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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 28 Recap

Lin ShuiyaoIn Wuyingxuan, I miss the distant placeLuo Shiqiu, I’m not in the mood to eat. At the same time, Luo Shiqiu took Lin Shuiyao back to defeat the lonely desert and worked tirelessly.Han QianluoWith the assistance of Qilin Arm. When Lonely Mo delivered food to Lin Shuiyao, he saw Lin Shuiyao’s meal last night and didn’t move at all.

He didn’t know how to speak and persuaded Lin Shuiyao to eat a little bit, so he quietly took the leftovers away. Qian Yiying thanked Lin Yukun for her recent care, allowing her to see everything in the world. Lin Yukun suggested that she should take it all over the world. Qian Yiying did not respond. Lin Yukun thought that Qian Yiying didn’t like it.

When Han Qianluo saw that Luo Shiqiu was almost crazy, he shoutedLou Man Feng. Lou Manfeng entered the Qilin Pond and lifted Luo Shiqiu onto the straw mat. After a while,Mu XueliHere comes. Lou Manfeng didn’t know who Mu Xueli was. Mu Xueli said that when Lou Manfeng and others arrived at Qilin Lock, he would know who she was. Lou Manfeng guessed that Mu Xueli might be a bad guy. Luo Shiqiu was injured when he practiced the unicorn arm.

Mu Xueli advised Lou Manfeng and Han Qianluo not to move Luo Shiqiu. Luo Shiqiu was just in a coma and needed to rest. When he wakes up, she will wait for Lou Manfeng and others to attack the tomb in Qilinsuo. . Lin Qingfeng sighed deeply when thinking of Lin Shuiyao’s smile.

Lonely Mo gave Lin Shuiyao food at night, and saw that Lin Shuiyao did not move food and did not eat all day. It was not good for her health. She advised Lin Shuiyao to eat a little. Lin Shuiyao and others said that Lonely Mo was a despicable villain, because lonely Mo had nothing in her heart. She is only herself.Xiaogu DoctorAfter drinking with the old leader Lin from the dark night to the next day, the two had not yet determined the victory or defeat, Qian Yiying and Lin Yukun came to bid farewell to the genius doctor of Xiaogu and the old leader Lin.

After thinking about it lonely, he took Lin Shuiyao away from Wuyingxuan. Lin Shuiyao took advantage of Lonely Mo repented, and after saying thank you to Lone Mo, left immediately. Lin Qingfeng went to find Lin Shuiyao, Lonely Mo told Lin Qingfeng that he had let Lin Shuiyao leave. Lin Qingfeng saw that Lonely Desert was so bold, he didn’t want to force Lin Shuiyao to come to complete the Mo attack faction, so he wentMurong XianResignation.

Qiu YulingTell Suo Liancheng that several young men of the tomb attacker had already attacked the main tomb and practiced the unicorn arm magic in Lonely Desert. Suo Liancheng asked Qiu Yuling to immediately return to the tomb attacker to investigate what the tomb attacker wanted to do? Lin Qingfeng followedLuo TianchengExplaining the reason why Mo Gong was sent to Guzi Tomb, and at the same time revealing the safety of Lin Shuiyao’s attack on the tomb, Luo Tiancheng let Lin Qingfeng rest assured that since Lin Shuiyao has joined the tomb attacker, he is a disciple of the tomb attacker, and he will definitely have the right to protect Lin Shuiyao’s safety.

When Luo Shiqiu woke up, Han Qianluo told Luo Shiqiu that he had trained into a unicorn arm and could not move because of the deficiency of blood and qi. Lou Manfeng negotiated with Han Qianluo, and Han Qianluo returned to the tomb to send the camp to take medicine. Lou Manfeng stayed to take care of Luo Shiqiu, and Luo Shiqiu agreed with the two.

Luo Ju took the tomb attackers and the guards of the tomb sect and got the evidence of the Kunlun treasure and gave it to his father. The emperor saw the evidence and fell into the trap of Luoju. Luo Ju requested an order and personally led the elites of the god trap door to the Guzi Tomb to catch the rebels. The emperor not only agreed, but also handed over the tokens to transfer the gods to Luo Ju together.

Luo Ju tells the good newsSuo Chaoyang, Suo Chaoyang immediately sent someone to inform Suo Liancheng to get ready. At the instigation of Luo Ju, Caimo asked the emperor to impose an order to stop his foot in the Sakura Palace and think behind closed doors. After the Shence Army was ready, Luo Ju immediately led the Shence Army out to the Guzi Tomb.

Luo Tiancheng was very happy to learn from Han Qianluo that Luo Shiqiu had become a unicorn arm. Han Qianluo and Luo Tiancheng expressed their intentions, and Luo Tiancheng letLuo TianwenGet the medicine right away. Luo Tianwen handed the request to Han Qianluo, who took the medicine and quickly returned to the Qilin Pool. Qiu Yuling saw Han Qianluo leave from the camp, and followed Han Qianluo without letting Han Qianluo discover it.

Xiyue told Caimo that the prince was leaving the capital with the Shence army to go to the tomb of Guzi, Caimo was afraidMurong YeThere is danger, I want to go to Guzi Tomb against the imperial order, but I don’t want the Sakura Palace to be surrounded by the Forbidden Army. Luo Shiqiu and Lou Manfeng spoke openly, and Mu Xueli informed Murongxian that Han Qianluo had helped Luo Shiqiu train into a unicorn arm in the Qilin Pool. Qiu Yuling followed Han Qianluo to Qilin Pond.

Han Qianluo gave Luo Shiqiu a pill and let Luo Shiqiu meditate. Murong Xian called Lonely Indifference. Lonely Indifference explained to Murongxian that although he had beaten Luo Shiqiu before, he was ashamed of his ancestors because of his invincibility. Therefore, Luo Shiqiu was also required to train into a unicorn arm. Murong Xianfu’s loneliness and indifference immediately followed Mu. Xueli went to Qilin Lock.

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