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Guardians of the Tomb 墓王之王 Episode 27 Recap

Xiyue reported to Princess Yingxue that all the messengers she had sent before had disappeared, and she could see in silence that the prince was trying to trap her.Murong YeCall Caimo not to be impatient, he will personally pass the news to Guzi Tomb to stop the dispute between the offensive and defensive factions. Lonely and deserted into a unicorn arm, letNo soulReport immediatelyMurong Xian. Baili Wuhun came to Wuyingxuan and told Murongxian that the lonely and indifferent unicorn arm magic has been practiced.

Murongxian was very happy. He believed that the tomb guard had a unicorn arm andMu XueliSitting in town, the tomb-attack faction will be arrogant for a while. first round,Lou Man FengLost to Bai Chengzi. In the second game, under the guidance of Bai Chengzi, Lou Manfeng adjusted his mentality and played against Bai Chengzi again.

With the help of Caimo, Murong Ye pretended to be a messenger from the Sakura Palace and followed other messengers to the Guzi Tomb. At the fork in the road, Murong Ye separated from the messenger and successfully dumped the prince’s person. Cai Mo was worried that Murong Ye, who had just recovered from his injuries, could reach Guzi Tomb safely. In the second round, Lou Manfeng pulled back one round.Luo ShiqiuwithLin ShuiyaoSeeing Bai Chengzi surrender to Lou Manfeng, he was very happy.

In the third game, Bai Chengzi used his strength to play against Lou Manfeng.Luo TianwentellLuo Tiancheng, The entrance to the main tomb was not found. It may have been constructed in another way. Luo Tiancheng worried that the lonely desert became a unicorn arm, and Luo Shiqiu and others would be in danger, so Luo Tianwen asked Luo Tianwen to find the entrance to the main tomb as soon as possible.

Lonely and indifferentHan QianluoAt the seventh level, Luo Shiqiu and Lin Shuiyao thought that they were lonely and indifferent to prevent them from attacking the tomb. The lonely desert angered Luo Shiqiu, and in time there was a cold reminder that the lonely desert had become the ninth layer of the unicorn arm, and Luo Shiqiu still had to fight the lonely desert.

Luo Shiqiu was severely injured by Lonely Desert. Just when Lonely Desert was about to kill him, Lin Shuiyao couldn’t stand it anymore. She cried and let Lonely Desert let Luo Shiqiu go. She was willing to go with Lonely Desert. Luo Shiqiu begged Lin Shuiyao not to leave, and Lin Shuiyao gave Luo Shiqiu the Flower Devouring Soul Breaking Sword, so that Luo Shiqiu would surely conquer the tomb of the millet. Luo Shiqiu was very sad to see Lin Shuiyao being taken away by the lonely desert.

In the third game, Bai Chengzi still lost to Lou Manfeng, and he was convinced. Lou Manfeng opened his eyes and was very happy to see that the seventh pass had been opened. Han Qianluo helped Luo Shiqiu who was seriously injured and called Lou Manfeng. When Lou Manfeng saw that Luo Shiqiu was seriously injured, he was so scared that he hurriedly helped Luo Shiqiu to sit down. Han Qianluo told Lou Manfeng that Lonely Desert had practiced the Qilin Arm Magic Art. Luo Shiqiu was injured by Lonely Desert, and Lin Shuiyao was also taken away by Lonely Desert.

Lou Manfeng suggested that Luo Shiqiu go back to recuperate, and Luo Shiqiu insisted on attacking the tomb in order to fulfill Lin Shuiyao’s wish. Both offensive and defensive factions, there was no movement for a long time, Suo Liancheng letQiu YulingGo to Wuyingxuan quickly to investigate the intelligence, Qiu Yuling is worried that he will not return, Suo Liancheng threatens Qiu Yuling with Moyin Island.

Qiu Yuling visited Wuyingxuan at night and noticed that the dead Wangchuan hurried into Wuyingxuan, as if there was something urgent. The deceased Wangchuan told Murongxian that the three attackers had already entered the tomb of the owner of the Guzi Tomb. Murongxian did not expect that they would actually break Bai Chengzi’s situation. Lonely Mo placed Lin Shuiyao in the gorgeous embroidery room, and Lin Shuiyao ignored Lonely Mo.

Lin Qingfeng learned from his disciples that Lin Shuiyao was taken back to Wuyingxuan by the lonely desert, so he hurried to Wuyingxuan to see Lin Shuiyao. Lin Shuiyao saw Lin Qingfeng and didn’t teach him a word. Lin Qingfeng thinks that Lin Shuiyao grew up and arranged everything for her to benefit Lin Shuiyao. Unfortunately, those were not what Lin Shuiyao wanted. Lin Shuiyao only wanted someone to love her and love her. Her father, not the superior martial arts leader.

Standing outside the room, Lonely Mo could hear the quarrel between Lin Shuiyao and Lin Qingfeng. Lin Qingfeng wanted to comfort Lin Shuiyao, but he dared not. Lin Shuiyao used tiredness as an excuse to let Lin Qingfeng leave. In Qichi, Luo Shiqiu’s injuries healed much better under Han Qianluo’s treatment. Luo Shiqiu was anxious to practice the unicorn arm.

Seeing that he could not persuade Luo Shiqiu to move, Lou Manfeng had to let Han Qianluo help Luo Shiqiu to practice the unicorn arm. Lonely Mo greeted Lin Qingfeng, and Lin Qingfeng was in no mood to take care of Lonely Mo. Lonely Mo put the meal in front of Lin Shuiyao, persuading Lin Shuiyao to eat.

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