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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 29 Recap

Murong XianTo the dungeon and tellChu Yunxi,Han QianluoHelp lonely and indifferentLuo ShiqiuHaving trained as a unicorn arm, Chu Yunxi smiled and Murongxian should feel scared, because the strength of the tomb attacker was inferior to the tomb guard, but they still came to the present. Murong Xian asked Chu Yunxi if it was worth it? Chu Yunxi explained that she used to live for the tomb guard, but now she wants to live for her daughter.

When Luo Shiqiu looked at the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword, he couldn’t help but think of it.Lin Shuiyao. When Han Qianluo saw Luo Shiqiu alone, letLou Man FengFollow along to have a look. Lou Manfeng and Han Qianluo came to Luo Shiqiu, and Luo Shiqiu told Lou Manfeng and Han Qianluo about Lin Shuiyao in his eyes. Han Qianluo and Lou Manfeng supported Luo Shiqiu whether he continued to attack the tomb or rescued Lin Shuiyao. In order to fulfill Lin Shuiyao’s wish, Luo Shiqiu had to win the tomb of Guzi.

Qian Yiyin and Lin Yukun returned to the tomb attack camp,Luo TianchengwithLuo TianwenI am very happy. Qian Yixin applied to attack the tomb with Luo Shiqiu and others. Luo Tiancheng claimed that the situation of the offensive and defensive factions is very severe now, and it is better for Qian Yixin to stay in the camp. Luo Shiqiu and the building were full of wind, and Han Qianluo entered the main tomb. It was getting colder and colder inside. When he reached the end, he saw a door.

Just when Luo Shiqiu opened the door with the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword, he heard Lin Shuiyao’s voice, turned around and found that Lin Shuiyao was in front of him. Lin Shuiyao and Luo Shiqiu happily hug each other, Han Qianluo and Lou Manfeng are happy that Luo Shiqiu can reunite with Lin Shuiyao. Luo Shiqiu told Lin Shuiyao that he had become a unicorn arm, and Lin Shuiyao was happy for Luo Shiqiu. Luo Shiqiu asked how Lin Shuiyao came out? Lin Shuiyao said it was discovered by a lonely indifferent conscience and took the initiative to let her out.

Han Qianluo apologized to Lin Shuiyao, if it weren’t for her, Lin Shuiyao would not have been caught by Lonely Desert, Lin Shuiyao was not angry with Han Qianluo at all. Lin Shuiyao opened the door personally with the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword. Luo Shiqiu and the building were full of wind and cold. As soon as Lin Shuiyao stepped into the cold door, the door closed on its own initiative.Qiu YulingTell Suo Liancheng the location of the main tomb.

Suo Liancheng hoped that the attackers would not let him down, because the prince ordered to set up an ambush outside the main tomb. Once the attackers seized the tomb-breaking order, they would take them in one fell swoop. Luo Tianwen applied to Luo Tiancheng and went to Guzi Tomb in person, and Luo Tiancheng agreed.

On the way to Guzi’s tomb, Luo Tianwen found Qian Yiyin and Lin Yukun secretly following him and asked them to come out. Qian Yiyin and Lin Yukun applied and went to Guzi’s tomb with Luo Tianwen. Luo Tian heard that the two were related to the safety of Luo Shiqiu and others, so he had to take them. Bring it too. The four of Luo Shiqiu walked forward, almost a quarter of an hour before they came to an end. Lin Shuiyao felt getting colder and colder, and Han Qianluo asked everyone to take the nourishing medicine to resist the cold indoors.

Murong XianmingNo soulFocusing on the tomb attackers, if they have the slightest overstepping of the rules, they will attack immediately. As for the Dao Commander Qianji, he will immediately summon all the dead soldiers of Forgotten Chuan and be ready to fight at any time. The effect of the medicine Lin Shuiyao took had passed, and he felt that his body was getting colder and colder. Luo Shiqiu helped Lin Shuiyao to move on.

Luo Tiancheng learned from his disciples that in Wuyingxuan, Murongxian summoned the dead soldiers of Wangchuan to get ready to go. Luo Tiancheng had already guarded the tomb and sent guards in the name of self-pirates to gather all his disciples to prepare for the challenge. Suo Liancheng and Qiu Yuling took the god trap door and hung in ambush at the entrance of the main tomb.

Qiu Yuling reminded Suo Liancheng that the Qilin Lock is a special mechanism. Once the Qilin Lock is opened, the Guzi Tomb will ring a warning bell. People within a radius of a hundred miles know that Suolian City Jedi is not only an excellent ambush place for him by the tomb, but also a letter. remind. Just when Lin Shuiyao couldn’t bear the cold indoors, Lou Manfeng found a door and opened it together with Luo Shiqiu.

Suo ChaoyangReporting to the prince, the Shence Army is ready to continue. Luo Ju firmly believes that his plan will be successful. Luo Shiqiu’s four entered the door, still the same cold. There were three doors in front of him. Luo Shiqiu used the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword to open two doors in a row. They were dead ends. Luo Shiqiu handed it to Lin Shuiyao. The trembling Lin Shuiyao couldn’t insert the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword into the lock.

Luo Shiqiu took Lin Shuiyao’s hand and helped Lin Shuiyao open the door. Suo Liancheng reported to the prince about the attack on the tomb and the plan to seize the tomb-breaking order. The third door is still a dead end. Luo Shiqiu and the four are bothered by the cold, making them feel that the tomb-guards just want to trap them here. Luo Shiqiu originally lost the hope of finding an exit. Later, after listening to Lin Shuiyao’s words, he had the faith to live, and he broke a door with a unicorn arm and sawMu XueliJust inside, they knew they had succeeded.

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