tomb of Guzi.

The prince surrounded Gu Zi’s tomb, and the offensive and defensive factions could not go out. Murong Ye suggested that since Qiu Yuling had fully revealed, they could send an elite force to surprise the encirclement of the Shence Army, escort Qiu Yuling to the imperial city, and expose the prince’s conspiracy. Luo Tiancheng and Murong Xian agreed with Murong Ye’s ideas. Qian Yixin thanked Lin Shuiyao for allowing her to see the light again.

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